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210 Railroad Runner Articuno 9th Nov 2005 96% Read Review
365 LugiaMaster101 19th Jul 2006 100% Read Review
526 EspeonDude_ 28th Jan 2007 98% Read Review
1310 kimmy456 28th Jan 2011 90% Read Review
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Shadow Pokemon Added 4 Jul 2008, ID #8495
Pokemon games have been around for a very long time. They are one of the many popular games out there. Pokemon XD continues the tradition. This game is sure to entertain any Pokemon fan big or small. The gameplay is great, the graphics are good for a Gamecube game. The sound could use a bit more work. The sound the attacks make are exellent but they sould have changed the music. I play with the sound off. Over all the game was exellent especially if you want to catch some rare Pokemon to transfer to your Gameboy games. Shadow Lugia rocks. and get
Pokemon XD - A Brilliant Game! Added 11 Sep 2006, ID #6715
Pokemon XD: Gale Of Darkness is a brilliant game to play. It has lots of additions from Colosseum including better graphics, more Shadow Pokemon, more locations and a bigger and better plot.

Pokemon XD has a grand total of 83 Shadow Pokemon to snag, none of them obtained by cheating. Some of these Pokemon are Salamence, Dragonite, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres and the rare and exclusive Shadow Lugia itself.

There are plenty of activities to do and many different Pokemon to snag that cannot be obtained in Hoenn or Kanto.

It's one of the biggest adventures yet! Buy it, don't rent it!

~ Spyro Madgirl ~
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