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Terminus Cave

Level Range of wild Pokémon: 46-48

*Can be encountered by walking over dark shadows

Horde Encounters

Cracked Boulders

When exploring this cave, it will be a good idea to save before going too deep or following many paths so you can reset in case you're lazy in backtracking your way all over again in case you messed up. You can just also use Repel to keep random battles away if you don't want to be bothered while exploring the cave. From the entrance, you'll find several breakable stones. You can go ahead and break them to get random items and encounter some Pokemon.
Follow the path and head downstairs. In the next area, continue to the south then take the next ramp on the right. Break the boulder south then cross the narrow bridge that leads to aStar Piece.

Backtrack then go down the ramp. Continue west this time then head south. Jump over two ledges then get the hidden Dusk Ball beside the second ledge. Continue up the ramp and find the hidden Hyper Potion on the left side of the bridge.

Cross the bridge then head south. A worker will challenge you to a battle. After defeating him, go to the bridge to the right and continue east. You'll have to fight another hiker prancing on the bridge.

Worker Narek (Prize Money: p3,072)
  • LV46 Graveler (Rock/Ground)
  • LV47 Graveler (Rock/Ground)
  • LV48 Golem (Rock/Ground)

Hiker Aaron (Prize Money: p2,800)
  • LV50 Rhydon (Rock/Ground)

After defeating him, go down the ramp and head south. Jump over two ledges then go to the left to find an Escape Rope. Head to the right and fight the hiker there.

Hiker Bergin (Prize Money: p2,688)
  • LV48 Boldore (Rock)
  • LV48 Steelix (Steel/Ground)

Continue to the left then jump on the three ledges. Destroy the single boulder blocking the path to the south and pick up the Heat Rock in the dead end. Backtrack to the bridge again and go down the ramp. Go to the north this time and face the roving worker there.

Worker Dimitri (Prize Money: p3,200)
  • LV50 Octillery (Water)

After defeating him, head north. There's some stairs going down but you past that and move further north. You'll find a narrow pathway with a cracked boulder blocking it. Destroy the boulder and find the hidden Moon Stone at the end of the path. Backtrack this time and go downstairs.

Head north and battle the trainer wandering along the path.
Battle Girl Andrea (Prize Money: p3,200)
  • LV49 Throh (Fighting)
  • LV50 Conkeldurr (Fighting)

A few steps to the north will lead you to a cracked boulder. Destroy it and follow the winding path to the left. There's a hidden Iron in the rocks at the end of the path. Have our dowsing machine ready so you can easily locate it. If you continue to the left, you'll find a Dusk Stone after the slope.

Backtrack to the east then go north until you find another trainer. After defeating him, follow the winding and narrow path that will lead you to aX-Attack.
Black Belt Gunnar (Prize Money: p2,400)
  • LV49 Toxicroak (Poison/Fighting)
  • LV50 Sawk (Fighting)

Backtrack to the previous trainer and head east. The path will split here. Head north first then follow the path to the northeast. It will lead you to a small chamber with a Full Heal. Backtrack and go up the ramp to the left. Destroy the two boulders and you'll have to fight yet another trainer to get past.

Battle Girl Hailey (Prize Money: p2,448)
  • LV48 Medicham (Fighting/Psychic)
  • LV51 Hawlucha (Flying/Fighting)

After defeating her, slide using the slope north of her then go up to find an Elixir. Head south then east. Jump over the ledges then continue south until you fight another trainer.

Black Belt Ricardo (Prize Money: p2,496)
  • LV52 Hariyama (Fighting)

Head south and make your way to the pit the west. Follow the path and make your way to the middle. There's a hidden Max Potion to the south of the last ramp. Pick up TM30 Shadow Ball in the middle then backtrack to the main path.

Once back in the main path, continue to the south and a couple of Pokemon Rangers will battle you. After defeating them, get the hidden Dire Hit on the rock behind them.

Rangers Fern and Lee (Prize Money: p8,160)
  • LV51 Nidoking (Poison)
  • LV51 Nidoqueen (Poison)

Head to the south and then go left. You'll find an Iron Plate there. Backtrack and make your way to the right all the way to reach another area.
Smash the rocks if you want then head north to fight another trainer there. After defeating him, continue to the north and you'll find a man who's blocking an exit. Take note of this since you'll have to make a return trip here after being a champion.
Worker Yusif (Prize Money: p3,200)
  • LV50 Probopass (Rock/Steel)

Make your way to the eastern side of the room then get the hidden Max Repel on the rock before the ledge. Jump on the ledge and pick up the Reaper Cloth.

This is only as far as you can do in Terminus Cave at the moment. Use Dig or Escape Rope to leave the area. Make your way to Cuoriway Town.



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Zygarde is inside Teminus Cave also

Added 31st Jan 2015, ID #509765

I found a Shortcut in the 3rd room

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What if you don't have an escape rope or dig?

Added 24th Aug 2014, ID #440417

how you get to the end?!?!?

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To guest: get all 8 badges, defeat the Pokemon league and champion, and then come back. Hope it helps!😄

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Get all badges.

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where and how do i become a champion to get past the purple haired guy????
pLeAsE aNsWeR!!!!!!!!!!!!

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