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1315 dark_wolf_33 10th Mar 2011 78% Read Review
1323 Pokemonhacker68 21st Mar 2011 94% Read Review
1336 snakespec 18th Apr 2011 98% Read Review
1360 Chocol4teChip99 25th Jul 2011 98% Read Review
1382 Warrior13 10th Nov 2011 94% Read Review
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MY own beliefs Added 1 Jul 2014, ID #18121
I played white and black for 4 years and it was wierd and on the top it was called Pokemon BlAcK it was wierd but I pushed play then it said do you want to play and I clicked start as the screen shot out with purple and blue screen with a screech
And the startes were called bones,blood,hell and they resemble sins. I just thought I saw thangs and it broke the game and their
Was a person watching me through the screen. Do I quit it and it started with a new screen that said go to hell and I cried and I told the creator and he said his friend mde a default and get
Very good game! Added 23 Aug 2012, ID #17390
I have not always been so addicted to Pokemon, but with these amazing new graphics and the brand new Pokemon, that completely changed. The all new Pokemon really make me have to restrategize my teams, and the Pokemon Dream World is quite a welcome addition as well. If you are a Pokemon fan, or just looking into it to see whether you'd like to play the games, I would definitely recommend getting this game.
Pokemon White Short Review Added 26 Aug 2011, ID #16126
Pokemon Black and White are the new Gen 5 games, and as usual they didn't fail to deliver.
The battle graphics have been improved but still could be better. And some of the Pokemon could be better designed. But the storyline is great and the music is solid. A great game overall.
Pokemon White's Flaws Added 4 Jun 2011, ID #15803
Pokemon White is the second new Pokemon game that takes place in the Unova reigon(the other one being Pokemon Black). White was supposed to be revolutionary but is far from it. Although a new story line was created and new Pokemon were too, it is bottom line stupid. There are no Evee evolutons. Plus the Pokemon look like older ones just better, are a combo of two, or just depict a regular thing. For example, Bouffalant looks like Taurus, Dweble looks like Paris and Geodude, and Vanillite's evolutonary chain looks like an icicle even though it has vanilla in it's name. The game also features new legendary Pokemon: Reshiram, Zekrom, Victini, Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion, Landourus, Kyurem, Tornadus, and Thunderus. My opinion is these guys look really stupid. The only cool looking ones are Terrakion, Kyurem, Reshiram, and Zekrom. The others just look like something Heatran would puke up. It is nice a new Pokemon game came out but I didn't know it would stink this much. Maybe if a new interactive Pokemon game would come out, a better RPG with more options. They should instead made a Pokemon Colloseum 2 or something.
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