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1435 Warrior13 29th Aug 2012 100% Read Review
1463 nagromnagrom 5th Nov 2013 90% Read Review
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Great game Added 19 Jun 2013, ID #17963
I loved thee features they added in to the game like the PWT, I just wish the game was longer. I spent more time on Pokemon mystery dungeon red rescue team trying to beat the post story plot that I sent working on the main plot of Pokemon white 2. But over all, I thought it was a great game. It took me longer to beat Pokemon white 2 than Pokemon white (I beat white from start to finish in a week) and get
Pokemon White 2 Added 21 Mar 2013, ID #17893
Pokemon White 2 is an amazing game! It has a great story line and tons of great Pokemon. The ONLY thing I don't like about it is that some of the Pokemon are pretty lame (ex: Stunfisk, Vanillite, etc.). Plus the story could have gone on a little longer. But other than that it's AWESOME. With new features like, Join Ave.- a place where a whole avenue is yours to create. You can make shops, and make them as popular as you can. Also there is the new feature Pokestar Studios- where you can star in your own movies and then watch them in the theaters. In the story line it's 2 yrs. Later and Ghetsis is back and again is trying to take over the world. So once again you must be the hero, except this time N is on your side! Now I don't want to give too much away, so to find out more you can play it yourself. Have Fun!
Codes Added 21 Feb 2013, ID #17843
These are the best codes I've seen in the game. This game is awesome.I keep looking for shinys but I don't see any. I have the shiny charm and the Pokemon modifier but there are none. Other than that this is the 2nd best Pokemon game I have!!!!!
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