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annefranman5221st Jun 2005, ID #88
Anyone out there not sure about getting Pokemon sapphire? This review will convince you because it will tell you just how much there is to do on the game and to make you decide whether this is the g..

Rating: 86%Read Full Review
laxgodx2nd Jan 2007, ID #493
Pokemon Sapphire is a great game where you are the new kid in a town. Your next door neighborhood is a Pokemon proffesor and is being attacked by a wild pokemon. You choose which Pokemon you want to..

Rating: 80%Read Full Review
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KMG 500 REVIEW Added 19 Jun 2004, ID #2663
I think poke'mon sapphire is an alright game the graphics are better and the fact that you can see more in the screen is good to. One part I don't like is the part to get the regi poke'mon, du most people can't read brail and the fishing was more exsiting but would be harder for little kids. Also the part where you have to watch the tv to catch some poke'mon. but as an overall score I would give the game a fair but better than it's worth a 6/10. I have to give it that becouse you can't catch all of the poke'mon from all the seasons and get
The best game Added 11 Jun 2004, ID #2574
I think pokemon ruby and saphire are the best gba games out there and I always loved pokemon and I always will. The game has good graphics and has the best animation I have ever seen.The sound effects are very good to. The adventure is great and challenging to catch all 386 pokemon. So I rate the game 10/10!

PS:I have 386 pokemon!
brilliant Added 25 Apr 2004, ID #2253
This game is well good the graphics is brilliant you wont get many games on the gba with better graphics than that and the sound is addictive its so addictive it makes your ears bleed and the gameplay is phonominal for a gba game. I advise you to go buy this game now. Altogether I'd give this game a 85% out of 100%.
Sapphire magic Added 22 Apr 2004, ID #2236
The game is like magic, its good including the graphics but I wouldn't give it my biggest rate.

The sound is really good, even better than the first ones and the gameplays good.

I would give it out of ten 7/10.
Master game Added 12 Apr 2004, ID #2113
Pokemon Sapphire is the best Pokemon game yet. The only thing wrong is you can't trade from Crystal and you need an e reader to complete it. Apart from that it is brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pokemons the best! Added 20 Mar 2004, ID #1951
Pokemon Sapphire is the best game for game boy advance I bet!

Its got MUCH better graphics than the old ones!But I would like to have
old pokemon on it,but I havent got a gameshark.

I think it has got better pokemon than ruby!
woody the great Added 27 Feb 2004, ID #1766
Pokemon ruby and saphire are very very much alike.
the only differece's are the pokemon you can catch and the people you are trying to pokemon saphire you have to stop these people (cant rember their names)who are trying to expand the land and you have to stop them. in ruby version you have to stop people expanding the sea
you also have to stop them. the graphics are above average and you can have 2 on 2 battles
and there are different features you can use on it than crystal. but my oppinion, personaly i think pokemon crystal is better.
I give this game

Added 4 Feb 2004, ID #1569
This is a very entertainment game it's better than the others.

I think that if they created a pokemon game with all this pokemon and the others too it would be FANTASIC.

But this one, it's awesome too if you play it you will never leave it NEVER.
Added 30 Jan 2004, ID #1547
On a scale of 1-10, I would give this game a 8.5 becuase you cant go to kanto and johto, and you cant catch all 386 pokemon.

(you can with an action replay, my friend has a ho-oh)

Other than that, I say the game is excellent. It is challenging to finish your pokedex, to beat the elite four, and there are many secrets in it.

Hope I helped!
Thumbs up :) Added 24 Sep 2003, ID #750
I'm writing this review to firstly give my gratitude to for their great cheats!
my review:I give this game 9/10,

Bad points:mach bike because it is hard to controll and is dodgy but nonetheless this adds character to the game.
and theirs the good points:

the new BERRY MIXER which helps you use two unwanted berries to create a cool new berry.

berry collecting:also new to pokemon is the berry planting-which is where you have to plant your berries in order to keep them growing.

the contests:depending on your poke-stats (beuty,coolness,grumpyness,toughness etc.)you can enter contests to match your poke-stats to win medals and to raise your contest rank.

speed boots:like using a bike you can also use speed boots.

two bikes:the mach bike,which is fast but hard to control.
the trick bike(i think its called that)which does jumps and tricks,but is quite slow.
note:i am not sure why there are bikes and shoes for transport?weird ay?
20/10 Added 18 Sep 2003, ID #725
What else can anyone else say? This game has the best graphics in any pokemon game yet!

The new pokemon are great! The new moves are just great! The abilities are superb!

Contests and 2on2 battles are too cool! The reason Kanto and Johto aren't here is because all the pokemon aren't here but that doesn't matter because of all this new stuff! This game should win a prize!

WICKED (almost) Added 3 Sep 2003, ID #707
This Game Would Be Great If You Could Go Bactk To Kanto And Jhoto, It's Just Over Too Soon!!!

It's So Good, I Want It Too Go On Forever!!!!!
PKMN Sapphire Review Added 6 Sep 2003, ID #700
Well, heres yet another review. Enjoy!=)

Graphics- 7/10 The graphics,really, are only good because of all the colors. If this was a black/white game the graphics would look just better than G/S/C.

But, the variety of colors and a FEW good looking places earn it a 7/10.

Replay Value- 10/10 Superb. With 3 starters and 202 pokemon you can always start a new game and beat it at least 3 times using completely different pokes each time. Earns 10/10

Music- 8/10
What can i say? Its pokemon.

RPG Rating- As an RPG its semi good. Same old thing in every pokemon game. So, there are better RPGs.

Buy or Rent? Buy. its only 29.99 but any pokemon fan would love it.

Overall Rating:9/10
pokemon sapphire Added 20 Aug 2003, ID #695
OK, hows it going dudes.pokemon sapphire is mostly the same as pokemon ruby but on this one you team up with magma.

The bad thing is that you have to walk in the up,down,right,left way.the game is 9/10.
one of da best Added 13 Sep 2003, ID #651
Its awesome! I think its better than ruby!YOU should get it! BY the way please chose mudkip!

BY the way please dont send bogus cheats ! If new to super cheats dont listen to glich city cheats

!There lies!

YOU would like this game!!!!
ID #375

Overall i really liked how Nintendo made this game. the game is much funner and harder, it actually gives u a challenge, and it is not impossible to beat. i would reccomend this game to anyone that likes the pokemon games because this one tops them all off the charts. another good thing about the game is the graphics. the graphics have gone 200% higher that the first pokemon games. i hope everyone gets a chance to play this game sometime.

ID #374

An excellent game to buy for GBA, I find it better then Ruby! The new 100 pokemon are excellent, much better then the other ones. The game play is excellent and the detail on the pokemon is superb. If you don't already have this game get it!

ID #373

I find Ruby better but this game is only a few marks shorter. I reccomend you buy Ruby but there are still some good points about this one.

The new 100 pokemon are great and the berryblender and 2v2 battles are great! The team aqua and team magma are awesome too!

Overall this game is great fun and challenging at the same time. BUY IT!

ID #372

i think that the graphics are wicked, and same with the sound, especially with headphones. there are some bad things though. I prefered the girl in Crystal Version alot (i am a male if u want to know). i hate the way Crobat looks as well. i also hate the fact that u cant enter any legendary pokemon except for the regis in the Battle Tower. At least they have finally changed the boy character in ruby & sapphire. the old one was just getting tooo old by the time Crystal came out. i hope that the future versions of pokemon will bring us much much more on the GBA or future GameBoys

ID #371
I rated this game 4 and a half stars! The reason being is because, when you finish beating the elite four and steven, you cant battle at any gyms anymore. it should be like crystal, when you finish battling the pokemon league, you have to go to kanto and battle. And also if there were more details in this game, I would've rated it 5 stars. But overall, this game was pretty cool! I loved it
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