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tylerv1003rd Sep 2005, ID #177
Pokemon Ruby is a great game, and I reccomend it to all players. Pokemon Ruby and Saphire was very much improved from the original games for Gameboy Color in all of the aspects of video games. A gre..

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tylerv1003rd Sep 2005, ID #178
Pokemon Ruby is a great game, and I reccomend it to all players. Pokemon Ruby and Saphire was very much improved from the original games for Gameboy Color in all of the aspects of video games. A gre..

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jImBoW896th Oct 2005, ID #191
Okay when you fist buy your game, insert it into the Gba, then turn power on. At this time go to New Game, Start a story that you will be able to complete with a Ruby and Sapphire game, and in handy..

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Mister R4th Aug 2007, ID #667
So they decided to be unique with this one. Unlike most of the other pokémon games for GBA, they've now included multiple unique features such as berry mixing, pokémon contests, battle tower and mor..

Rating: 92%Read Full Review
Nanoboy258th Aug 2007, ID #682
Its just what we had all hoped for in the GBA. Great graphics (still good even now.), lovely music and as in every poke'mon game, incredible gamplay. The poke'mon company brought us this game to sho..

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u_got_gamed2nd Jun 2008, ID #877
Pokemon games are always fun, they get better every time. Pokemon ruby was one of my favorite Pokemon games. They got cool new Pokemon and items you can have, also new bad guys. I played it for a lo..

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Pokemonhacker687th Apr 2009, ID #1081
Hi everyone Im pokemonhacker68 First of all I do NOT hack I just named myself that. Grovyle is my favorite Pokemon I don't care if you think thats wrong thats your opinon. I will be reviewing Pokemo..

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kimmy45612th Mar 2011, ID #1319
After playing Silver and Gold, I was excited to play a game that would introduce new Pokemon to the series, I was already playing the games on the GBA just after they were released. When I started t..

Rating: 82%Read Full Review
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Added 5 Mar 2004, ID #1791
I think this game is too easy to complete but I would still give it a 10 out of 10 rating.

Also if you need help I will do a walktrough.... and get
This is the game or what! Added 26 Feb 2004, ID #1737
This game is a stinking good game so buy the game.....
Pokemon Ruby rules the earth! Added 21 Feb 2004, ID #1695
I'm not kidding that pr [pokemon ruby] rules the earth.

They might Rule the entire UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!


I'm ruting for you, Supercheats!
Pokemon is so hard Added 8 Feb 2004, ID #1601
I think that pokemon is quite a good game,but I hate trying to complete it.(this may be because I
killed half the rare pokemon.)I really need some cheats soon.

Save me.
I love Ruby version! Added 10 Jan 2004, ID #1377
Ruby version rocks! It is one of the best games ever, next to Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. I think it is the best GBA game ever.
Cool game Added 29 Dec 2003, ID #1282
iI think that pokemon ruby is a cool game because the grafics compared to other pokemon games is spectacular!

When you stand next to a puddle you can see your own refelctson you can get 2 types of bike mach which makes you go very fast or acro which lets you do wheelies and you get climate changes during the game which affect your pokemons attacks.

I recommend this game to all how love pokemon and are missing out on this and also anybody who wants to start out playing pokemon because it does not require any knowledge on pokemon at all.

Hey my grandad picked it up and could play it!
Awesome game Added 10 Dec 2003, ID #1146
I just played the game pokemon ruby and I think its is a really good game.

Go buy it, you can catch new pokemon and torchic is the best starter becuase he can almost beat the elite four ALONE when he is evolved into blaziken.!
Graphics Added 5 Dec 2003, ID #1130
The new graphics are AWESOME!!!!

The regular images are clearer,

sharper, and more detailed.
GREAT GAME!!! Added 22 Nov 2003, ID #917
This is a great game, who agrees?

10/10 or pokemon graphics anyway.
10/10 great sound affects like the wrrrrp when the Pokemon is defeted.

10/10 the music in battle is cool and it is really cool when battling the Pokemon Leage Champion.

10/10 The gameplay is super.

100 PERCENT AND 10/10.

this game is the best GBA and Pokemon game ever.
Excellentay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Added 5 Nov 2003, ID #871
The game was excellent.

There's 2 on 2 battles.

Theres cool new poke'mon like Blaziken, Rayquaza, Latios, Latias, Groudon, Kyroge, Swampert, Sceptile, Registeel, Regice, and Regirock.
10/10 Added 20 Sep 2003, ID #736
This is game is the best Pokemon game yet. Sapphire is the same thing only you team up with the opposite team as Ruby, and it has different pokemon. It has new features like beauty contests and berry blenders which make it a lot more fun. It can get frustating at times but you'll get over it. So give this a 10/10.

P.S.- I just found out today that Pokemon has about 350 pokemon! There is 151 pokemon for Blue, Red, and Yellow--100 new pokemon for Gold, and Silver--and 100 more for Ruby and Sapphire!
Also, I think it would be alot more fun to play a 3D Pokemon game for Gamecube. Later!
Pokemon Ruby Is Great!! Added 24 Aug 2003, ID #708
If I were to rate this game I would rate it 9/10 becuase sometimes the pokemon that you want to catch are never there!

But Anyway Best Pokemon Game Marketed ever!
pokemon ruby Added 20 Aug 2003, ID #694
OK, hows it going dudes.
pokemon ruby is mostly the same as sapphire exept you team up with aqua.

Now its rather stupid that you have to walk in the up,down,right,left way what happened to diagonal walking.

This game is 9/10.
ID #327

Ok i played a sample of this games and got to oldale city or something(i started a new game) On this in the beginning you get either treeko(grass) some bird thin id remember the name(fire) and mudkip(water). New pokemon include wormple, zigzagoon, and pooch something, also there is this thing called aris that you watch aguy named wally capture

ID #326

Pokemon Ruby is a great game to buy as all the new pokemon are excellent! The gameplay is brilliant too. If I had to give this game marks out of ten I'd give it 10! A definete buy for GBA so if you don't already have it, get it!

ID #325

This is my favourite pokemon game out of all of them as the new 100 pokemon are really cool!

The scenes are even better then before and the idea of having the berry blender is awesome!

I love the 2 v 2 battles, they're great because they let you team up with someone and kill the enemy with you and your friend!

Overall this game is excellent and I reccomend you buy it, see ya!

ID #324

Pokemon is back, and better than ever!

Graphics: 10


Sound: 10

The classic screeches and cries are back!

Control: 9

The Mach Bike ruins this.

Fun Factor: 10

Hey, it's a pokemon game! What did you expect?


Nintendo has done it again. This completly describes a perfect game.

ID #323

This is my favourite pokemon game to play out of the many I've got (Yeah Right!)

I love the 2 verses 2 battles 'cos they're really cool and you get to team up with a friend and oblitarate the enemy.

The gameplay on this game is excellent as there are 24 badges to collect which don't include the orange island ones.

I also like the berry blender to make 2 berries into one with the goodness of both and the way it happens.

I love the new moves and attacks on Ruby and Sapphire and the graphics on them are superb.

Me and my friends all have our own little cabbin under a cave or 2 and if you read the Hint I'll tell you how to get it.

Overall this game is excellent and great fun and it's already out in America but not Britain.

I'm British and I ordered it from Australia. Last three words ... GET THIS GAME!

ID #322

You thought they couldn't do any better, well they have now!

This is the best GBA game I now 'cos there's so many different tasks, Pokemon, Cities and badges to complete. The entire game never gets boring and with 24 badges to collect your Pokemon are gaining levels as fast as America is taking over Iraq! The new Saffari Zone is excellent and the new Pokemon and moves are awesome 'cos now there's 352 Pokemon to collect. The whole game is superb and the gameplay overall is anything other than bad!

ID #321

i liked the fact that you could accully catch and battle youre very own pokemon its pretty cool(: it deserves five stars***** and a nine outta 10 because it gets so fustrating at times!

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