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1075 unknownroxas 28th Mar 2009 96% Read Review
1076 earth bound fan 30th Mar 2009 100% Read Review
1078 kimmy456 1st Apr 2009 88% Read Review
1086 chadlums616 12th Apr 2009 92% Read Review
1095 Pokemonhacker68 28th Apr 2009 88% Read Review
1099 Austinanymous 30th Apr 2009 90% Read Review
1104 destroyer96 12th May 2009 98% Read Review
1105 brahulus 13th May 2009 96% Read Review
1109 Little Man 17th May 2009 98% Read Review
1111 123mystery1 19th May 2009 100% Read Review
1129 poliet 27th Jun 2009 82% Read Review
1341 cheatereddie 26th May 2011 70% Read Review
1411 Warrior13 18th May 2012 100% Read Review
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Awesome! Added 13 Jan 2014, ID #18071
Good game with good graphics. I totally recommend it to everyone. Has a 7 - 10 hour story with an after game ( like always ) with almost 500 new Pokemon it will challenge you to get them all through cheats or legit like I said I totally recommend it and get
This Game Rocks Added 27 Feb 2013, ID #17852
This game rocks! Definitely the best Pokémon game out there! And to all of the people out there who think that this game is childish then it's way more than that! #1 series of games and #1 game!
Pokemon Platinum Short Review Added 30 Dec 2011, ID #16567
Pokemon Platinum is the updated version of Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl versions. It has been given some new game areas, the graphics have been refined and the battling has been given a boost with some new moves. Overall, a great game to play for any Pokemon fan.
Pokemon Platinum Added 19 Jan 2011, ID #15106
Pokemon Platinum is not better than better than Diamond or Pearl, but it is good. It has many more added features including an upgraded battle park, which is very fun. It is hard to train Pokemon though.
This Game Added 7 Oct 2010, ID #14710
This game is one of the best Pokemon games I have bought. It might hold the same story as Diamond and Pearl. But there is a new part. The dealing of Gritina. The Pokemon who can twist dimensions. Anyways, that is great for players who are bored of the same story.
My Ratings are:
Lastability: 8/10(Depends if you can play games for a long time, I can't)
Pokemon Platinum Review Added 31 Jul 2009, ID #12132
Pokemon Platinum is a directors cut of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl versions. It is slightly Extended and has a new Battle Frontier as well as a larger pokedex to fill. You also now receive a Togepi egg from Cyntia in the course of the story. The graphics have not changed much sine Diamond/Pearl however some spites have been updated. It is now possible to obtain all 3 Legendary Dragons without the need for trading between versions. And it has an added area called the Distortion World. The Distortion World is where Giratina Rsides and Gravity has a different effect here meaning that you can walk up walls, also certain objects dissapear as yuou walk towards them opening up different paths. The Survival Area has also been extended and you can now battle Gym leades again each day their team have all been bumped up into their Pokemon to Level 60 and above. Your Rival will also battle you here on certain days of the week. All in all an exellent game and well worth buying even if you already have Pear or Diamond Version.
Pokemon Platinum, the Latest Installment of the 4th Generation Added 12 May 2009, ID #11285
Pokemon Platinum is the latest installment of the Generation IV Pokemon games. Similarly to Pokemon Yellow to Red and Blue, and Crystal to Silver and Gold, Pokemon Platinum bears resemblance to Diamond and Pearl in many ways. Pokemon Platinum also has many unique features. One unique feature of Platinum is the new Battle Frontier. Pokemon has grown from the beloved red and blue games into the masterpiece of Platinum today, the graphics are astronomically better now than they once were, back in 1998, but the generally feeling that you're accomplishing a goal, to catch Pokemon and to become a powerful trainer, is still there. Pokemon Platinum still holds onto the epic feeling that players felt when working their way through the first installments more than 10 years ago. This is a remarkable game and definitely worth buying.
Is this the best Pokemon game ever made??? Added 22 Apr 2009, ID #11044
Pokemon Platinum is the latest game of the long running Pokemon series. This series has evolved over the years, from the legendary Red through to this. However, is this game actually any good?

Well, of course it is. It builds on Diamond and Pearl, excellent games in there own right, and makes subtle changes which dramatically change the game - for the better. The new battle frontier, improved gyms and better animations for the actual Pokemon make this seem as it is an entire new game, but you are still in Sinnoh./ The new graphical back drops makes the game visually stunning, and the distortion world is fantastic, twisting and turning every 20 seconds, desperately trying to escape it.

Is this the best Pokemon game ever; no. Nothing can beat the 2nd generation, but this comes very close to being par with it
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