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Fun game Added 12 Feb 2005, ID #3273
Pokemon pinball is a fun game to play and it never ends because you can keep on getting a higher score, but its not just an ordinary pinball because you can catch Pokemon, its the best.

Rating 8/10 and get
O.K Added 5 Jan 2004, ID #2320
I think Pokemon Pinball is easy, catching pokemon is easy and Pikachu saving the ball is unlikly. I recieved my game offa boy in my class who gave it me for FREE!

Overall, a good game.

ID #1386

I think Pokemon Pinball is easy. Catching a pokemon is easy. It doesn't break out. Mew is easy.

I got already 50 kinds of pokemon in

one day! I topped 1st in hall of fame. I think it would be easy for you too.

ID #1385
I think that the basic idea of pokemon pinball is quite good. I like the idea of the Mewto bonus and the Dugtrio bonus.

However I also think that it is too easy. I've got so many pokemon I've lost count.

Well see ya later!

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