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623 Fusion_Blastoise 25th May 2007 92% Read Review
628 GanstaGamer 1st Jun 2007 96% Read Review
653 adamco13 28th Jun 2007 92% Read Review
672 master_1 4th Aug 2007 100% Read Review
677 majormiltank 4th Aug 2007 74% Read Review
678 secv 4th Aug 2007 94% Read Review
703 Bounty Hunter 003 29th Aug 2007 100% Read Review
706 Pooly 9th Sep 2007 96% Read Review
740 charizard-master 25th Nov 2007 82% Read Review
745 PokemonMaster ;) 1st Dec 2007 100% Read Review
788 BestCheats 4th Feb 2008 100% Read Review
804 jacky in the box 17th Feb 2008 98% Read Review
1041 pokeman2 22nd Jan 2009 100% Read Review
1102 ashleyp 6th May 2009 98% Read Review
1118 pokeman the cheater 2nd Jun 2009 100% Read Review
1410 Warrior13 17th May 2012 92% Read Review
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PokeMon Pearl rocks Added 2 Aug 2011, ID #16026

I love playing this game and I have played it for 2 years now and still love it. It is my favorite Pokemon game I have. Now this is my favorite game because I has 497 Pokemon in the pokedex. Unlike earlier game of the Pokemon gaming world. Also because it is the first Pokemon game with the Global Trading Center A.K.A. GTS.


The graphics are OK on this game but, they could use some work. Like having different looks for your character. Instead of just the regular outfit and tuxedo. Or have a setting where all Pokemon look red or something like that stuff. That is why I rated this a 7 out of 10.


The sound on this game is really clear and I love the way it goes with the game moments, fast and exiting during a battle or soft and majestic in the grass. I also love how the Pokemon make sounds when you look at there summery like Palkia makes the sound "rarrrrrrrr"!


I love the course of the story and all of the Pokemon you encounter during. I like how you are saving poor Pokemon from the awful bad guys and how every moment you some how get better at the game. I also like all of the allies in the game like dawn if you are a boy and Lucas is you are a girl. Especially professor Rowland who doesn't love him!


The game will always last and be fun till the end. But I will admit that after you have been everywhere it gets a little less exciting. But if you always Cherise it and maybe play as much as you can you might just find one rare shiny Pokemon to spice up the game!


Overall I enjoyed the game for the two years I played it and I am still playing it because to me the game never gets old. It was the first Pokemon game I ever got. I have bought it from a neighbor and have always played it with her and other friends!! and get
Best Pokemon I've played so far! Added 3 Dec 2008, ID #9718
This is a very great game! I may not have played many, and this may be the first Poke game that I ever played, but hey, THIS IS AWESOMENESS! The graphics are better than the rest of the hand held Poke games. So are the sounds, game play, and Pokemon! There is no speech, just like the rest and the only downside. Other than that, this will be the greatest hand held Pokemon game for the next ten years or so.
Pokemon Pearl Review. Added 30 Sep 2007, ID #5032
Hello, this is my review of the new pokemon game. I'll get right down to it.
There is an all new pokedex, with 150something new pokemon. So, its not the same old pokemon you normaly would see.
THe storyline is good, fairly lengthy, lots of fun.
THe graphics are the best ever from the pokemon games.
The sound, music, is not the best. It sounds too much like country.
All in all, I give it a 9/10
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