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420 ShilohInuYasha 25th Sep 2006 100% Read Review
424 charizard777 25th Sep 2006 64% Read Review
476 Tivo 17th Dec 2006 88% Read Review
523 cooldude08 24th Jan 2007 82% Read Review
739 TeamKabusta 24th Nov 2007 72% Read Review
1401 LuvinmyPoppingcorn 25th Mar 2012 78% Read Review
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Good game Added 3 Mar 2009, ID #12643
This by far the BEST Pokemon game I've played! I mean, even after you beat the legend, you can return and recruit them. Plus, you don't have to worry about the "no more pokeballs", because they will still recruit! But, in order to replay the beginning, you have to restart the game. Finally, the move set is real, because if I use leer, it doesn't hurt! Lastly, it helps, because you can remember forgotten moves! and get
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