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868 moneybags105 15th May 2008 86% Read Review
890 shadowx242 21st Jun 2008 64% Read Review
1168 Chipmunk96 8th Sep 2009 86% Read Review
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The Mystery Dungeon of Pokemon Strikes Back!! Added 18 Jun 2008, ID #7973

-nice sprites!!they're improved to fit the nintendo ds capabilities!!
-the cut scenes is the best!!
-new sounds have been added
-the ending will make you're eyes filled w/ tears!!(again)

The Bad

-if you hate wonder mails,then prepare to hate them more because you must use wonder mail to get some legendaries!!
-the sound can be boring sometimes
-the main story is too short to keep you playing it for weeks

I'll give it a respectable 4/5 points!! and get
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