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Riolu818th Jun 2011, ID #1345
Hello , this is Riolu81 bringing you a review od Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of the sky. This is a strategy based game where you've transformed into a Pokemon and have to find out why. You exp..

Rating: 90%Read Full Review
pikachugirl21st Feb 2012, ID #1397
Mystery Dungeon Explorers of sky, was a duel game to Explorers of Time and Darkness. All new Pokemon were added at the beginning, such as: Shinx, Vulpix, and Riolu. The game is very much like Myster..

Rating: 80%Read Full Review
TVKL11th Feb 2016, ID #1484
[center][img]http://puu.sh/n35Fp.jpg[/img][/center] Oh lord, Explorers of Sky. The game universally known for it's amazing soundtrack and constantly praised for being the best entry into the Myste..

Rating: 86%Read Full Review

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Review Added 1 Mar 2013, ID #17858
Good graphics
Long time to evolve
Darkrai is a challenge

All in all, this was a fun game.I cried in the ending
Review for Pokemon mystery dungeon explorer of sky. Added 19 Dec 2011, ID #16524
I thoroughly enjoyed this game,and still do.
I especially love the fact that while you may know the main story line from the versions Explores of Time or Explorers of Darkness,you still have the special episodes along with the new items to obtain and the new dungeons to explore.
Over all this game gives the player an excellent experience of the classic Pokemon exploration team game with never before seen features enhancing the experience greatly.
I truly hope the new features introduced in this game,including the items,are included in any new games.
Short Review for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky Added 3 Dec 2011, ID #16502
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky raises the bar from the last two games. You travel through dungeons as a Pokemon who lost their memory as a human. You have several dizzy spells along the way, and this helps you in your adventure. The graphics and gameplay are solid.
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