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421 ShilohInuYasha 25th Sep 2006 100% Read Review
433 latiasfinder 9th Oct 2006 100% Read Review
482 XxFiragaxX 22nd Dec 2006 82% Read Review
501 Xiao_the_Eevee 7th Jan 2007 100% Read Review
576 serebiie 25th Mar 2007 84% Read Review
1379 apocalypsethemewtwo 26th Oct 2011 82% Read Review
1466 PikaPikaCharizard 30th Jan 2014 88% Read Review
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The best Pokemon game to this Day. Added 15 Jun 2011, ID #15831
I've played this multiple times and it is by far the best Mystery Dungeon game to date. The story line is original and has characters I can really believe (for Pokemon, anyway). The post-ending story is also believable and purely enjoyable for even a Pokemon veteran such as myself to enjoy. The graphic scenery is remarkable and adds to the dazzling effect one gets from playing this game. It makes one really feel that they are there, scaling the cliffs of Mt. Freeze , skittering along the scorched floors of Magma Cavern or gazing up Sky Tower's vast, swirling vortex of clouds that make up it's structure. And the dialogue of the story-board and characters was riveting and had me in tears many times. It really depicts the bond held between two people in a true f riendship and the longing to help others and do what's right. This is possibly the best Pokemon game of the entire franchise. I'd like to the see the creators try to match it.
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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team Added 10 Sep 2008, ID #9072
Hello! This is Hi!!!Rules. I highly recommend you get this game. I have had this game ever since it came out. I have had so much fun playing, I am almost sure everyone who likes Pokemon will enjoy this game. I started out as a cubone with my partner being a Pikachu. When you first start a new game you have to answer a series questions. Based on how you answer those questions chooses who you start out being. Then you choose your partner. Then there is a little skit that starts the whole game. Well, I don't want to ruin the game for you, so I will stop now. I hope you get this game soon and enjoy it as much as I did. Well Good Luck .
Pokemon Rescue Team Review Added 7 Mar 2007, ID #2241
The game Pokemon Blue Rescue Team is a really good action, adventure,pokemon game. Instead of controlling the pokemon with a trainer, you are the pokemon instead. It\'s possible to get all 386 pokemon in this game. This game isn\'t very hard to learn the controls. The game\'s main story plot can take about 15 hours or so but there is a lot more. Mystery Dungeon never ends and there\'s also a option to rescue other teams even far away from you by sharing passwords. I recommend this game to any pokemon game player. This is a really fun game to play.
Pokemon mystery dungeon review Added 14 Oct 2006, ID #1431
pokemon mystery dongeon, is a action / adventure game with lots of new places to explore, and lots of friends to meet, and lots of ranks to unlock and statues, you even get a team base, pokemon mystery dungeon has the best graphics yet in a pokemon, game and instead of being a trainer you finaly get to be a pokemon, you also need to fight boss pokemon, and wild ones to you have to pick a starter pokemon to but i picked mudkip, there my favorite.
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