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323 Colby Joe 28th May 2006 52% Read Review
413 Scorponis 15th Sep 2006 76% Read Review
892 S00TY 25th Jun 2008 68% Read Review
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A great game, the start of a legend Added 14 Oct 2008, ID #4940
Before this game came out and the show came to the U.S., no one knew what Pokemon was. Now, no one doesn't know, and Pokemon Blue was the game that started it all. The gameplay of this game is completely unique, with you controlling a Pokemon Trainer, that captures and raises Pokemon, on a quest to become the greatest Pokemon Trainer, or to completely fill your Pokedex. The graphics may not be good, but this game is sure to become a classic like Pac-Man or Pong. Overall, it gets a 9.5 out of 10. and get
Be the first to catch 150 POKEMON! Added 6 Jan 2005, ID #3236
Pokemon blue is a must buy game featuring 150 pokemons plus mew, item list, your account, game id, money, pokemon league, caves, grass for wild intruders, team rocket, gym leaders, hidden moves, technical moves, trainers that must be beaten, training, trading with friends, pokedex.

GREAT!! Added 1 Nov 2004, ID #3137
Pokemon Blue is a game that has a lot of fun where it can get alot challenging and its a game that people should play.
A review by leo Added 4 May 2004, ID #2668
Rating system 10 awesome 9 great 8 good 7 sort of good 6 below average 5 and below is garbage ...

Ok lets begin

Graphics There ok but some poke'mon 7
sound some parts bad but not bad 7
playability You can do a lot of stuff 8
entertainment Fun but after a while...7

Replay value moderate

Final score 8........!!
Really good Added 17 Apr 2004, ID #2618
The game was a massive hit for the time and the game is still good now.

The graphics aren't too good but the sound is so good and the gameplay is some of the best you will see in a gameboy game.

Altogether I would give this game a 87% because its a brilliant game. I think it might even be the best game on the Gameboy colour.
The most glitchy game I have ever seen Added 22 Feb 2004, ID #2468
Pokemon blue version is so glitchy that you can actually have fun with it after you even completed it.

graphics 4/10
the graphics desrve this on a gameboy colour or gameboy advance because they look better

gameplay 7/10
this game takes about 2 weeks to fully complete

sound 2/10
the sound in this game is just notes because of the gameboy's poor technology

looks of pokemon 4/10 theres not enough colours so this gets a 4/10

glitches 3/10
nintendo should of checked the game through proprely

overall 6/10
this game is something to keep you occupied for a few weeks

Rent or Buy
buy this game because renting it wont give you enough time to get the most out of it.
ID #587
I think poke'mon Blue is great! It's not too hard and not too easy! The grafics could be better but overall its brill.


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