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1361 MasterofPokemon 1st Aug 2011 72% Read Review
1381 Warrior13 9th Nov 2011 94% Read Review
1430 M.J 14th Aug 2012 44% Read Review

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Pokemon Black

Pokemon Black is the 5th Generation of the newest, neatest, and most futuristic Pokemon ever to be.
With nothing but cool new Pokemon in this game, I have this listed as one of the best games I have ever played, and also the Number 1 Pokemon game I have ever played. Choosing from Oshawott, Tepig, and Snivy in the beginning and Defeating the Champion at the end, this has been the greatest adventure I have ever had in Pokemon.


No thumbs

Added 11 Jul 2012, ID #17177, by ArtisticMonkey and get
Pokemon Black Short Review

Pokemon Black is the first 5th Generation game, along with Pokemon White. The battle scenes are again a step up, with the Pokemon moving and doing little animations as there fighting. The new Pokemon aren't great though, so this could be an area which could be improved.


No thumbs

Added 31 Dec 2011, ID #16569, by richmond1210
Pretty Good

Al in all, it was good. It had a nice storyline, and a difficulty that wasn't too easy, like the rest of the Pokemon games. The graphics were WONDERFUL and were definitely a step up to the next level of gaming.

Major game spoiler below!


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No thumbs

Added 26 Sep 2011, ID #16234, by Frozen Wasteland
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