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Listing PlayStation Games - P*

Game Name Cheats Hints Q&A Walkthrough AR Codes Screens Walls Videos
Pac Man WorldYESYESYES     
Panzer BanditYES       
Panzer Front YES      
Panzer GeneralYES YES     
Parappa The RapperYES  YES    
Parasite Eve 2YESYESYESYES    
Parodius Deluxe PackYES       
Pastel MuseYES       
Pax CorpusYES       
Peak PerformanceYES       
Persona 2YES  YES    
Persona 2: Eternal PunishmentYESYES    YES 
Persona 2: Innocent Sin  YES     
PGA Tour '97YES       
Pitfall 3D: Beyond the JungleYES  YES    
Play with the Teletubbies   YES    
Pocket FighterYES       
Point BlankYES YES     
Point Blank 2YES       
Poitter\'s PointYES       
Poitter\'s Point 2YES       
Pong: The Next LevelYES YES     
Pool SharkYES       
Pop \'n\' PopYES       
Pop \'n\' Twin BeeYES       
Populus: The beginningYESYES      
Pop\'n Music 10YES       
Porsche ChallengeYES       
Power Move Pro WrestlingYES       
Power Rangers Lightspeed RescueYES YES     
Power Rangers Time ForceYES  YES    
Power ShovelYES YES     
Powerpuff Girls Chemical XtractionYES       
Premier Manager 2000 YES      
Premier Manager 98YESYESYES     
Premier Manager 99YESYES      
Pro BoarderYES       
Pro Evolution Soccer  YESYES    
Pro SkaterYES       
Project OverkillYES       
Puzzle Arena ToshindenYES       
Puzzle Bobble 3 DXYES       
Puzzle Bobble 4XYES       
Puzzle Star SweepYES