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Tales of Graces F

Tales of Graces F Cheats for PlayStation 3

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Unlock Museum ModeAdded 2 Aug 2013, ID #5452
Complete the game to unlock the 'Museum Mode' option at the 'Extras' menu. Museum mode features a movie viewer, skit viewer, and sound test.

Vesperia CostumesAdded 2 Aug 2013, ID #5451
When you beat the Carta Guy in the following modes without allowing him to score a single point you will unlock the corresponding Vesperia costume.

Yuri costume for Asbel:
Beat the Carta Guy in Easy mode.

Patty costume for Sophie:
Beat the Carta Guy in Normal mode.

Rita costume for Cheria:
Beat the Carta Guy in Hard mode.
Unlock Lineage and Legacies ModeAdded 16 Apr 2012, ID #4623
When the main storyline has been completed this adventure will become available. Lineage and Legacies mode is a new storyline which takes place several years after the main storyline. In this mode you will be able to obtain items that are exclusive to this extended story.
Unlock Difficulty ModesAdded 2 Apr 2012, ID #4600
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding difficulty setting which although tougher will provide more Experience and SP.

Unlock Evil Difficulty:
Fight a total of 200 battles on Hard.

Unlock Chaos Difficulty:
Fight a total of 300 battles on Evil.
Grade ShopAdded 27 Mar 2012, ID #4596
When you have completed the game create a new file for your save data. Then at the 'Main' menu go to 'Extras' and select 'New Game +'. You will now be able to access the Grade Shop to buy extra items with the Grade Points you received upon completing the game.

1/2 Experience:
10 Grade

2x Critical:
30 Grade

2x Damage:
30 Grade

2x Experience:
90 Grade

2x Gald:
70 Grade

2x Item Drops:
120 Grade

2x SP:
200 Grade

3x SP:
1,000 Grade

5x Damage:
150 Grade

5x Experience:
400 Grade

Chain Capacity +1:
30 Grade

Chain Capacity +2:
250 Grade

Dualize Discount:
100 Grade

Expand Inventory:
100 Grade

Inherit Arte Usage:
50 Grade

Inherit Battle Items:
60 Grade

Inherit Books:
10 Grade

Inherit Carta Cards :
200 Grade

Inherit Eleth Mixer:
70 Grade

Inherit Gald:
270 Grade

Inherit Herb Bonuses:
70 Grade

Inherit Shards:
90 Grade

Inherit Skills:
2,500 Grade

Inherit Stamps:
30 Grade

Inherit Titles:
30 Grade

Mastery Bonus:
20 Grade

Maximum Eleth +500:
100 Grade

Maximum HP +1000:
150 Grade

Maximum Speed:
50 Grade

Skip Childhood:
10 Grade

Trade EXP for Gald:
50 Grade

Unlock Qualities:
50 Grade

Upgrade Eleth Mixer:
50 Grade

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