joe death?

Guest asks: Added Aug 28th 2010, ID #163884

joe death?

at the ending of the game does joe die? and get

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Guest answered: Added 29th Aug 2010, ID #352840
he couldve be killed at the end of the game for the trouble he caused Vito earlier in the game
Guest answered: Added 30th Aug 2010, ID #352958
I hope not great game,but short story beat it in a day.
CRAZY CHEATS answered: Added 30th Aug 2010, ID #353060
It seems most likely he died, as he "Wasn't part of the deal".
And frankly, I'm disgusted at Vito for just letting it happen.
Guest answered: Added 1st Sep 2010, ID #353542
mee to. But actually he couldn't have done anything about it, as he was in some rough situation too. I believe he will not die and that they will remeet in a following mafia 3.:D
Guest answered: Added 3rd Sep 2010, ID #353906
you know there will be dowonloadable content like in dragon age so maybe there will be one wich explains this I hope so
Guest answered: Added 4th Sep 2010, ID #354062
I hope theres a mafia 3 :P. but i was bummed out how joe died. now i dont like playing mafia 2 much anymore :S
Guest answered: Added 4th Sep 2010, ID #354276
I reckon joe didnt die and if theres a mafia 3 leading mafia 2 and if there is i think joe is gonna try and hut vito thinking he knew about it all...[b][b][color=red][/color] [/b] [/b]
Guest answered: Added 6th Sep 2010, ID #354636
I think joe will kill them in the car and if there is a Mafia 3 there joe will be moving to a new state or country and he will try to contact vito
If joe dies i think it will be dume tht it happeed i but everyone is wondering wht happened

Mafia Man13 answered: Added 6th Sep 2010, ID #354637
I think Joe will be back if they make a mafia 3 and he kills everybody in the car and joe will find vito

Guest answered: Added 8th Sep 2010, ID #355083
Joe is too cool to kill. he will kill all people in car, come back in mafia 3 and him and vito will kill the old dude in vitos limo.
Guest answered: Added 8th Sep 2010, ID #355086
Joe is too cool to kill. he will kill all people in car, come back in mafia 3 and him and vito will kill the old dude in vitos limo. they will also have lots of sex with random chicks, drink lots of alcohol, and say the f-word so many times you don't even know it. Mafia 2 is one of the best games i have played for so long. to answer the question noone acctually knows what happened to joe the game does not say. he rides of in the other car with some guys, they could be taking him to a cat house to have a gay ol time for all we know.
bowow answered: Added 16th Sep 2010, ID #356348
We don't know for sure if Joe died, like previous posts have said there could be a downloadable content in the future which explains it.

As for the Mafia 3 bit every post mentions, they'll probably will be one, but i wouldn't expect it to be knocked it like the CoD games. Perhaps Vito and Joe start there own family (mafia).
Guest answered: Added 22nd Sep 2010, ID #357287
I wanna see Joe Once Again in Mafia 3 ..!
I don't wanna know he is dead,
he was one of my favourite character in the Game,
actually Joe is the most funiest mafia ever in the Mafia Series Game ..!
Guest answered: Added 24th Sep 2010, ID #357625
I Heard at the end of the credits theres a little clip showing vito killing everyone in the car and going back for joe
Guest answered: Added 25th Sep 2010, ID #357825
well we'll find out when the release a mafia 3 i played to many games like this and they wont stop here trust me so we'll find out in a few years or so

Guest answered: Added 2nd Oct 2010, ID #359052
From what i've been hearing. The first Mafia 2 DLC will show us. I been hearing these 2 things.
The top one is: The DLC will have you saving joe at the last minute like always haha.

Although you could of let the old man die and I think you and joe run the city at the end. But im not sure.

The second one is: Ya won't see joe die or anything.

As far as I am consenered. they better give us a option in saving joe or not in the DLC or Mafia 3.
Guest answered: Added 5th Oct 2010, ID #359462
I had just finished the game Mafia 2. I don't know about you, but I find Vito a very very good looking guy ;D (I am a girl). If there is a Mafia 3, which there most likely will be, I really hope that Joe isn't dead because he is the funniest out of all of the characters and it just wouldn't be right if he wasn't in the 3rd game.
Guest answered: Added 10th Oct 2010, ID #360302
yes, The story is way too short gta is much longer it needs to be longer because there is nothing to do.
Guest answered: Added 12th Oct 2010, ID #360649
I think Vito wanted to do something but he could.
I liked Joe very much, the ending was so sad.
Guest answered: Added 13th Oct 2010, ID #360866
I will sue 2KGames if Joe is dead i really hope he didnt die at the end when Leo said "He wasnt part of the deal" i almost cried ;(
Guest answered: Added 21st Nov 2010, ID #367888
Hmm im so sad Joe died i mean seriosly i realy lived into the game and i loved it i mean it was going great and joe was vitos best friend all the time and he helpet him and saved his life many times i mean he was the second main char and at the end expecting evrything but that and right after joe refused a deal with the boss and saved joe again ...:( seriosly almost made me cry . But i realy think that he wont die i think that it will be just like Lio and that he realy will meet up with Vito in MAFIA 3 atleast i hope...
Guest answered: Added 15th Dec 2010, ID #373043
mafia 2 sucked balls because joe died the better put him in mafia 3
VitorioScaletta answered: Added 23rd Dec 2010, ID #375026
I strongly doubt that Joe dies. When Vito and Joe walk out of the observatory, Joe tucks his gun in his pants behind his back. Plus Joe's facial expressions show that he doesn't trust Leo when he says to Vito "come with me kid, we have more to talk about" and he sends Joe off in a different car. Joe is well armed and only has one guy beside him who could pose a mild threat. I bet you all $100 that as SOON AS Joe's car turns "the wrong way" Joe pulls his gun and points it at the guy's head and shoots him then shoots the driver who is obviously unable to guard himself since he was infact.. driving. It would just be completely irrelevant if Joe does get killed.. BY ONE GUY. Joe is tough. He can take a punch and deliver a clean knockout. (My guesses for the beginning of Mafia 3) Leo then drives Vito home and tells him to not mess up and do anything crazy (kill Leo) and Vito walks up to Marty's apartment to have a drink and smoke and cry about his "dead" best pal. A few minutes later Joe busts down the door and tells Vito to grab a piece and they go kill that backstabbing old fart and start their own Family.. The Scaletta/Barbaro Family. Then possibly new protaganists come into play.
Guest answered: Added 8th Jan 2011, ID #379573
I think that Joe isn't dead.They did such ending so they attract more people in Mafia 3. That's my opinion.
Guest answered: Added 19th Jan 2011, ID #382234
is there going to be a mafia 3 with joe plz dont killed him off he was a gd gunn man
Guest answered: Added 26th Jan 2011, ID #383593
I refuse to play mafia 3 if joe isn't in it.
Plain and simple.
Guest answered: Added 28th Jan 2011, ID #383915
I don't think he will I think vito will kill them all in the car n rush back n get joe
Guest answered: Added 1st Feb 2011, ID #384877
Joe most likely lives joe was curious and when he said what the hell is this you can easily hear the curiosity and untrusting in his voice he might go after vito thinking he set him up but I think or joe will kill the guys in the car drives over to the cathouse I also don't think he will kill leo I think he breaks a couple of bones cause he a main char to and vito wont let joe kill his friend leo so I think joe just teaches him a lesson and start there own family in a 3rd one if there is

Guest answered: Added 13th Apr 2011, ID #398692
Joe probably did not die. He had the revolver with him.....he prolly escaped
Guest answered: Added 11th Jun 2011, ID #411530
I bet he is dead. Leone said that Joe wasn't part of the deal, so he is dead.
Guest answered: Added 28th Jun 2011, ID #416688
There are only two guys in the car that Joe gets into.He has a Magnum Revolver when he gets in the car just to remind ya'.(The revolver can kill someone with just one shot at point-blank range,also.) And Joe could take those guys out in a heart beat!After chapter 14 of making it through Vinci's guys through an entire construction site being half alive,it would take more than two guys just to kill Joe.
Guest answered: Added 10th Aug 2011, ID #431065
I don't think joe will die, there's going to be a mafia 3, which will probably be in Joe's point of view.
Best game I think I've ever played, hate that Henry died though >:(.
Guest answered: Added 14th Aug 2011, ID #432235
Cant wait for Mafia III .. Hope Joe saved his ass in that car :D
Guest answered: Added 20th Aug 2011, ID #434165
Why is vito sat on his own in the cut scene at the start alone in martys apartment if joe was dead wouldent he have done somthing and besides they have built up this mafia game legacy just to destroy in in only it's second installment

Guest answered: Added 12th Sep 2011, ID #440469
I think hes going to kill every 1 in the car than get in touch with vito or hes vitos is going to kill every one in his car than go back nd save joe than take him ti thats doctor dude that there going to make there own crew in mafia 3
Guest answered: Added 12th Oct 2011, ID #447074
I don't think he died like what another person said he's good whith a gun and you can tell he knew what was happening when they went in seperate cars he stopped for a moment and then enters the car I think he killed the 3 4 guys in the car and ran.
Guest answered: Added 13th Oct 2011, ID #447141
Maybe he dies maybe he don't the game has loads of twists
Guest answered: Added 5th Nov 2011, ID #453253
I think joe will survive from the two mobs in the car because joe was armed with a revolver before he entered the car but maybe after that joe will misunderstand about vito that he double-crossed him and there is a very high chance that vito will be recuited into the vinci family.
mafia boss answered: Added 5th Nov 2011, ID #453256
I think joe will survive from the two mobs in the car because joe was armed with a revolver before he entered the car but maybe after that joe will misunderstand about vito that he double-crossed him and there is a very high chance that vito will be recuited into the vinci family.
Guest answered: Added 15th Nov 2011, ID #455924
I have a feeling he isn't dead, because he was the only thing vito had left (sister don't count)if there is a 3 coming out I'm pretty sure vito and joe will just start their own crew, and have to fight off leos guys. If joe does tun out dead, I don't think i'll play mafia agian.
Guest answered: Added 6th Jan 2012, ID #470878
Joe isnt going to die hes very handy with a gun hel end up knowing whats going on and kill them hes a smart guy and vito willcome help after
Guest answered: Added 19th Jan 2012, ID #474783
I don't think joe is dead, if you recall the old man put vito in with joe becuase they were best freinds so he put them in the same family, so I don't think the old man would kill joe knowing how close him an vito where.
Guest answered: Added 24th Jan 2012, ID #476405
People. Seriously. Joe is dead. Wtf get a grip. Yeah he had an idea that he might get offed when leo told them they were riding separate. And as for leo not wanting to kill him because "joe and vito were bestest buddies"??? Seriously?? Joe flipped and turned on the old man so yeah. Leo wants him dead. Joe gets in car. Man beside him takes out pistol. They make quick turn off road. Joe can't pull a gun out his back belt, aim it at a guy and shoot him faster than someone already having a gun pointed at him can just simply pull the trigger. The guys who took joe off were not rookies they were muscle for the head honcho big wig real mccoy so get your heads right. These guys are pros. Jow is dead. Yeah it sucks. But thats a part of being in the mafia business, it's business, and vito knows that. Vito knows joe flipped and thats why hes dead. He understands it's nothing personal at all and that it's just business. Things like this happened all the time in the real life mafia. Peoples brothers/cousins/closest friends are killed for decisions they make. You think because their friend was killed thats also a part of the same family that this guys just going to go pop the don? Youve gotta be kidding me. I mean I guess anything could happen seeing how it's not the most realistic portrayal of the mafia, or maybe it's just not the way I would have run my family. All the flipping sides and bosses would never happen he would have been killed in his sleep. And I'm pretty sure when vito brought henry into the bar to try and get him on the crew henry(think thats his name) would have been killed instantly. (ummm.. He's with the family youre at war with.) and they wouldnt trust him anyways because if hes going to abandon his family to join you then whats from stopping him from betraying your family. Point in case - he went out for himself on the side to deal drugs even though it was prohibited, not that it should have ever gotten that far. Anyways, joes dead, henry got what he deserved - multiple sources were even saying he was FED so yeah I'm glad he got chopped up. Anyways it was a good game not great for me. I would have had a little more realistic more in depth storyline, more realistic in the way of gunfights and killing high value targets - less first person shooter "level" type feeling, shooting through a hundred enemies to get to your target and more godfather type murders like when al pacino met the head of the other family to call a truce after his father got shot and popped the guy in the diner. Although this would cut down on the number of people you get to air out with your tommygun 12 gauage pump -wich I enjoy very much, it would give me personally a much more intense feeling sneaking into a mansion with a garrote and a silenced pistol or setup an ambush with some friends and some guys named tommy and catch him at a red light or draw bridge. Anyways, I'm NOT bashing the game AT ALL I LOVED the game I'm just rambling as I have a passion for good mabster games/movies so anyways but yeah joes dead. Sorry. But it did teach vito the lesson that lifes not always peachy as a made man.. And your time could be tomorrow or even tonight. Honestly they were both lucky they made it as far as they did and vitos lucky to still be alive. Anyways until mafia 3 seeya
Guest answered: Added 13th Jun 2012, ID #515104
Maybe hes still alive, but vito needs to think joe is dead, and so, there is a gunshot, only 4 the reason to make vito think joe is dead. Joe is then told not to see vito, or he will die.
Why do I think of this, bcause loe tells vito earlier in the game that he would like vito in hes gang BUT since him and joe is so good freinds like leo and the other old guy (can't remmember his name) he lets vito join the other gang. Simple as that
Guest answered: Added 23rd Jun 2012, ID #517630
JOE does die but he probaly comes alivve again in mafia 3
Guest answered: Added 29th Dec 2012, ID #560475
Its possible that Joe was killed because you hear 2 gun shots on when you see Vito upset in the car after Leo says he wasn't part of the deal and one when you see the whole city the might have killed him in the car HOWEVER there was 2 gun shots and 2 people in the car with him and his gun wasn't took of him meaning that there was one gun shot for each of the people in the car with him but if he did die it's really sad because he was a good guy and certainly doesn't deserve to die but if he did die then with great assurance he would be missed
Guest answered: Added 18th Jan 2013, ID #565346
I think Joe will be the biggest enemy that vito will face ! I think in mafia 3 ! IF he tried to be killed !
Like in MW we see ghost died but The truth is That shost is alive !... We don't know what happen to joe ! I wish They just go in the club !

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