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Police car - Grand Theft Auto 4


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Police car cheat for Grand Theft Auto 4


Police car

There is a cool cheat for a cop car this cop car is a dodge challenger it's cool and is really fast go to the phone roman gave you and call 227-555-0100 and you get the cop car

Added by: Guest Apr 22nd 2011, ID#3837


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Oct 14th 2015 Guest
what up
ID #616518
Sep 12th 2015 Guest
police cars
ID #607555
Aug 12th 2015 Guest
dude its a charger
ID #597137
Jul 15th 2015 Guest
Bugatti cheat gat 4 0875550995
ID #584661
Jul 4th 2015 Guest
Haw to be a lcpd
ID #579609
May 6th 2015 Guest
Fib car
ID #552633
Mar 9th 2015 Guest
This cop car is actualy a dodge charger.
ID #526565
Mar 5th 2015 Guest
The Ford Crown Vic is a 1993 model sadly.They need to patch us with a 2011 Ford Crown Vic PPV,2015 Chevy Volt PPV,2009 Chevy Tahoe PPV and a 2015 Ford Interceptor SUV.
ID #524304
Nov 8th 2015 Guest
ID #623573
May 29th 2015 Guest
ID #562617
Mar 3rd 2015 Guest
How do you get a police car in gta 4
ID #523735
Apr 2nd 2015 Guest
U have to steal it
ID #536647
Jul 7th 2015 Guest
no you don't.
the cheat is 227-555-0100
ID #581211
Feb 23rd 2015 Guest
How to get a police crown vic
ID #520352
Feb 18th 2015 FireFighter14
how do you get the k9 unit truck in gta4 for ps3
ID #517938
Jan 11th 2015 Guest
how do i get a police uniform?
ID #500069
Dec 27th 2014 Guest
Take the. Noose truck at corner kids mission with balled of gay tony
ID #491069
Dec 26th 2014 Guest
that is a fib bufflo i already have it what about the enforcer,patrol,patriot, stuff like that
ID #490292
Dec 7th 2014 Guest
No. Thats not a cop car.
ID #481574
Oct 23rd 2014 Guest
ID #461993
Oct 10th 2014 Guest
its awesome
ID #456987
Oct 7th 2014 Guest
this is so cool
ID #455896
Sep 29th 2015 Guest
yea but i want a cop car on grand theft auto Episodes from Liberty City
ID #612501
Sep 13th 2014 Guest
how to get a police truck on gta iv on ps3
ID #447329
Jun 20th 2015 Guest
get on 4 stars the enforcer will strt chasing you note: go across a bridge to get a road block which will have a 1 in 3 chance of being a police truck
ID #572841
Aug 31st 2014 Guest
I know about police uniform but not to join LCPD gta IV.
You can find a police uniform behind a police station then you will arrest the criminals.
ID #442891
Aug 24th 2014 Guest
How to you be police ps3
ID #440104
Aug 20th 2014 Guest
How do you join the LCPD in gta 4 with mods
ID #438544
Aug 19th 2014 Guest
Does anyone know if there is a cheat for the bugatti veyron
ID #438205
Aug 15th 2014 Guest
war is the police stinger
ID #437104
Jul 31st 2014 Guest
How to be a cop in gta4
ID #428573
Jul 25th 2014 Guest
Hahaha grand 5 is better then gta 4
ID #424776
Jul 13th 2014 Guest
Gta 5 is so beter than gta 4
ID #417573
Jul 12th 2014 Guest
What is the suburban cop car
ID #416963
Jul 10th 2014 Guest
there should be cheats for all police. cars that would be cool because the tactical esponse unit trucks are hard to steal
ID #415603
Jun 24th 2014 Guest
ID #405535
Apr 20th 2014 Guest
Ok u guys tell how to get a plane but when i do it for a code it dont work
ID #376804
Mar 31st 2014 Guest
Hear is some cheats.
Change weather 468-555-0100
Get a different selection of weapons 486-555-0150
Get a selection of weapons 486-555-0100
Raise wanted level 267-555-0150
Remove wanted level 267-555-0100
Restore armour 362-555-0100
Restore health, armor, and ammo 482-555-0100
Song information 948-555-0100
Spawn a Cognoscenti 227-555-0142
Spawn a Comet 227-555-0175
Spawn a Jetmax 938-555-0100
Spawn a Sanchez 625-555-0150
Spawn a SuperGT 227-555-0168
Spawn a Turismo 227-555-01474865550100 Weapons Cheat #1 - Baseball Bat, Handgun, Shotgun, MP-10, M4, Sniper Rifle, RPG & Grenades* (Cleaned the Mean Streets)
4865550150 Weapons Cheat #2 - Knife, Molotovs, Handgun, Shotgun, Uzi, AK47, Sniper Rifle & RPG* (Cleaned the Mean Streets)
2675550100 Removes Wanted Level* (One Man Army, Walk Free)
2675550150 Increase Wanted Level by One
- Spawn A Car
3595550100 Spawn an Annihilator* (One Man Army, Walk Free)
9385550100 Spawn a Jetmax (Boat)
6255550100 Spawn a NRG-900
6255550150 Spawn a Sanchez
ID #370032
Mar 4th 2014 Guest
hey I know how to fly a plane in gta 4 first the number is 107 555 4386the climb on a car and press square forps3 x for xbox there it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ID #361098
Feb 2nd 2014 Guest
can you get a suburban police car
ID #351150
Dec 28th 2013 Guest
cop irritant en ga je dood aan
ID #335247
Dec 27th 2013 Guest
I want to know how to get NOOSE swat truck
ID #334780
Nov 9th 2013 Guest
buffalo police car 2275550100 another one dunno what it is 2275550150
ID #318648
Oct 29th 2013 Guest
how to get swat truck or NOOSE Patriot
ID #316962
Oct 22nd 2013 Guest
ID #315862
Sep 2nd 2013 Guest
Is there a chet for a police bike
ID #307902
Jul 10th 2013 stacks117
well that cop car you us is just really a fbi buffilo and to be a cop you will have to get gta iv for pc and download the cop nod
ID #296359
Jul 8th 2013 Guest
his is what you do youcant tell us how to get a police hummer or police cruiser or a swat truck or car well at least thanks for giveing this cheat code
ID #295861
Jun 8th 2013 Guest
I hope gta 5 is better. And I hope they. Have suv and other cool.cars. and better. Sound
ID #288854
Apr 6th 2013 Guest
how to get a sherif cop car
ID #271118
Feb 17th 2013 Guest
I think if you buy it for your pc you can get the scrept for lcpdfr to go on ptrol
ID #255309
Feb 12th 2013 Guest
Unmarked crown victoria would be awsome
ID #253454
Feb 9th 2013 Guest
thanks guys and girls
ID #252128
Jan 8th 2013 Guest
i dont know why when they made the gta s.a. gta 3 and all 3 of the games on gta 4 why when u get int to a police car or firetruck or ambulance why they didnt give the opion of being tose people in the game or missons for those cars.
ID #239860
Dec 31st 2012 Guest
ID #233218
Dec 29th 2012 Guest
how to get crown vic cop car on ps3 gta 4
ID #231515