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Dragon Ball: Raging Blast

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Online Titles cheat for Dragon Ball: Raging Blast


Online Titles

The following titles are awarded when you complete the corresponding task during online gameplay.

A Wimps:
Lose against Vegeta or Nappa 10 times as Raditz.

Ajssa Protector:
Have fifty wins on Namek.

Astounding Power:
Earn rank A.

Defeat Vegeta 10 times as Broly.

Beauty Loving Warrior:
Use Zarbon 10 times in a row without transforming.

Win 50 times with Life Risking Attack equipped.

Blue Hurricane:
Use Burter 10 times in a row.

Bomb Maniac:
Earn 10 victories as the Explosive Wave.

Budding Pupil:
Battle Piccolo 10 times as Gohan.

Capricious Warrior:
Win 100 battles in cell games stage.

Cool Beauty:
100 wins as Android #18.

Counter Monster:
Execute 5 counters in a battle.

Crane Practitioner:
Win 10 battles as Dodon Ray.

Cruel Wife:
Defeat Krillin 10 times as Android 18.

Cyborg Hunter:
Defeat 100 Androids.

Dark Knight:
Win 100 times in the Cave stage.

Death Chaser:
Execute Vanish 20 times in a battle.

Defending Champion:
Have 50 wins with Champion's Belt equipped.

Dirty Work:
Take 5 Upwards Attacks in a battle.

Earth-Raised Namekian:
Play 10 matches in a row as Piccolo.

Earth-Raised Saiyan:
Play 10 matches in a row as Goku.

Elite Warrior:
Earn 10 victories.

Embarrassment Of The Clan:
Lose 10 Saiyan on Saiyan fights.

Energy Absorber:
Win 10 times by absorbing energy.

Enraged Warrior:
Win 10 battles while in high-tension.

Fireworks Master:
Execute 5 Upwards Attacks in a battle.

Flying Dragon:
Execute two Air Combo in a battle.

Future Warrior:
Defeat Cell (first form), Android #17, and Android #18 as Fighting Teen Trunks.

Galactic Overlord:
Win 100 times as Frieza.

Gentle Beast:
Have 100 wins as Majin Buu.

Ginyu Force Member:
Use ALL members of the Ginyu Force twice, except for Ginyu.

Ginyu Force Member:
Use each Ginyu force character 2 times.

Ginyu Force Vice-Captain:
Defeat ALL the Ginyu Force members besides Captain Ginyu.

God of Gods:
Have 100 wins on Supreme Kai's Planet.

Golden Warrior:
Record 50 victories as Super Saiyan Characters.

Lose 50 times.

Grim Reaper of Justice:
Win 100 battles as Gotenks.

Incomplete Power:
Earn 'G' rank.

Infinite Energy:
Have 10 wins as Android #16, #17, and #18.

Invincible Warrior:
Have 20 victories without a loss.

Iron Wall:
Have 50 wins with Damage Regulator equipped.

Just a Bluff:
Lose 20 times even though you transformed.

Ki Deflecting Monster:
Deflect 20 Ki blasts in a single battle.

King of Destruction:
Perform 5 wall crashes in a single battle.

Legend Killer:
Defeat Super Saiyan characters 100 times.

Legendary Warrior:
Get 100 victorie.

Lightning God:
Win 50 times with Plasma Aura.

Lightning Speed:
Win 3 blow exchanges in a single battle.

Like the Wind:
Perform 5 throw evasions in a single battle.

Little Rascal:
Defeat Goku 10 times as Goten.

Loved by the Goddess:
Have 50 wins with Android #18's Kiss equipped.

Low-Class Warrior:
You have this title at the start of the game.

Majin Killer:
Defeat 100 Majins.

Martial Arts Master:
Win 100 times on the World Tournament stage.

Martial Arts Warrior:
Execute 30 hits in a battle.

Martyred Warrior:
Win 10 times with a self-destruct attack.

Master Instructor:
Battle Gohan 10 times as Piccolo.

Master of the House:
Defeat Android 18 ten times as Krillin.

Mr. Perfect:
Get 10 perfect wins.

Nature Lover:
Win in the Wasteland field without destroying anything.

New Force Captain:
Defeat Ginyu 10 times.

New Generation:
Defeat Vegeta 10 times as Kid Trunks.

Earn 10 perfect losses.

Nothing But A Bluff:
Lose 20 battles despite transforming.

Perfect Form:
Defeat Android #17 and #18 as Cell.

Use each transformation of ALL transforming characters.

Porunga Guardian:
Have 100 wins on Namek.

Preliminary Qualifier:
Record 10 victories in the World Tournament stage.

Prince Of Cruelty:
Execute 5 Knockdown Attacks in one match.

Proud Prince Of The Saiyans:
Play 10 matches in a row as Vegeta.

Psychic Master:
Win 100 times as Chaiotzu and/or Guldo.

Purple Comet:
Use Jeice and Burter 20 times each.

Red Magma:
Use Jeice 10 times in a row.

Red Ribbon Army:
Defeat Goku as Android characters 10 times.

Robot Type:
Have 20 wins with Android #16 and #19.

Saiyan Killer:
Defeat Saiyan Characters 100 times.

Scary Wife:
Defeat Krillin 10 times as Android #18.

Speediest In The Universe:
Vanish 30 times in battle.

Strongest Earthling:
Win 100 battles Human vs. Human.

Strongest In The Other World:
Win 50 battles with Angel Halo equipped.

Strongest Majin:
Win 100 battles Majin vs. Majin.

Stubborn Bastard:
Deflect 5 Super Attacks in one match.

Super Elite Warrior:
Earn 50 victories online.

Super Power:
Win 3 shot exchanges in a single battle.

The Coolest Queen:
Get 100 wins with Videl.

The World's Strongest Warrior:
Earn 500 victories.

Top Pupil:
Battle Piccolo 30 times as Gohan.

Total Amateur:
Lose 10 first round matches in the World Tournament.

Transforming Alien:
Play as a transforming alien character 10 times and win.

Turtle Practitioner:
Earn 10 victories with the Kamehameha.

Ultimate Fighter:
Win 10 times using an Ultimate Attack.

Ultimate Monster:
Have 100 wins as Cell.

Unknown Power:
Earn Rank D.

Warrior Namekian:
Win 30 times as Piccolo.

Warrior of Destruction:
Have 100 wins on Ruined Namek.

Warrior of Light:
Use Solar Flare ten times in a battle.

Warrior on the Brink:
Win 10 times with 1 HP remaining.

Waste of Space:
Earn 100 losses.

Wimpier Than He Thinks:
Lose 3 Shot Exchanges in a battle.

World Champion:
Win fifty times on the World Tournament stage.

World Class Speed:
Execute 10 Vanishing in a battle.

World Tournament Champion:
Win a total of 10 World Tournament Finals.

Worthless Bug:
Have 500 losses.

Worthless Puppet:
Lose 30 matches while playing an android character.

Wussy Warrior:
Earn 10 victories by running out of time.

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