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The Real One hit KO!

Parking Lot brawl
Store a finisher and then get it to flash again so you have two. Drag your opponent by the hair towards the back of JBL's limo. If you don't know how to drag by the hair,here is how:
1.grapple your opponent
2.press "x" and you will strike
3.press the directional button in the direction you want to drag you're opponent
4.when you have your opponent where you want him press"o"
Back to the parking lot brawl. Once you have the mumontem filled again with a finisher already stored,drag him to the back door of JBL's limo and press "o".
The superstar will then put his opponent in the back of the limo and drive the blue truck right into it causing a KO even if it's turned off!


Added 9 Jul 2006, ID #22040, by mluna
Ask.com and get

Season mode(ecw)

To face rob van dam at Wrestlemania,after judgement day jbl will tell you to pick either john cena or rvd. Pick rvd. After the match he will be injured.At the royal rumble, he will be the wwe champion. He will reunite the ecw and will do all kinds of stuff.and then you fight him at wrestlemania

Added 27 Jun 2006, ID #21808, by E_C_W_

Better Roster for GM Mode

When you start a new GM mode before you pick wwe draft or wwe roster push start.This will allow you to turn off superstars (Batista, HHH, Randy Orton, etc..) then choose WWE Draft and choose two superstars so you can have at least one match the first week. Before your matches go to free agency and press start like you were going to get legends and you can now turn on the superstars you turned off. Now just go to your matches for the first week and then the second week sign the superstars you just reactivated the week before.

Added 22 Jun 2006, ID #21713, by mjturf

Win the royal rumble without participating.

Hey people is you're boy ivan and I found this out playing the season mode in raw.

When you get a week from the rumble mr.micmahon calls you into his office.then he talks to you bla, bla, bla.

Then at the end he gives you a choice of which match will decide the rumble spot you're in.its either a triple threat match or an iron man match.

Pick the triple threat match.then participate in the match and get disqualified using any weapon.the after that you go to he pay per view.

Do you see were it says play match skim match or diva.press skip match. Then you automatically win the rumble.

I swear.....if you don't believe me do an exhibition rumble match and pick to go third and then when you come in the rumble press start and exit the match. You will automatically win.

Rate me if it helps you.

Added 13 Jun 2006, ID #21610, by ivanr1307

Name:Paul London
Nick Name:blank
Nick Name Placement:
Announcer Introduction:Paul
Weight Class:Light Heavyweight
Match Tactics:Clean
Head: (0.-25.40,-51)
Eyebrows: (66,-42,0,-8)
Nose: (-34,28,100,-23,-21,-40,0,-10)
Cheek: (10,59,34,-55)
Mouth: (-40,-51,-56,0,48,100,29)
Jaw: (10,19,1,-36,-36,0)
Ear: (-44,0,-55,-44)
Age: (default)
Hair: #40/91 ( 93,50,0 )
Eyes: #8/26 (100,50,48)
Eyebrows: #46/48 (94,50,45,85 )
Lips :#1 (98,50,43,69)
Face Skin: #2
Eyelids #1: (93,50,0 )
Teeth: #1: ( 98,50,50)
Body skin #1(96,48,54)
Body Type
Ripped <-> Thick:-22

Advanced Options:
Head: ( 13,16,0)
Neck: (-8,27,11 )
Chest: (0,-19,-3)
Shoulder: (0.8.0 )
Abdomen: ( 0.21.0)
Waist: ( 0,0)
Arms: (0,-12,0 )
Hands: ( 0,0,0)
Legs: (0.36.38 )
Feet: ( 0,0,0)
Body Hair: # ( none body hair change to hack glove further in formula)
Body Height: 5˜ 10\\\"
Make up:#131/135(96,50,50,100)
Make Up:#45/135 (95,50,50,67)
Make up: #46/135 (95,50,52,100)
Design Pattern simple:150/162(rotate x2,then place underneath the edge of his right eye line going from nose to mouth repeat
same design and place it on left nose to ear..(97,24,69,16)
Tattoo design Letter Japanese #12/14 (1st row symbol liike/ \\\\ place that in the midlle of nose but move it up in between his eyebrows
Tattoo :Pick letter:5/9(3rd column 1),(place 1 in the middle of his nose default size)(97,29,42,37)
Facial Hair:11/25 (95,50,31,9)
Designing the outfit finally:
Pants: (41,58,38)
Tattoo\\\"design/flags\\\" (flag #3 smallest both ways and make them like the picture so it can be the white stripes.\\\"repeat this x3\\\"(53,0,100,75)
Design pattern simple:#3/162(2nd smallest vertical 2nd small horizental and place it on his left leg. (41,50,28,100)
Wristband #1/20 (43,0,100,61)
Glove #1:(40,57,56)
Paul London Initial On Pants: Design Letter #7/18(38,0,42,100) repeat this step for P, L and place it on bottom of his right leg
Kneepads:#14/15 (41,55,48,100) I use extra layer hack for this so I can add 2 type of gloves sorry
Add Pattern Picture #7/144 to right knee pad (0,0,100,100)
Shoes #1/48 (93,0,7)
Shoes Accessories #5/18
A.I. Fighting Style 1:
A.I. Fighting Style 2:
A.I. Fighting Style WWE Superstar: Paul London
Crowd Signs
Sign 1: \\\"
Sign 2: \\\"\\\"
Irish Whip:Often
Diving Moves:Often
Taunt:Less ofton
You can do the same 4 the clothes but in red and pink knee pads or even green and light green knee pads if you wish to.

Added 12 Jun 2006, ID #21572, by Carl Johnson CJ

Easy Royal Rumble in Season Mode

When you are at the Royal Rumble match in Season mode, choose to skip it. After a cut-scene about how the winner of the Rumble switched his entry number, the match will restart. It will now be a Six Man Battle Royal. Your superstar is always included in this Battle Royal, even if his entry number was 1 or 30. This means you don't need to worry about raising up your number in the Ironman or Triple Threat matches.

Added 5 Jun 2006, ID #21487, by O_Steel994

When playing dirty....

When you are playing dirty and you set DQ off try to beat up the referee to get you momentum up.

Added 1 Jun 2006, ID #21432, by blinky junior

Easy wins and easy money!

Go on storymode and then put difficulty on Legend.

Next you need to choose a charchter with an overall of 90 and up.

Last you have to skip all the matches and you will some times win but you wont have an assured win.

This will work trust me, I've done it, my friends, and my uncles.

Added 25 May 2006, ID #21359, by faster154

Reversal Glitch

This is quite a good Glitch that I found.

When you perform a grapple on your opponent from behind (eg masterlock/backdrop) and they reverse it by using a 'Hammerlock' (when they lift your arm and push you) keep pressing L2.

It is important that you press 'L2' because your guy will magically appear to elbow your opponent so that YOU can reverse HIS reversal!! Pretty cool eh!!!

Hope this has helped! Peace out dudes!!!

Added 23 May 2006, ID #21322, by woahoaho

Cheatin in a match

Ok, what you do is when you are in a match, you get on a turnbackle, get on top of it, aim for the referee (make sureyouve got a weapon on the stage) and hit the referee behind him.

This won't always work so be careful.

Added 15 May 2006, ID #21257, by Mikeythecheat

Trophy Guidelines

RAW Season Trophy
Well… this is quite simple to say the least. Just pick a RAW wrestler for your Season Mode character and go though Season Mode. Just make sure you win the Rumble Match and win your match at WrestleMania

SmackDown! Season Trophy
Basically the same as the RAW trophy but this time use a Smack Down! Wrestler. Again make sure you win the Royal Rumble and then the Title match at WrestleMania.

Legend Killer Trophy
To get this, you need to go though season mode and win the Legend Battle Royal.
You CANNOT do this with a CAW though.
I recommend using Triple H. He’s one of the most powerful guys in the game, you should then get thrown into the “Legends Tour” storyline
Go though this until your in a Battle Royal match.
Some of these guys are tough, so stay out of the way until a few have been eliminated. When there’s one guy left, he should be easy pickings, after all you’ve hardly gotton involved and he’s had the crap kicked out of him, so take control and pin the guy to win the match and the trophy

Collect-A-Diva Trophy
To win this one you need to win Trish Stratus’s and Torrie Wilson’s contract, thing is they are both on different shows… which means you’ll have to do a RAW and SmackDown! Season. To get Trish, make sure you don’t play as William Regal, Edge or Christian. Play though the RAW season until the second storyline where you and Eugene will be Tag Champs. Play until Survivor Series and win the Tag Team Ladder match.
To get Torrie, make sure you don’t play as Orlando Jordan, J. B. Layfield or Rob Van Dam. Play on the SmackDown! Season until the first storyline where J. B. Layfield has made Torrie his manager. Play until Vengeance and win the Ironman match.

Undertaker’s Urn
To get this trophy you need to do the “Urning Your Spot” Storyline.
To even get this storyline, you need to make sure you’re on SmackDown! And also make sure you’re not playing as Booker T, Eddie Guerrero, Undertaker or Kurt Angle.
Play the SmackDown! Season until the second storyline. You should get thrown into a storyline where Taker comes out after your matches and attacks your opponent, then you will discover that it was Eddie who’s controlling Taker to send him after your opponents. When Eddie asks you if you want to join him or not as No, this will thrown you into matches against Eddie, and then it will end with Eddie making you face Taker at Survivor Series in a Buried Alive match. You have to beat Taker to get this trophy, when possible use weapons and then lure Taker towards the casket up near the stage, then try and throw Taker into the casket, careful though as Taker is good and will reverse the door a lot.

Bar Brawl Trophy
Carrying on from the “Legend Killer Trophy”
After the Legend Battle Royal, Austin and Mankind will double-team you, after that you will be in the locker room with Torrie Wilson and Christy Hemme, they tell you to do something about it and then you are given a choice: Face Austin in a Bar Brawl match and Mankind in a Parking Lot Brawl later on that night, or Mankind in a Bar Brawl and Austin in a First Blood, choose either as they are basically as hard as each other. Use the environment to your advantage, when they look KO’ed pin them. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose your second match as long as you win the Bar Brawl.

Royal Rumble Trophy
This is quite simple, win the Rumble match!
When you get a choice to fight in an Ironman match or a Triple Threat… well it’s up to you as both are hard. In the Ironman match, it's just one on one and usually with a weak person, it’s not impossible to get 15-0 against your opponent but it is tough.
In the Ironman match, it’s easier to get the number 30 spot, but your opponents are harder, usually because there’s 2 of them and both are, some-what, strong.
Choose your preferred as it will end up the same anyway. When you get to the Rumble match itself, make sure NOT to get thrown out, you may be given a second chance after the match but that makes no difference, it has to be the Rumble match itself or no trophy, but if you have the number 29 or 30 sport or so it shouldn’t be that difficult to win.

Elimination Chamber Trophy
Man this one is tough.
Before you do anything, you have to turn the computer difficulty to Legend.
From there, set up and Normal Elimination Chamber match.
Choose somebody with high Endurance and high Strength as there the most important things for this match.
Now, you could do the honest, decent way of completing this to get the trophy.
But who wants to do that? Here’s a useful tip.
Create 5 CAW’s, make them all Diva weights. It doesn’t matter what they look like or what their moves are as long as they’re Diva weights.
Do not tamper with their attributes, leave them all at default (I think that’s 32 overall)
If you’ve chosen somebody like Triple H or Hogan 80’s then this match should be a walk in the park but do make sure you enter as number 1 or 2.
For the people who are reading this and thinking “THAT’S CHEATING!” then your right it is… in that case I have a special walk though for you.
Choose to fight against Jimmy Hart, Scotty 2 Hotty, Steven Richards, Charlie Haas and Mark Jindrak. They’re all the weakest people in the game.
Make sure you start as either number 1 or 2. Fight anybody, but I recommend you start off against Jimmy Hart.
When the match starts, try to keep on offence. Jimmy may be the weakest, but it's on Legend difficult and he’ll become pretty good. When another wrestler enters the ring, try and escape and let the other 2 wrestlers fight it out. If they do come after you run away, taunt and get your special meter up and store a finisher. Keep doing this no matter how many people enter the ring. If somebody hits their finisher, or somebody looks Knocked Out, try and steal the win and eliminate them. After all you can only get this trophy by YOU eliminating all of your opponents, but be careful as the computer breaks up pins a lot. Now, when it’s just down to 2 of you, it should be that hard (if you’ve been following my steps) you shouldn’t have a scratch on you and your opponent should be pretty beaten down. Try to make them “groggy” and then nail them with your finisher that you’ve kept stored. You should be able to get the 1,2,3… if not. Try and stay on offence (I recommend using the Chamber itself as a weapon as it cause’s a load of damage)
Once you pin the last guy you’ll get this extremely hard trophy.

Challenge Mode Amateur Trophy
To do this, just complete all the Amateur challenges. (I’ll post that in a bit)
If you feel like cheating use a second controller!

Challenge Mode Rising Star Trophy
Just complete the Rising Star Challenges, use a second controller if you need to

Challenge Mode WWE Superstar Trophy
Complete all of the Superstar challenges, if you find it difficult use a second controller

Challenge Mode Legend Trophy
Beat all Legend Challenges. Again if you get stuck feel free to use a second controller

WWE Tough Enough Challenge
To do this you have to create CAW and win 10 matches with him/her.
You can complete this challenge easily if you take a CAW into season mode. Also you don’t have to win 10 matches in a row; you just need to beat anybody in any kind of match and must win.

100 Wins Trophy
You can guess from the name on what you have to do.
Yes just win 100 matches, it doesn’t matter what the match type is as long as you win it.
Now you may have heard rumours, or experienced this yourself “I didn’t get my 100 wins trophy after 100 wins” well if you’ve lost a match before of course you didn’t.
If you’ve never lost a match before then you’ll get the trophy on your 100th win
BUT if you have lost a match, 7 in this example. Then when you get your 100th win you STILL won’t get the trophy… reason? The game has deducted the number of losses from your number of wins… so in this case the game has said you’ve only got 93 wins, therefore you must win 107 matches to get that 100 win’s trophy.
Am I going to fast? Good… just hope you understood, that’s all.

Match Veteran Trophy
One of the most time consuming trophies in the game.
To get this trophy you MUST have competed AT LEAST ONCE in every match type, not that you must have won, just participated in.
Below is a list of the matches you must participate in
Tag Team
Triple Threat
Fatal 4 Way
Royal Rumble
3 Stages Of Hell
Backstage Brawl
Battle Royal
Buried Alive Match
Elimination Chamber
First Blood
Fulfil Your Fantasy
Hell In A Cell
Last Man Standing
Slobber Knocker
Special Referee
Steel Cage
It doesn’t matter if you choose something like Tornado Tag TLC or Fatal 4 Way Cage as it will still count.

Courtesy of LPD and myself.

Added 1 May 2006, ID #21044, by annefranman52

Drag Opponent by the hair!

When the opponent is on the floor, hold down circle to drag them. Now let go and repeat but in a direction, you will drag the opponent by the hair.

Added 1 May 2006, ID #21037, by annefranman52


For all of the challenges you can play as two player if you are playing by yourself and this is true because I tried it and completed all of them.

Added 25 Apr 2006, ID #20950, by ian hackett

how to get wrestlemanias and other stuff

To get wrestle mania 21 and ecw one night stand you have to win ameter and rising star challange mode to get wrestle mania 9 win superstar challange to get hardcore and million doller belt win legend mode also it is way easier to beat these modes to play 2 player or 4 player

Added 25 Apr 2006, ID #20943, by bevin is cool

Easy Win

Quite simple. Knock the referee down, and go ghet a weapon. Instead of hitting your opponent while the referee is down, give your opponent the weapon. When the ref revives, the opponent will hit you with it and be disqualified.

Note: This only works if you're against a heel.

Added 22 Apr 2006, ID #20894, by annefranman52

Extra wepon

Hey dudes i've found a new wepon you can use,on a parking lot brawl go to the front of JBL's limo and press square if done correctly you should yank of the horns of his limo


Added 21 Apr 2006, ID #20884, by L-E-E

Simple KO

To do a simple KO, it don't work with all of them I prefer to use carlito, weaken your opponent by at least 1 finisher, sit them upright and press 0 and up and it should go into a little minigame.


Added 19 Apr 2006, ID #20841, by deangoodsell

An easy way to do gm mode is to use 2 controllers in 2 player mode on it.

Added 13 Apr 2006, ID #20705, by kane the monster

Caws for The Hulk

Name:The Hulk
Hud name:The Hulk
Announcer:any (i chose the monster)
Hometown:anywhere(i chose parts unkown)
Voice:any(i chose 3)

Hair:1 100,73,25
Eyes:22 100,100,42
Eyebrows:25 95,50,50,38
Lips:28 73,88,16,100


Head:all 100
Chest:ALL 100
Shoulder:ALL 100
Adbomen:ALL 100
Waist:ALL 100
Arms:ALL 100
Hands:ALL 100
Legs:ALL 100
Feet:ALL 100
Body skin:8

Head(all of these blpend in)
Make up:43/135
Make up:132/135
Make up:116/135
Make up :117/135
Make up:119/135
Make up:115/135
Torso(u don't have to have it)
Accessories:38 100,100,100,59
Pants:17 28,100,18
FIGHTING STYLE(S)Any (i chose batista because he is aggresive)
Irish whip:less
Diving moves:often

Added 11 Apr 2006, ID #20677, by bling king

EASY Royle Rumble Win

If you want to win the royle rumble with ease simply be andre the giant and throw everyone out.But before you start take undertaker,kane and all the other super heavyweights because you wont be able to pick them up.

Added 7 Apr 2006, ID #20630, by bradz 6197
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