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Follow the dark path or use the light


Hero Difficulty Walkthrough

by stratifier

Medal Of Honor - European Assault (Hero Difficulty) v1.1 [PS PAL Version]

This document may not be copied or distributed in parts or as a whole. It may
only be printed or saved for personal use. Any other usage requires the
permission of the author, which may be sought from the e-mail address below.
Should you find this file on a location other than GameFAQs or SuperCheats, then
please use the same address to contact me.

Contact Address:
quadvod (at) gmail (dot) com

This walkthrough will guide you through each of the eleven missions of the game
on hero difficluty. The guide can of course be used for easier difficulties,
but some parts may be somewhat redundant due to the fact that there will be
easier and less time consuming routes available.

Mission Search Tags:
Operation Chariot             M01
Raid On St. Nazaire           M02
Lights Out In The Port City   M03
Escape At Dawn                M04

Operation: Blindfold          M05
Operation: V2 Silence         M06

Road To Stalingrad            M07
Climbing Mamayev Hill         M08

Mission To Rocherath          M09
Farmhouse Liberation          M10
Operation: Virus House        M11

Mission Guides:
Operation Chariot     M01
Use this mission as a training exercise to see whether you're up to the task
of attempting this game on this diffculty. You should hopefully be able to 
clear this mission without taking a single hit. The mission itself is so linear
and straightforward that I've chosen not to go through the motions of a
walkthrough, because it simply doesn't require one. The only tip I'll give is
to begin by shooting the sniper on the tower. The guide does get a bit more
detailed after this, honest!

Raid On St. Nazaire     M02
i. Destroy Shore Gun:
Once the battle begins, head to the right flank towards the shore gun. Stop at
the cube of 4x4 crates that have an electricity pole to their immediate right.
Lean out to the right and kill the two white vested men behind the window
ahead of you. Run to the right corner of that building once it's clear, and
duck behind the crates there. Stick your head out to make sure the flank is
clear, and head to the crates on the right beside the water (just before the
pier that runs out into the sea). The warnings for the enemy on the right will
sound out; ignore them for now and concentrate on clearing the path to the gun
ahead of you. Once it's clear, jump up on the crate ahead of you and
immediately duck down. Stick your head up to take out the two white-vests on
the pier, and continue forward to the crates behind them. Jump on the crate and
aim for the right of the crates ahead. An enemy soldier will stick his head out
right into your sights. Kill him and send your squad in behind the crates to
take out the other enemy soldier. Run to the end to pick up the grenades, along
with any dropped ammo. Return back to the shore gun and, making sure that there
are no enemy soldiers left, approach it and set the charge. Fall back from it 
slightly and grab the revive once it explodes.

ii & iii. Eliminate Klaus Mueller & Find V2 Rocket Fuel Specifications:
Dart down into the tunnel and direct your squad directly forward towards the
machine-gunner while you duck into the left. For this part of the level you
need to stay completely behind your squad and let them take care of the enemy.
The reason is that there are a couple of enemy soldiers that charge around
corners right at you leaving you virtually defenceless bar a lucky head shot.
Help your squad by throwing a grenade into the window slit without the machine
gun. You will also need to kill the soldier at the end of the corridor opposite
said window slit: just lean around the corner and fire when he sticks his head
out. When all is clear, direct your squad to the corner of the two window
slits (you don't want them to charge in against the forthcoming nemesis as it's
all too easy for them to die). Next, run around the corner and, once the
mission has been triggered, fall back again. Lean around the corner and target
the nemesis' head as he looks around his corner. Allow yourself to be cautious
here - there's no rush to kill him so don't take any needless risks. Never fire
more than five bullets at once, duck back in regardless of whether you hit him
or not and repeat. Sometimes it is difficult to see his head through the
machine-gun's scope, so aim a little bit lower (the machine-gun will shoot
higher due to recoil to compensate for this). Listen out for grenades too,
although they are rare. Once he has been killed move forwards, using the pillar
to protect you from the soldier behind the door to your left. Send your squad
in to the machine-gun where the nemesis was shooting you from, and now turn 
your attention to the soldier behind the door. You should be parallel with him
now, both of you just seperated by a wall. Aim at the right edge of the doorway
with your machine-gun and then switch to your grenades. Cook it for a couple of
seconds and then throw it against the wall so it rebounds towards the enemy
soldier. Alternatively, disregard all that and just send your squad in. Head
inside to grab the plans once the room is clear. Your squad should by now have
cleared most of the corridor ahead. There may be one enemy soldier behind the
crates on the left: a nicely cooked grenade should deal with him.

iv. Locate And Destroy Anti-Aircraft Gun:
Exit the tunnel the same way that you came in (the other exit pops you up right
in the middle of open ground and bypasses an easy revive), and work your way to
the crates that are just beside the entrance to the building where you killed
the two white-vests at the beginning of the level. Send your squad in to the
building and listen out to make sure that they kill the enemy soldier taking
cover in there. Next, send the squad forward to kill the two soldiers that are
ahead and to the left of your postion behind the crates. Once they've been
dealt with, head to the front corner of the white-vests building and let your
allies (the non-controllable soldiers) take care of the enemies on the roof.
Head inside the building on which the AA gun lays, and direct your squad to
the left crate stack (you just want them out of your field of vision here).
Move to the right of the stairwell entrance and lean out to target the top
left of the stairs. An enemy soldier will lean into view. Kill him and move up
the stairs. Turn around and lean out to target the top right of the stairs.
Again, a soldier will lean into view. Repeat this manoeuvre for a third time
on the left side of the stairs, and then send your squad out onto the rooftop
to clear it. Move them next to the crates on the walkway that leads off the
roof, and switch your M1 Thompson for the Karbiner. Place the charge on the AA
gun and quickly duck behind the crates that are between the doomed gun and the
stairs (position yourself so that you're away from the AA gun but also in
suitable cover from the walkway). Pop your head above cover to help your squad
with the enemy counter-attack. Once dealt with, grab the revive and head down
the stairs.

v. Capture German Bunker:
Exit the AA gun building, going back towards the HMS Campbeltown, and swing
around to the edge of the left flank. Move inside the building, going down the
ramp towards the ammo, ducking into cover just before you reach it. The German
soldiers will start retreating. Look up from cover and you should be able to
make out the silhouettes of two enemy soldiers. Shoot them both, as well as the
soldier that replaces them. To their left, just under the spotlight, should be
another enemy soldier. After killing him, send your squad out to deal with any
leftover enemy soldiers to the right of your position. Now make your way back
to the rooftop with the AA gun. There is one last soldier who is well placed at
the end of the walkway, and who is difficult to kill from below. Move onto the
right hand side of the walkway and egde forwards. At the very end, through the
smoke, you should be able to make out the figure of an enemy soldier with your
rifle. Kill him and move down towards his position. Go down the steps and up
another set onto a new walkway. Go towards the end of it, where it should
provide you with a perfect view of the rear of the enemy bunker. Shoot the four
or five soldiers around the stack of pipes. There will be one enemy solider at
the very rear of the bunker who is just out of your aim. Get off the walkway
by the same set of stairs which you got on, and head down underneath it.
Once you're parallel with the bunker, move up beside it and send your squad in
to deal with the partially hidden soldier and all the rest of the soldiers
inside. When the gunfire dies down, run in to grab the revive.

vi. Destroy Fuel Tank:
Next is the toughest bit of the mission. After grabbing the revive, crouch and
head back towards the entrance of the bunker. Stick your head above the wall
that looks down on the bunker's tunnel and aim at the small alcove on the
right. An enemy soldier will lean into your view. After killing him, send your
squad down the corridor and into the smaller one that leads out into the
machine-gun corridor. Move up beside your squad and quickly fall back (alone)
towards the alcove. Sometimes this triggers an enemy soldier to rush at you,
which should cause no problem to your squad. If it sounds like nobody has
rushed them, instead lob a grenade from the adjoining corridor off the wall to
the left of the crates and back into the center. Next, shoot the barrel and
once it explodes move your squad up to the crates to the right of it. If the
machine-gun catches one of your squad and has him pinned down (hitting him),
then you have to try and save him. Luckily the gunner won't change his line of
fire so it shouldn't prove too difficult. If your men make it to the crates
safely, then follow them. Next, send them to the alcove on the right. One of
them will almost certainly get pinned down here by the machine gun, which will
give you the opportunity to take him out without getting hit. If they make it
to the alcove safely, just send them out into the open until one of them either
gets pinned or they kill the gunner themselves. When he has been killed, move
your men forwards to the gun to flush out another enemy soldier. Approach the
side of the machine-gun window and fire down the corridor at the barrels to
clear the next room. Direct your squad to the window slit just before the room,
don't let them enter it. The reason is because it is very possible for them to
get killed up ahead. An enemy soldier sits atop the stairs in this room,
looking down on you. If you haven't died yet then your adrenaline should now
be full. Use it to storm the stairs and kill the soldier. Turn right and direct
your squad to the crates in the middle of the room. Keep your head up above the
stairs while your adrenaline drops in the hope of killing another enemy
soldier, but be sure to be downstairs once it has depleted. If you don't have
any adrenaline, then try and kill the soldier at the top of the stairs by
strafing left and firing upwards before strafing right. Should he get you
first, then use the brief moment of invincibilty when you respawn to take him
out and direct your squad to the crates. Once the two enemy soldiers by the
crates have been dealt with, enemy reinforcements will arrive one by one. Move
your squad to the elevated position by the tanks left of the crates. Here they
will be in a decent position to take out the enemy once they come down the
stairs. As they are dealing with them, keep your head down on the stairs.

When you hear no more gunfire, advance up the stairs and onto the walkway, from
where the reinforcements were coming from. Edge forwards until you can see a
crate on top of a crate in the next room. Cook a grenade and throw it to the
right of the crate so that it bounces off the wall to kill at least one enemy
soldier. Lean out to kill the other soldier behind the table if he survives
the grenade. Next, gently toss a well-cooked grenade to the left of the crates
to the left of the table to kill the last soldier in the room. Dash to the
said crates, and go prone. Edge out to your right so that you're under the
table, looking out the window. You should have a view of the sniper's legs, so
shoot them. Once he's dead, stick your head out the doorway and shoot one of
the barrels so that it burns. Two enemy soldiers will emerge so duck back
inside and let the barrel take care of them. Now send your squad down to the
crates that the two recently deceased enemy soldiers hid behind. Once you hear
shooting, head back upstairs and go to the left window and shoot the barrels
below. With the path to the fuel tank now clear, cross the stairs over to it
and start ascending the spiral steps. Once you reach the platform here, edge
out onto the walkway. Take a close look at the wall to your right until you're
beside a very black part. Edge forward, crouched, with great caution: lean out
after every step to try and target the enemy soldier on the platform across
from you. You wil probably be fired upon before you see him. Keep ducking out
every five seconds or so, but try to line up a shot (don't actually try and
shoot). Lean out to see how much you're off target, duck back in and
recalibrate, and then lean out again. When you've acquired the target, fire
away (even if sparks fly your bulets will still be hitting their target.
Reload after every kill, and stay in the exact same position. After four kills,
edge forward around one little corner and target the soldier crouched in the
open on the platform across from you. You can use your machine-gun here if low
on rifle ammo (target with the rifle, switch, fire short bursts and use your
adrenaline bar to see when he's been killed). After three or four kills, set
the bomb and move back down towards the bunker.

vii. Return To HMS Campbeltown:
Head back the way you came in, down the right flank. Move behind the middle
pillar that holds the walkway, and send your squad to the pillar in front. An
enemy soldier will dart across the AA gun walkway and down the stairs, where
your men should take care of him. Run up the stairs onto the AA walkway and
move three quarters of the way down, which should put you in a position
overlooking the oncoming train. From your higher ground, shoot the four
soldiers who stray out in the open after disembarking the train (they shouldn't
even return fire). Once they've been dealt with, go prone and shoot anything
below you. Most of the enemy is to your left (when facing the train). Next make
your way to the now defunct AA gun. Move to its right and aim down at the
three soldiers crouched behind the iron girder. Once they've been killed, you
should be safe to make your way back to the boat. As ever, move your squad
ahead first to ensure that the route is clear.

Lights Out In The Port City     M03
i. Eliminate German Infantry Unit
Move though the hole in the wall and fall back when you hear the cry of "Christ,
here they come!". Move back to the other, impassable hole in the wall and
crouch. Get into a position whereby in the center of the screen there will be
a vertical grey bar dropping from the ceiling (with a Nazi flag hanging to its
left). From here, you will have a perfect view of a 'sweet spot', a place
where once you shoot an enemy soldier, two or three will replace him one by
one. You should be able to get a couple of head-shots here with the accurate M1
Garand. Once the initial wave has been repelled, move up to the wall on the
right with the broken window. From here, your only objective is to take out the
machine gunner. To aim, use the same tactic as you did for the soldiers on the
fuel tank platform in the previous mission: aim, duck into cover, recalibrate,
aim again etc. The long distance between you and the gunner should ensure that
you don't get hit. Once he's been taken care of, advance to the front right
corner of the bunker. Kill two soldiers through the window slits and send your
squad to the far side of the bunker to kill the remnants of the infantry unit.
Go forward to grab any dropped ammo, then head back and take the revive.

ii. Destroy 3 V2 Rocket Hulls
Head to the door on your left and place the explosives on it. Blow the door,
but don't go through it. Instead, head to the left to the pile of wood. Stay to
the right of the pile and you should be able to pick off two enemy soldiers
through a gap in the wood, from a semi-standing position. Go to the left side of
the wood and pick off two more diagonally to your right. Go through the blown
up door and the one in front of it to trigger the V2 Hull mission. Fall back
again through the blown up door, but this time head to the right. As you turn
go past the corner, go prone and zoom with your M1 Garand. You should be able
to see the feet of a soldier. Switch to your machine gun and fire at his feet
in short bursts to hit him in the most effective way. Once he drops, move as
far to the right as possible. Between the two carriages will be a gap with a
crate visible. Toss a well cooked grenade onto it to take out another soldier.
Now go through the doors and move to the crates just ahead of you to the right.
Hop up onto the lower of the crates and aim towards the top left of the
factory take out two enemy soldiers (you might want to shoot a V2 hull down
for a better view). When they're dead, head towards the right of the factory
entrance while directing your squad to the revive. From there, they should be
able to deal with the two soldiers who run to the crates just behind it (if
not, lean out to help them). Once they've been dealt with, head forwards and
get the revive.

iii. Locate And Destroy German U-Boat
Move up the stairs to the left corner and send your squad to the right (also
upstairs). This will draw the opposite building's machine-gunner's fire and
allow you to lean out of cover for an easy kill (the machine gunner to your
lower right should be just as easy if he's still alive). Head downstairs and go
through the door that your allies kick in, then retreat back outside it again
(you should be just beside it, facing the right of the room). Shoot the enemy
soldier that leans into view in the doorway and direct your squad to the window
on the bottom floor. Cover the top floor - there will usually be two enemy
soldiers up there but your allies often take them out themselves. Go to the
exit of the building and move through it far enough so that your allies also
run through it. Once they do, retreat back to the piece of ground that lies
between the building with the kicked in door and the V2 hull factory. Swing
around to the left (of the kicked in door building) and you will completely
ambush four or five enemy soldiers aiming in the opposite direction at your
allies. After killing them, have your squad fall back into cover as they mostly
just get in your way for the next part. Use the pillar a bit behind the barbed
wire as cover (you should be behind the electricity pole and overlooking the
sea). From here you'll be in a great position to take out the reinforcements
that head to the center. You'll now just be left with those on the right flank. 

Head back through the building with the kicked in door and send your squad out
to deal with them. Once they've killed the first two, move up to the first pile
of wood and send you squad ahead to the second. This will get the allies to
cover the left flank and between you you should deal with the reinforcements
down this flank. Once clear, move up the right flank to the last carriage. Run
up to the high point of the ramp (don't go up it, go beside it so that you are
at waist height to its heighest point). This will give you a prefect view of
the machine gunner who shouldn't be able to react in time before you pick him
off. Now go up the ramp and into the carriage and look across. Two enemy
soldiers can easily be picked off as they're too busy shooting at your allies
down the other flank. Head into the carriage beside you and switch machine
guns, and then move across the dock to trigger the U-Boat mission. Move up to
the ramp nearest the U-Boat, and send your squad down it in the direction of
the base of the crane to kill the enemy soldier stationed there. Next send them
past the other ramp and into the crates there to kill another soldier. Bring
them back and move them onto the stretch of deck that leads out to the U-Boat
to take out another two enemy soldiers. Now the dock is clear, so set the
charges (leaving the middle one until last) and go grab the M1 Garand ammo
behind the crates (behind the ramp you descended) while you wait for the timer
to tick down. Grab the revive once the U-Boat explodes and head back to the
last machine-gun position that you secured.

iv & v. Eliminate Horst Brenner & Uncover V2 Rocket Equipment Blueprint
Move inside the building and crouch by the window. Position yourself so that
you're to the left of the doorway that leads to the power station. Pop up and
kill a soldier to the right of said doorway, between the two piles of wood.
Move to the exit of the building and immediately fall back again behind the
window (this should trigger the machine-gunner). Deal with the machine-gun as
you did at the beginning of the level. Stay in the same aiming position and
take out the five or six replacement gunners that follow. Once they've all been
killed, send your squad out of the building to gain a foothold on the
battlefield (that'll be signalled by your allies running out to join them).
Follow them and go right. Hide behind the pile of wood and send your men
further up the same flank. When the two enemy soldiers here have been killed,
head forwards on the far right. Leap over the small stack of wood and go
forward a couple of steps. Look to your left and you'll spot two enemy soldiers
exposed and aiming forwards, not at you. Dispatch them and head up the stairs
and crouch down on the opposite side of the machine gun. Hit L3 to call your
squad towards you and let them deal with the two soldiers ahead of you by the
crates (don't send them into the building though). Move forwards once they've
done their job to trigger the emergence of the nemesis, and fall back with your
men to the left. Wait for about one minute to ensure that the nemesis has
ducked into the upstairs room out of the way, and send your men forwards to
the crates just inside the building. This will draw the fire of the enemy
soldier located just in front of the nemesis' room (behind one of the panels on
the walkway), giving you an easy kill. Direct your squad into the room below
the nemesis and go halfway up the stairs. One by one, throw your grenades at
him. Head back to the room that your squad is in to gather more grenades, then
repeat the process. Hopefully you'll have enough to kill him with. If you
don't, use your adrenaline to rush in and kill him. If you've no adrenaline,
send your squad in. If your squad's health is low (at least two are in red),
then, very cautiously, move up the stairs until you have a view of his head and
shoot it repeatedly. Once he's dead, run in and take the blueprints.

vi. Destroy Power Station
Head back down the stairs towards the other stairs and send your squad down
them. Go about one quarter of the way down them yourself and go prone, facing
right. Kill the enemy soldier that you overlook and join your squad at the
bottom. Send them further down the left of the room. Once they kill the next
emerging enemy soldier, send them around the corner. Head to the corner
yourself to trigger the next enemies. Once your squad deal with the first
soldier, send them ahead to kill the second, who is positioned right on the
corner of the corridor leading to the generator room. Once he's dead, send
your squad forward again to deal with another two soldiers in the
aforementioned corridor. Now head to the doorway of the generator room. Across
the walkway on the left of the far doorway is an enemy soldier. Do the usual
targeting routine and hold your aim once you've killed him to kill his
replacement. Head across the walkway and go down the stairs to the left of the
fence. Send your men into the room ahead of you and now go to the right of the
fence. Two enemy soldiers will emerge from behind the generator room to be
cut down by your squad. Now head to the entrance of the generator room. Go in
and immediately retreat to your left as your entrance triggers the emergence of
two enemy soldiers who will run in from above on the walkway. The first is
located just above the generator (when leaning in from the left side of the
room entrance). Once you kill him, duck back into cover and wait fifteen
seconds. Emerge again to kill his replacement, who should be positioned in the
same spot. The other enemy soldier is located diagonally across from the other.
You may need to fire at him multiple times due to the walkway blocking some of
your shots. Now that the room is clear, start setting the charges, leaving the
one closest to the doorway last. Head back upstairs to the walkway and go to
the left side of the entrance. Further ahead on the left of the opposite
doorway is an enemy soldier. Once you've dispatched him, move halfway up the
walkway and send your squad forward and to the right. There will be an
annoyingly positioned soldier behind the crate on the corner: lean out from
the doorway and pepper his position with gunfire while sending your squad
forward, who should be able to deal with both him and his replacement. Now head
back upstairs and let your allies deal with the counter-attack if you (or your
squad) are low on health. If not, crawl forward to the machine gun and lean out
to its right. You should just about be able to make out an enemy soldier. Kill
him, and then direct your squad left and right to mop up any other resistance.
Once the gunfire goes quiet, move forward and hit the plunger. (The end of this
level provides one of the best places for an adrenaline rush if you're feeling

Escape At Dawn     M04
i. Destroy Machine-gun Nest
Head out and enter the main street to trigger the enemy's attack. Don't bother
trying to hit the fleeing soldiers, instead position yourself at the near corner
of the street and aim diagonally across to the crates, to which an enemy soldier
will advance. Kill him and move down the street (on the same side) to the steps.
From here, rise above cover and aim for the enemy soldier behind the crates (one
of the NPC soldiers may obscure your view here). Next, lean out to the left and
pick off the soldier in the window. Move forwards to the crates and you should
be able to pick off his replacement. The area should now be clear and the NPCs
will all pile into the house. Send your squad upstairs to take out a very
awkwardly placed soldier and swap the Thompson for the MP40.

Move out of the house and into the side-street. Aim your MP40 at the window
above and advance steadily, taking out the enemy soldier as soon as he emerges.
Go out onto the main street and advance up the right flank. Use the cart as
cover when the enemy soldier falls back. Advance to just before the street lamp
and aim diagonally across to take out another soldier. Edge forwards again, and
send your squad into the doorway to your left. Use their advance as a diversion
and lean out to your left to snipe the enemy soldiers hiding behind the crates
ahead. Head across to your squad and go upstairs. Take out the soldier darting
across the corridor (if you miss just send your squad after him). Advance down
the hallway and send your squad into the right room. Go prone and follow them
in, heading to the corner beside the window that is opposite the room's
entrance. Face forwards (or up the street) and stand. This should give you a
great view of an enemy soldier below.

Head back out of the building to the main street and advance up the right flank.
Send your squad out to the opening between the crates and let them take care of
the enemy soldiers (usually one on the left and two on the right). Send your
squad into the machine-gun house to clear it and once safe, grab the revive

ii. Eliminate Panzer Tank
Meet up with the other squad and dart down the street. Duck in to the left and
head up the stairs. At the top, go to the wall just to your right. Turn around
and send your squad downstairs as otherwise they'll only get in the way. Lean
out to the right and pick off the enemy soldier in the open window across from
you. Edge out of cover and take out the machine-gunner to your right (if the
NPCs already haven't). Next use the 'V' in the wall ahead to take out the enemy
soldier in the other open window to the left (remain back from the 'V' wall).
Move forwards to the window in the concrete and from its left look out and kill
the two soldiers visible below the machine-gunner's position. Peek above the
wall and kill the soldier in the roofless building to your right, and his
replacement. Take out any remaining soldiers below, but keep an eye on the open
windows. Once the soldiers reappear in them, fall back to the wall near the
stairs and repeat the same tactic to deal with each, and their replacements.
Note that the left-hand gunner is one to the left of the original window. Once
the windows have been cleared, the NPCs will advance and blow the doors off the
building across from you. Head downstairs and grab your cowardly but healthy
squad and head across to the aforementioned building. Send your squad ahead of
you into every room from here until the building where the airstrike on the
Panzer occurs.

iii. Eliminate Erich Koster
Upstairs in the Panzer building, move to the window in the left corner and,
crouching, shoot the two soldiers upstairs across from you. Try not to, er,
'crouch upwards' too much as you will make yourself visible to two soldiers
below you, hiding behind a wall. Aim for them next, and then crawl towards the
revive. Grab it and from a nearby window take out the machine-gunner across from
you. Head downstairs and run across the street to the room on the left, jumping
the crates and using the truck as cover. Order your squad in here out of harm's
way and wait until the NPCs take care of the enemy. When the gunfire dies down,
move from the back room to the front one and start side-stepping your way up the
stairs, while keeping an eye on the church's entrance. As soon as you see the
enemy appear, head back down and return to the back room until the NPCs again
take care of them (if you get bored waiting there's a window beside the back
room's original entrance that provides ample sniping opportunities).

Head to the right of the church's entrance and direct your squad to the very
right, out of the action for now. Go prone and lie on the first step outside of
the church. Edge to your left so that you can only see the left side of the
piece of rubble that is directly inside the church. There should be an enemy
soldier hiding on this side so pick him off once he emerges. Send your squad
towards the rubble and they should take care of the remaining two soldiers
behind it. Move into the church yourself and head left to the second pillar.
Look out from its left and take out the enemy soldier in the center (under the
red flag). Advance to the third pillar and the NPCs will advance with you, so
stay in cover on the left until the strong gunfire dies down. By now the nemesis
will have appeared. Move to the pillar's right and peek out to have a shot at
him up behind the altar. After the initial shot it becomes easy as he usually
just ducks and peeks out from the exact same position again. Fall back to the
pillar's left if he manages to launch any grenades but it should be a relatively
straightforward battle.

iv & v. Destroy Radio Tower & Obtain North African Shipping Manifest
Head across the church and blow up the radar tower. Grab the revive and head
back across to the left flank and move forwards to the altar to grab the
documents. Use your squad to take care of the remaining enemies at the rear of
the church, supporting them with your grenades if necessary.

vi. Escape St. Nazaire
Assuming you haven't died recently your adrenaline should be full. Switch to the
MP40 and leave the church. Grab the grenades to your right and head up that
flank. As soon as the first enemy soldier emerges, hit the adrenaline and take
out all four soldiers (two on each side). Only once they're dead can your
attention switch to the tank. Stay at its rear and drop cooked grenades from
behind and from the flanks. Always be on the move, going from garden to garden
to avoid its machine-gun.

If you don't have any adrenaline, use the buildings as cover and snipe the
soldiers as quickly as possible. Note that there is no use charging them with
your MP40 with a view to taking advantage of the two or three seconds of
invulnerability that you gain once you respawn, as you are always respawned
back at the church's exit.

Operation: Blindfold     M05
i. Destroy Panzer Tank In Ruins:
Head forwards and take the right path, then climb up onto the piece of land on
the first left, from where an NPC will be firing. Edge ahead of him and lay
prone between the rock and tuft of grass and aim at the tank. There should be
two enemy soldiers ahead of it; snipe them and their replacements. Scroll to
the left of the village and you'll see a wall with a soldier behind it, peeking
out from both the left and right. Kill him and his replacements. Look further
to your left away from the village and you should see two grey uniformed
soldiers hiding behind a wall, firing to the right. Snipe them and jump down to
get any ammo that they may have dropped. Double back to the right flank to
scavange any ammo that the NPCs may have dropped when they got hit by the
tank. Move up towards the village, but stay clear of the extreme right flank as
an enemy soldier is wandering about (he heads into the village as you advance).
Throw three grenades over the wall to cripple, but not destroy, the tank. Peek
into the village and blast away any of the enemy soldiers that your squad
hasn't killed. To kill the soldier behind the tank, go prone and shoot his
feet by the edge of the tank's tracks. Go into the village and grab the
grenades (crouched) before finishing off the tank from outside the village

ii. Acquire Tiger Tank Operations Manual:
Grab the revive and head towards the MP40 corner of the village (the
bottom-right of the village, facing the trench). Exit the back of the MP40 room
and aim diagonally across the village where you can see an enemy soldier
(usually just his arm). If he's not visible then he may have been killed by
your squad earlier, but throw a grenade into this top-left room to be sure).
Side-step to your left until you have a view of the machine-gunner covering the
trench's right flank. Try to take him and his replacements out with headshots
to bump up your adrenaline (it should be easy seeing as they won't be shooting
at you). Finally, send your squad in to the room to the left of the well to
clear the village. Now it's time to head for the trench. If your adrenaline is
still not full, go to the top-right room in the village and snipe the
machine-gunner (and his replacements) covering the left flank via the left
"window" in the ruins. Swap your Enfield for the MP40 and head up the right
flank. Run towards the right opening in the trench and hit your adrenaline as
soon as the big explosion occurs. Get into the right bunker as quickly as
possible, while spraying the trench with machine-gun fire. Always stay moving
towards the bunker, any shooting at enemy soldiers should be done whilst moving
backwards towards it (the bunker). An enemy soldier will greet you in the
bunker but you should still have a bit of adrenaline left. Once inside,
position your squad to the edge of the bunker, mainly to just stay out of the
way. Move down to the foot of the slope, shotgun equipped, and lean out so that
you're about half-exposed. Blast away at the enemy soldier right in front of
you and duck back in. Repeat for his three replacements and move into the
tunnel to the second pillar on the left. Send your squad ahead to clear the
rest of the tunnel (make sure they don't miss the guy in the room where the
documents are). Keep moving up, going diagonally from cover to cover while
sending them forwards until there's no more gunfire. If you didn't kill him
earlier, throw a grenade up the slope to take out the machine-gunner in the
other bunker. Double back down the tunnel, grabbing the documents along the

iii. Sabotage German Radar Dish:
Use you squad to clear the rest of the trench, similar as to how you cleared
the tunnel below (listen out for grenades here). Don't venture down to the
other bunker, as the machine-gunner up by the radar station will emerge and
pin you down. If you're running low on Enfield rounds (if you've less than a
clip), grab some ammo from the crates (drop the Shotgun) beside the Tiger tanks
hangar. Return to the village and swap your Shotgun for your Enfield. Direct
your squad to the well and prepare for some long range machine-gunning. There's
a gap in the middle-left wall of the village facing towards the radar station
(it is to the right of the fixed machine-gun). Approach it a bit from the right
and from well away so that you can see an empty doorway through the gap. Edge
forwards and check your view again until enemy soldiers appear (they should not
be shooting at you, but may be firing at some of your NPCs). Line them up with
your Enfield but switch to your MP40 to shoot. You can gauage from your
adrenaline meter when you kill them (firing in three by three bursts usually
works well). Repeat the process until the doorway is clear. Leave the village
and fall back to the rear of the battlefield and then to the left flank. Aim
your Enfield at the machine-gun post ahead and above and edge forwards. Have
your squad ahead of you at all times so that when the machine-gunner does
emerge, he will aim at them. He should appear once you're level with the tank
turret embedded in the ground to the right. Once eliminated, hide behind the
wall with the turret and send your squad ahead to mop up any more soldiers in
the area. Move towards the trench again when all is clear and go to the rocks
ahead of the bunker (avoid getting the grenades amongst the crates as you'll
soon have an infinite supply). Crouch and aim towards the left path of the
radar station and you may see two soldiers amongst the crates to the left. If
they're not there it means that your squad took care of them earlier. Make your
way up the right path until you're halfway up, and stop as soon as you see
enemy soldiers or hear gunfire (there's a small alcove here that you can duck
into). Send your squad to the crates on the right to kill the three enemy
soldiers there (one will be a replacement from the left), and call them back as
soon as they've killed them. Edge forwards crouched and snipe off the two
soldiers in the building (move to the left so that you block the line of sight
to the soldier on the left and concentrate on the the right soldier alone).
Once killed, move your squad to the crates on the right and follow them when
there's no gunfire. Look across to the left and there should be two enemy
soldiers just waiting to be shot. Oblige and head to the middle crates. From
there, send your squad to the crates on the left to ensure the area is clear.
Lastly, throw a grenade into the rear of the radar station for an easy kill.
Enter and take the grenades.

They will always be there as long as the tank (that emerges once you plant the
charge) remains intact. Therefore I suggest completing the next two objectives
before setting the charge. Also, it is incredibley difficult to get out of the
radar station without adrenaline, so I'm assuming that your bar is full. First,
direct you squad to the right path from the doorway of the radar station
(looking towards the trench now, i.e. not the path you came up). Plant the
charge, and go towards the right path. As soon as see or hear gunfire, hit the
adrenaline. Mow down the first group of four enemy soldiers and direct your
squad further down the path. Another group of four soldiers will emerge from
the right; you should have enough adrenaline left to deal with them too. It is
up to you whether you want to go back and blow up the tank. I prefer to keep
the grenades for the facility up ahead, but if you're close to full adrenaline
or need another revive then you may want to blow it up. For the remainder of
the mission I'm not going to assume that you've any adrenaline, but I am going
to assume that you have grenades (there are extra grenades in amongst the
crates that we avoided earlier on the left flank).

iv & v. Eliminate Adabold Brecht & Recover British Reconnaissance:
Head over to the downed aircraft. Direct your squad to stay back where the
surviving NPC airman is and switch to your grenades. Four enemy soldiers are in
open view up ahead so throw a grenade in to kill at least one of them. Fall
back, switch to your Enfield, and aim to the left of the brown boulder on the
ridge above. An enemy sniper will appear here periodically. While waiting for
him, send your squad ahead to take care of the remaining enemy soldiers. Once
they and the enemy sniper have been killed, it is time to hunt down the nemesis
and make use of your infinite grenades. The nemesis and at least one bodyguard
will be down in the valley, to the right of the red circle on the plane's wing
(sometimes he stays more central before moving there - check your radar to see
where he is). You can also jump to give yourself a quick view of below, but
don't go down the slope at all. From the higher ground, you can easily take him
out with your grenades. Your only worry will be his grenades, but they are
usually visible, and are always audible. It may take a couple of trips to the
radar station (remember to send your squad to the right out of the way upon
return) but it's the easiest way to take him out.

Head down to the rock the furthest to the right and send your squad ahead. Two
enemy soldiers will emerge, but let your squad take care of them. You should
instead turn to your left and watch the ridge above. A sniper will appear into
view so quickly take him out. Advance to the edge of the fuselage and snipe the
enemy soldier hiding behind the rock at the other end. Move halfway through the
fuselage and send your squad ahead. There's a sniper on the ridge above to the
left. You squad will either take him out or become a decoy that so you can
finish him. Go to the right edge of the last piece of fuselage and send your
squad out through the fuselage into the open ground. Grab the recon and wait
for your squad to take out the enemy soldier that appears. Get the revive and
head up the hill on the left. Turn around and direct your squad to the rock
behind the tuft of grass on the right. Edge forwards towards them from the
right and stop once you hear gunfire. Your squad will take out one of the two
enemy soldiers that appears but the other is well placed behind the two rocks
in the center. Recall your squad and snipe him yourself from the left side (you
should probably familiarise yourself with the location of the central rocks
before you trigger the soldiers' emergence). Advance up the left flank and stop
once you get level with the plane wing to the right. Send your squad ahead and
edge forward behind the cover of the rocks. Stay down once you hear gunfire and
let your squad take care of the last two soldiers in this area. If your
adrenaline bar is full, now might be a good time to blow the radar station.

vi. Destroy Tiger Tank Protoypes:
Enter the cave with all the crates and stick your head out to trigger the
enemy's emergence. Fall back out of the cave and swing around to the right,
aiming at the oil drill (you needn't advance too far forward). Take out the
soldier on top, then the one below plus his replacement. There is another
soldier further back on the right amongst the crates, and another one further
back just in front of the building (neither should fire at you). Move forwards
towards the Enfield ammo and kill the two white-shirts to your left. Go back
around through the cave and move your squad towards the tank. Aim at the empty
machine-gun at the top of the building and edge forwards. Take out the gunner
and his replacement, just as you did the radar gunner. Next, send your squad to
the rear of the tank to take out the soldier there. Pull them back towards the
cave before setting the charge on the tank and fall back yourself. The tank's
hangar doors will open and two soldiers will position themselves to the right of
the cave's entrance, giving you an easy double kill from the side. Head back
through the cave and send your squad into the hangar to take out the 
machine-gunner there. Move towards the hangar and throw a grenade to the rear of
the right tank to clear it, before blowing both tanks.

vii. Escape Into Bunker:
Once destroyed, aim for the machine-gunner on top of the building who should be
aiming at one of the NPCs. Move up the right flank and throw a grenade into the
room under the oil drill. Continue to the crates just past it. Edge past the
crates, and fall back again as it triggers the enemy's appearance in the
building. Take out the enemy that appears in the window and move forwards to
the building, sending your squad up with you. Set the charge on the door and
duck for cover on the right side with your squad. Once the door blasts, aim for
the ammo crates where a soldier will be hiding. Take out the other soldier to
the back of the room, again behind crates, in the center-left. Fall back to the
hangar and snipe the enemy in the center of the building on the slope, aswell
as the soldiers in the room to the left. Move up along the left flank and make
sure that there's no enemy soldiers inside the left room. Send your squad in to
the bottom of the slope in the room and enter after them, but head immediately
to the crates on the right and duck down. An enemy soldier will charge down the
stairs where your squad will be waiting. The next bit is a bit difficult to put
into words but here goes. Position yourself prone at the bottom of the slope so
that you can throw a grenade upstairs, but in the opposite direction of the
slope. That is, you're looking to throw it off the upstairs wall and ultimately
in the direction of the door that you blew. Follow it up with another one a few
seconds later. It should take out the two soldiers overlooking the slope and
allow you to ascend slowly. Kill the soldier hiding behind the yellow box to
the right of the slope's top. A second soldier is hiding behind the crates
diagonally across the room. Approach the next slope and throw some more reverse
grenades towards the center of the room to take out two more soldiers. Advance
up the slope and move around the crates on the slope's side. Aim to the left of
the exit and shoot the soldier who appears through the window. Next, lean out
the doorway and shoot the soldier on the left, then grenade the soldier in the
other doorway. Run across to the other side so that you can aim down the last
hall from the left. Kill the soldier at the entrance of the hall on the right,
and his replacement. Fall back to the machine-gun to snipe the remaining
soldier in the hall. Head through the first door to trigger the last two
soldiers, one goes to each side. Use either your squad or your Enfield to
snipe them and finish the level.

Operation: V2 Silence     M06
i. Free 3 SAS Commandos Prisoners
Advance forward and fire off a shotgun round at the enemy soldier when he peeks
around the corner. Move around the corner, staying on the right, and snipe off
the enemy soldier behind the desk to the left. Lean out to the left and
there'll be two enemy soldiers ahead on the right. Take out the one on the
radio and then the one with his back to you leaning up against the shelf
(sometimes he's further to the left facing you, I think it depends on the speed
you get there - don't go too quick). Advance forwards slightly down the slope
and two more enemy soldiers will emerge. One runs around the corner and goes to
the far end of the corridor, you can probably let him go. The other crouches
down at the corner crate for an easy kill. Go about halfway down the slope on
the right and snipe diagonally across the room a soldier slightly obscured by a
shelf. The final enemy soldier in the room is to the right exit, obscured a bit
by the pipes. Snipe him and grab any dropped ammo in the room plus the four
grenades to the left. Throw one of them into the corridor that the enemy
soldier dashed into earlier. Crouch down at the corner and aim up the corridor
and snipe the aforementioned soldier at the other end. Throw another grenade
into the entrance on the right (don't advance down the corridor), and use your
adrenaline bar to make sure the grenade finds its mark. Head down to the end of
the corridor and grab any ammo. Next, lean out and snipe the soldier leaning
out from the right. Move back down the same corridor to where you threw the
second grenade. Don't lean out too far to the right and stay prone. Throw a
grenade to the left of the light and over the crates and you should take out
two soldiers. If you only get one, wait a few seconds and throw another at the
same spot. Next, lean out and snipe the enemy soldier at the far end of the
room. Crawl further to the left until you can see the light. Throw a grenade
past it, keeping the trajectory low, and you should take out the last two
soldiers in the room. Head towards the end of the room and blow the door. Lean
in to the left and blast away at the enemy soldier behind the pipes before
releasing the prisoner. Return out the other end of the room and go to the
corner where the retreating soldier ran to. Advance forwards about half-way and
throw a grenade into the room on the left to take out one of the two enemies.
Send your squad in to take out the other (if you've no grenades left then just
send in your one man squad who should be able to handle both). Release the
second prisoner and return to the first room you encountered. Go past where
the last enemy you killed was (by the pipes), and lean out to the right. You
should catch an enemy soldier just out in the open so blast away at him. Send
your growing squad out to the generator and let them kill the two soldiers to
the right hiding behind the crates. Move to the nearest generator and go
prone. From its right corner, look diagonally across and you should see an
enemy soldier hiding behind some crates. Once killed, crouch and look out from
the right of the generator down the room. Another soldier will be behind some
crates again so take him out. Move down the room to your left and send your
squad aroound the corner to take out the soldier there. Blast the door and take
out the soldier guarding the prisoner. Direct your squad to the locker just
before the cell so that they can take out the two soldiers that appear, and
release the last prisoner. Once your squad has cleared the way, grab the
revive and head towards the nemesis.

ii, iii & iv. Steal V2 Test Film, Eliminate Hans Schneider & Locate Coded Virus
                                                             House Information
Exit the generator room and go up the slope towards the V2 film room. Lean out
to the right about three-quarters up the slope and snipe the soldier to the
left of the left pillar through the window. Next, snipe the soldier hiding
behind the locker on the left at the end of the hallway. Crouch safely past
the window and move to the corner of the right wall. Lean out and blast away at
a soldier on the left ahead (don't even aim, just lean and blast). Grab his
ammo and the grenades past him. Lean out from the grenade room and gradually
aim into the room, increasing the angle a small bit at a time. There is one
soldier to the right of the projector, whose position may be refilled. If it's
not then there'll be one in the middle (but again to the right somewhat), and
finally another to the left of the projector. The final soldier is around the
bottom left corner of the room (looking from behind the projector). Sometimes
he looks out from the pillar and is shootable from the window (aim from the
right to avoid the nemesis' line of view). If he's not in view, advance to the
door so the nemesis falls back, then lean out and blast away or send your
squad in. Once the room's clear, grab the V2 test film. Hop back onto the
projector table and leap the railings so you don't have to go past the doorway,
and prepare for an adrenaline charge in. Hit it a bit before you head in as a
soldier comes at you from the doorway and let rip with the MP40. Try and hit
the soldier that runs at you and the one behind him, but then go straight for
the nemesis. Go into his corner and beyond him so that you can hit him whilst
also hitting the soldier beyond him and behind him. The timing is really tight
for this so you're probably going to have to hide behind the desk after your
adrenaline runs out as there'll probably be at least one enemy soldier left in
the room. Call your squad to you and they should clear both the V2 test film
room and the nemesis room. If you don't have adrenaline at the moment then you
can go back any time really during the mission (there isn't any other stand
out adrenaline moments).

v. Photograph V2 Schematics
Head back into the generator room and get level with the conveyor belt. Two
enemy soldiers will hide behind the elevated crate ahead so switch to your
grenades. Aim at the light and have a strong, high throw ready and go forwards
to trigger the enemy's emergence. Throw the grenade and fall back behind the
crate on the conveyor belt. If your grenade fails to kill them both just send
in your squad. Move to the left of the slope and lean out slightly to snipe the
soldier in the room ahead. Lean out a bit further and there'll be another one
amongst the crates ahead who will run forward a bit towards you. Move to the
right of the crate that the two enemy soldiers were hiding behind and go prone.
You should just be able to snipe one guy on the stairs, while you can see the
legs of another soldier straight ahead behind a crate (blast away with the
shotgun if your Enfield ammo is low). Look out from the left of the crate and
on the stairs there'll be some grenades, with an enemy soldier right next to
them. Move to the next crate and, again leaning out from the left, you should
be able to spot another soldier at the top of the stairs. Grab the Enfield ammo
from the room and go to the first crate on the big slope. Direct your squad to
the third crate and move to the second one. Go prone and blast away with the
shotgun at the three emerging enemies. Send your squad further ahead to the
right again and move up to the third crate. An enemy soldier will move to the
stairs on the left and start sniping your squad, leaving you with an easy shot.
Move past the crate again to trigger a final enemy soldier who will run right
into your awaiting squad.

Head back down the slope and go up the stairs. Send your squad out into the
open as bait, and aim for the soldier nearest to you behind the crates just to
your left (not the guy to your extreme left). Once he's dead, go for the tower.
You should be leaning out only so much so that you can see the machine-gunner,
so go for him. Take out the sniper in the tower next, and his replacement. Now
go for the soldier in the left building if he's still alive, and finally the
soldier to your left behind the crates. Send your squad around the back of the
left building to take out two enemy soldiers there. Grab the MP40 and head
towards the two tankers on the right. Once you hear gunfire, fall back on the
same flank to behind the left building and progress to the crates on the rear
of the other building. From here you can safely snipe about eight enemy
soldiers in the open; two on the left flank, the machine-gunner in the far
tower and two snipers (may need to move to the side a bit for the later); a few
soldiers and their replacements in front of the lorry in the center. Enter the
building to the right via the first door, and throw a grenade to the right of
the iron girder to the left of the entrance. Send your squad in to take care of
the other remaining enemy, and photograph the schematics. Grab the revive and
head back to the tankers and across to the other flank.

vi. Destroy Train Tracks
From the crates across from the tankers, you should be able to lean out to the
right and snipe a soldier at the very end of the compound (he runs about a bit
and repeats his movements). Move down to the crates just in front of the guard
tower and turn to the right. You should be able to take out three enemy
soldiers here with no return fire; one on the carriage and one ahead of him
behind the crates, and his replacement. Any gunfire you hear here will be one
of the NPCs firing into the bunker on the left. Move towards the crates and
show him how it's done. Another NPC will be firing at a soldier next to the
gate on the left. Again, help him out. Look out from the crates towards the
carriage and an enemy soldier will usually emerge, hurling a grenade. Fall
back, wait for the blast and then lean out for a routine kill. Advance forwards
and join the NPCs behind the crates, while advancing your squad forwards. Edge
ahead past the two barrels on the right and fall back immediately as it
triggers two enemy soldiers, who should be dispatched by your squad. Move to
the left flank and advance to the left crate just before the tracks, while
pushing your squad ahead. An enemy soldier will emerge so keep your head down
while your squad deals with him. Plant the charge and move to the crate beyond
the tracks to the left, and crouch behind it. Once the track blows, face the
carriage. You should be able to pick off a soldier in between the crates on the
carriage. Another soldier will emerge from inside the factory straight ahead as
you look in, so take him out. A third will be on the other side obscured from 
view. The NPCs may take him out, but if not send your squad after him.

vii. Destroy Tank
Move up the right flank to the crates where the injured NPC is. Shoot the two
soldiers out in the open and head across to the crates to the left of the
building. Shoot the soldier in the building and move up towards its entrance,
jumping on the girders to the left. There's probably less action here than
sounds as the enemy are firing at the NPCs, who are firing back. Lean out to
the left and you should be able to see one guy straight away firing at the
NPCs. A second soldier is down the side of the building. Send your squad into
the center after killing both to make sure there's nobody left, then head
towards the fence to trigger the NPCs' arrival. Head down the left of the
fence to more girders, and take out any soldiers ahead (you should be shielded
from any tank rounds here). Once the coast is clear, head along the side of
the fence to the cover of the next building. Direct your squad to somewhere
around here and go out to deal with the tank. It's pretty straightforward;
always move from left to right and back again while throwing grenades one at a
time. Don't go too far forward as there's enemy soldiers around the far side
of the tank hangar and stay at the side of the tank, away from the machine-gun
fire. Once it's destroyed, do a quick 360 degree turn to remove it from the
battlefield as sometimes your squad can run into it and die instantly.

viii & ix. Destroy V2 Rocket & Escape V2 Facility
Using the building as cover, snipe the two soldiers hiding behind cover on the
far side of the tank hangar's entrance. Send your squad in to take out the
soldiers inside the hangar and head around the corner to begin the main assault
on the factory. First, direct your squad behind the rows of crates before the
factory entrance so as to let the NPCs deal with the first line of defence. As
the gunfire dies down, peek around the corner to make sure that first line has
been defeated. Next, move around onto the track by the gate and snipe the
soldiers on the walkways (usually one on the left and one on the right side of
the main one). Another sniper will emerge onto the stairs on the left, so
beware of him too. With all the snipers down, enter the factory and go to the
right. Send your squad ahead and, once in place, run down to the loading bay
door switch and hit it. Run back to the tankers just before the switch and
take out the enemy that emerges ahead. This pretty much takes care of the
right side of the factory.

Enter the carriage that leads to the other side of the factory and from within
it, blast away at the three enemy soldiers that run towards cover on the left.
While still in the carraige, snipe the soldiers on the roof of the control
room, aswell as the guy at the controls below. Return to the right side and go
halfway up the stairs to the corner. From here you should be able to pick off
the soldier on the far side of the control room roof, and if you move about a
bit you should also be able to find an angle to pick off another guy in the
control room behind a desk. Cross back over to the left side and join the NPCs
amongst the missile shells. Throw an uncooked grenade up the left flank and
move forwards to trigger a group of enemy soldiers. Duck behind cover and call
your squad to your position. A combination of the grenade, the NPCs and your
guys should keep you safe. Once the gunfire dies down, climb the stairs on the
left flank that are before the casings. Snipe the last remaining enemy soldier
on the walkways who is at the back of the factory. Move up the walkway until
you get level with the control room. Throw a couple of grenades in and return
to ground level. Send your squad in to make sure the control room is empty,
then head up the stairs. Flip the switch and head back down to the NPCs by the
shell casings. Move into the carriage and keep an eye on the V2 rocket. A
couple of soldiers will make a last stand at it. Take them out and set the
charge on the rocket, before moving outside to complete the mission.

Road To Stalingrad     M07
i. Locate Partisan Fighters
Move up the left side of the road, crouched, until you reach the second fence
that is missing its middle part, right beside a tree (this is as far as you can
get to the two soldiers up ahead). Aim a little to the left of the post in
front of the sandbags and throw a grenade. If you get the weight right you'll
take out both soldiers (I'm going to assume you make this throw, if you don't
just restart). Advance slightly further down the road so that you can see the
soldier at the checkpoint and snipe him. Go past the checkpoint and meet up
with your squad.

ii. Destroy German Railgun
Grab the revive and turn right. Go along the side of the house and send your
squad out into the open area to the right of the destroyed tank. From here they
will take out three enemy soldiers who are either in the ruins just beside
them, or behind the wall by the road. While they're doing that, peek out from
the corner of the building and you should be able to squeeze out a shot at the
other ruined building where an enemy soldier will be firing back at you. Once
he and your squad's targets are down, head a few steps forwards to the wall in
front of your squad's house and go to the right. On the right of the bridge
behind the road wall will be two enemy soldiers. Take them out and advance to
the back of the ruined building which housed the solider that you killed.
Advance crouched to the window and machine-gun the two soldiers that are using
the left of the smouldering tank as cover. Fall back around the left side of
the house and emerge lying prone around the corner. You should see two enemy
soldiers squatting passively on the hill. Take them out and their replacements
(you can rack up the headshots here by aiming at the same spot and waiting
until the replacement soldiers face the same way as the soldier that you first
shot). Edge a bit further to the left and you can also target another soldier
(and his replacements) just to the left of the tank. Return to the window at
the rear of the building and take out the last soldier on the hill. Advance
crouched into the building and fall back again behind it. From the window,
take out the four soldiers that have advanced to the road wall (send your
squad into the building if you're low on ammo). Next head back to the squad's
house and exchange the PPSh for the Bazooka. Return to the destroyed tank and
take out the tank. Send your squad in to clear the trench from the right,
supporting them by firing off all your grenades towards the left end of the
trench. Run into the trench and pick up the ammo and fire the Nebelwerger to
destroy the railgun.

iii. Destroy 3 Panzer Tanks
Hit your adrenaline and jump out from the trench down towards the right
bridge. Take out the three soldiers there and continue past the bridge to the
wall of the building in front of the eastern tank, taking out two more soldiers
along the way. From here, turn around and face the railgun. To the right of it
you should have a clear shot at the enemy soldiers defending the bridge, and
their replacements. Their replacements will be aware of your position though,
so go prone and emerge to fire off two quick shots before ducking back into
cover. Once the bridge is clear (the NPCs will run in), return to the trench
and pick up the ammo and grenades from the back room (the supply of grenades
here is infinite as long as one of the tanks remains intact). Return across
the right bridge and move along the railgun on the river side. Once you get to
the part of the track perpendicular to the bridge, go prone and send your
squad ahead on the track. Keep advancing until you hear them kill the soldiers
from the left flank's machine-gun. Advance forwards into the building with the
bazooka. Dash across to the window by the weapon and fire to your right at the
enemy out in the open, plus the one to his left. Duck behind the window again
and this time face the church. You should just about be able to see two
soldiers through the window's narrow angle (if not move back slightly). Adjust
your position so that you can only see one at a time and kill him and his
replacements, before taking out the other. Go to the top of the building now
and look towards the north-eastern building, where two soldiers will be out in
the open. Take them out and send your squad to the building ahead. Go prone
and advance slightly past the tree outside the bazooka building to trigger the
enemy soldiers' emergence in the building ahead, who will run straight into
your squad. Grab the bazooka and take out the tank ahead from the road. Go
back across the bridge and collect any spare bazooka rounds (you should have
at least one) and take out the remaining tank from the road on the same flank.
If you run out of ammo, go into the building in front of the tank and throw
grenades through the window to destroy it (have your squad stay well clear of
it). (You might want to leave the revive until the area here is totally

iv. Destroy Ammunition Dump
Head back to the building in front of the bazooka cache and turn right into
the next room. Jump over the table here and duck behind the window. Emerge and
take out the soldier in the building ahead to the right (there may be another
here). Switch your attention to the left of the building from the same window
and take out another soldier. Return to the first room and send your squad out
onto the road from the front of the building to take out the last couple of
enemies defending the ammo dump. It's difficult to say whether it is safe to
set the charge now because of the NPCs' influence here and whether they have
killed many soldiers in the church, so I'll leave it to you. Before we enter
the church the grounds will be completely enemy free so if you're unsure just
wait until then.

v. Destroy Communication Tower
Fall back to the bridge and advance up the right flank. From the building in
front of the tank, take out the soldier inside the building ahead. Move up and
send your squad inside to flush out the other enemy soldier inside. Hop the
fence and dart into the double-storey building (or go a safer, longer route
if low on health) and direct your squad somewhere downstairs. Head upstairs
and, staying low, grab the ammo and grenades. Start from the left window and
clear the church grounds. Take it one enemy at a time and don't leave yourself
too exposed. Once the area is clear (the NPCs will still fire aimlessly into
the grounds), head downstairs. Blow the ammo dump if you already haven't and
crouch beside the wall by the gate. An NPC will appear and kick it open. Run
in no further than the opened gates and fall back, sending your squad as far
away as possible. If you went far enough the NPCs will rush into the grounds
and another wave of enemies will have been triggered.

Head back into the two-storeyed building and dump your squad safely downstairs.
Go up and stay low as you approach the windows. Your first target will be a
sniper in the church tower on the left (the middle window is usually the best
to aim from). Next take out the machine-gunner and his replacement. You can
clear almost all of the rest of the area by using the fixed machine-gun (the
NPC will give it up if you stand close and look towards her). This is probably
the only time that you can use a fixed weapon on this difficulty so enjoy it!
You will have to clear the soldiers around the communications tower with your
ordinary weapons however. Now you are ready to enter the grounds. Head to the
right towards the communication tower. You should almost certainly have
adrenaline here, given the amount of enemies that you've just killed. Move up
to the tower and you will hear German troops. Hit your adrenaline and storm up
the steps on the right side of the graveyard and kill the five or six soldiers
that have just emerged (this will give you a welcome ammo boost too). Return
to the tower, set the charge and grab the revive.

vi. Eliminate Walther Neumann
Advance back up the right side of the graveyard until you can look into the
church. Snipe the soldier with his back to you looking out towards the
two-storey building. Go down the nearby steps and head towards the crates
that are just in front of the smouldering communications tower and duck behind
them. An enemy soldier will randomly appear from nowhere behind you so get
your head down and let your following squad deal with him. Approach the rear
(or side really) of the church and make sure your squad stay with you. There
will be at least one enemy soldier amongst the pews and another upstairs
behind cover in the center of the building, on the front side but looking down
towards you at the rear. Direct your squad to the right corner of the entrance
of the church and head down for the bazooka. Unless you have less than a clip
left in your Enfield, swap the PPSh for it (the bazooka). Dash out towards
your squad and hide around the side. The nemesis and his bodyguard can do a lot
of random things here. They can both rush out before retreating back, he can
go to the entrance of the church and just stand there, he can mill about
downstairs in the church or he can head straight upstairs to either side.
Given all that, I can only really give some general tips. Take out the
bodyguards first obviously, and keep your squad in cover for all the battle.
The bazooka is extremely powerful against him, even catching him in the
explosion does a bit of damage. Ultimately you'll probably end up sniping him
while he's upstairs somewhere, which is straightforward enough. Don't go to
the front (or other side) of the church as the final wave of enemy soldiers
has already been triggered so they're basically sitting there waiting.

vii & viii. Obtain Ardennes Forest Recon Dossier & Secure And Defend Church
This final bit of the mission is mainly about survival. Go along the rear/side
of the curch and jump in through the last window. Direct your squad into the
back room and head upstairs to where the recon was dropped. Go prone and crawl
safely towards it. From here you can just sit it out and let the NPCs take care
of business. You can help by tossing a few grenades from the top floor or
perhaps in a more direct manner if you've a couple of revives to spare.

Climbing Mamayev Hill     M08
i. Destroy Panzer Tank
Immediately set off towards the building nearest to you. Go around to its right
corner and jump onto the destroyed wall and crouch in. If you get the jump
right first time you will enter without being hit. Head to the left of the room
and direct your squad to the back of the building through the window. Let the
gunfire die down and, crouching from the back of the room, look out the
doorway. From the right you will be able to see an enemy soldier crouching in
the open fields. Kill him and all of his replacements with your machine-gun.
Move back to the window that you came in through and look out to the barn with
the fixed machine-gun. Enemy soldiers may run out from the bottom floor to the
fence outside the building, so be prepared for more machine-gunning (if your
view is a bit obscured by the destroyed friendly tank, do a 360 degree turn to
remove it from the battlefield). Once you're sure that no enemies remain on the
bottom floor, take out the machine-gunner (again with the PPSh). Now that the
village is mostly cleared of men, swap your PPSh for the bazooka and head to
the rear of the building directly opposite the barn. Send your squad to the
back of the field and out of the way, and throw a grenade into the gap in the
wall to take out the soldier inside. Move along the side of the wall and
prepare to take out the tank. Try and line up a shot at the hull with your
M-N 1891 and then duck back into cover. Switch to your bazooka and fire off
two unaimed (well, discounting the aiming with the M-N 1891) shots. The tank
will hopefully blow after two rounds. If it doesn't, try the last couple of
grenades that you've left. If it still doesn't blow then go ahead and fire the
last remaining bazooka round at it.

ii. Meet With Russian Officer
If you still have a round left, keep the bazooka and head back to the right of
the building from where you cleared most of the village. Swing around as far
as you can go to the right and move up to the tree beside the road. Fire your
last bazooka round in through the doorway of the house on the left (to the
right of the barn). You should get at least two kills from this, sometimes
three. Advance to the house on the right and from here direct your squad into
the other house to clear up any surviving enemy soldiers. Head into the house
and pick up all the dropped ammo before exiting and leaping the fence towards
the barn (if you didn't pick up an STG machine-gun then you'll have to go back
and pick up the PPSh first). Grab the grenades both downstairs and upstairs and
crouch at the western exit of the barn. Throw a grenade through the window in
the next building to kill the last enemy soldier in the area. Head to the
center of the village to get your revive and have a look to see if the last
soldier dropped any ammo. If you haven't filled your adrenaline bar yet, do so
now by picking off machine-gunners in the bunkers with your PPSh (line up the
shots with your M-N 1891 and fire single shots). Now it's time to head for the
trench. From the eastern side of the barn, dart straight down towards it. As
far as I can tell the shells fall randomly here so you're just going to have
to hope for the best. Once you hit the trench go prone and crawl towards the
Russian officer, whilst hugging the right side of the trench. Grab the revive
once you reach him, and wait until he tells you that the first unit's assault
has failed.

iii. Signal Rocket Strike
Go to the corner of the trench and lay prone. One of the machine-gunner's may
be firing at the officer so stay out of its line of fire. Hit your adrenaline
and head for the bridge. Aim for the two soldiers in the trench in front of the
machine-gun bunker (the accessible one), and jump in to the trench once you
reach it. If for some reason you don't have any adrenaline, the trek across
the bridge becomes difficult. I suggest going back up the trench, through the
village and down the left flank. There are two soldiers by the blown up tank
who emerge from nowhere (and always when you're devoid of any cover) so have
your squad ahead of you at all times. Advance to the left side of the wrecked
tank and start picking off the soldiers (and a long, but finite, line of
replacements) in the area to the left of the bunker. Head down into the
friendly trench and pick off the soldiers in the machine-gun trench ahead
(stay to the left so that neither fixed machine-gun can target you). Once that
has been cleared, send your squad out to the right flank to draw the fire of
the machine-guns and storm the bridge, landing in the trench in front of the

Now safely in the trench (from either route), enemy soldiers will start lining
up from the left of the trench, grouping somewhat around the top of the bunker.
Before addressing them, take out the sniper who stands on the ground above the
alcove housing the bazooka. Back to the left of the trench, the enemy soldiers
very rarely charge in so you can usually take them out with your grenades (you
can jump pretty safely to gain a quick view on their position). With the
initial area around the bunker secure, head across and swap the bazooka for
your machine-gun. Return to the trench and from its center, climb on top of the
bunker. You should be out of the tank's line of view so shuffle over to the
right, prone, until you can see just enough of the tank's tracks to fire at.
Fire off the three rounds and retrieve your machine-gun. Go behind the crate
nearest to the trench's eastern entrance (looking at the tank) and look ahead
and slightly to your right. There should be a passive soldier in sight (if not,
advance slightly and retreat, but be weary of an enemy soldier that may appear
from the center-left). Get some easy headshots from the soldier and his
replacements and swing around to the other side of the trench. Another passive
soldier will be beside the large tree ahead, so take him and his replacements
out too. Advance to the first piece of rubble and stay on the left side. Some
debris will be visible on this side with a small gap present. From a standing
position you will be able to take out an enemy soldier and his replacements.
Grab the STG if you haven't already got it and return to the left flank. It
should be safe to advance to the house ahead but send your squad ahead to be
safe. Follow them and go to the entrance of the building on the far corner.
Look towards the gate above and you should be able to see two enemy soldiers
ahead, ready to be sniped. Send your squad into the house and look across to
ensure that the area is clear. Beware also of the tank here, if it's still on
the battlefield. Although it is destroyed and harmless to you, your squad
members will happily run into it, causing instant death. Hit the signal and
seek refuge in the bunker, grabbing the revive on the way (the airstrike will
also belatedly remove the already destroyed tank).

iv & v. Eliminate Franz Gruebner & Steal Heavy Water Test Logbook
Head back to the left flank to where the tank was and ascend the hill. Send
your squad in to clear the trench while staying crouched to avoid the tank's
weaponry. Follow your squad into the trench and grab any ammo dropped, before
heading into the room below. The machine-gunner in the final bunker will start
up, hopefully aiming at the advancing NPCs rather than your squad. Emerge from
the room and snipe him while he's occupied. Return to the hill by the tank and
send your squad down and out of the way. Destroy the tank with your grenades
(there's plenty around if you run out; the first bunker; the intact house; the
room in the trench). Advance up the left flank and use the natural slope of the
ground as cover as you send your squad in to take out the left trench. Jump in
to grab any dropped ammo and send your squad across to clear the right trench,
again scavenging any ammo there. Tell your squad to stay in that trench and
blow the gate.

This is going to be a prolonged nemesis battle. The reason for the length is
because of the dangerous combination that he and the final tank provide, given
that your squad can't simply jump the wall to the safety of the bazooka bunker
in the grounds ahead. Therefore, we need to take out the nemesis or at least
leave him vulnerable to our squad to ensure that they can make it around to the
aforementioned bunker. Stand in front of the right pillar of the church's
entrance and observe the nemesis' movements. He goes left by the fire, central
by the crates, and right around the tank's area. The last position is the one
that we want to avoid targeting him in due to it exposing us to the tank
(we're relatively safe from it in the other two as long as we stand back a
bit). The nemesis never fires at us from such a distance so we can take our
time and pick him off. Towards the end it gets pretty difficult to see him due
to his red health marker being depleted. I usually take this as a sign that the
squad will be able to handle him from here if they run into him, so unless I
have ample ammo I head for the bunker. If you're on your last revive you may
still want to take him out though, to ensure your safety as you run to the

Before you head for the bunker, make sure that the sniper in the church tower
has been taken out and also listen out for (and look out for debris wise) the
tank firing a shell. Head across while it's reloading and direct your squad in
then too. Take out the tank in the usual fashion from the right corner of the
wooden structure (finish off the nemesis if he's still alive first though).
Advance up the left side of the wooden structure once both targets have been
eliminated and take out the soldiers behind the crate firing at the NPCs. Send
your squad out to where the recon is to make sure the area is clear before
grabbing it yourself.

vi. Destroy Artillery Guns
Go back along the wall side of the wooden structure to the bunker and head
across the grounds to the bottom-right of the tower. Lean out to the left and
pre-emptively fire up at the raised stairs to take out the enemy soldier there.
If you miss him he will charge you so make sure that you have your squad on
hand to send in if needs be. Next, throw a grenade into the middle of the room
past the stairs to kill the two soldiers manning the gun. Approach the doorway
of the tower and lean out to your right and kill the three soldiers manning
the second gun, then the two manning the third. Blow the first gun and move
into the next room. There are two soldiers in the trench entrance ahead. I
like to take them out from the window as you have a decent margin of error to
play with due to them not reacting immediately. I think descending into the
trench may trigger some more enemies in the hallway too. Two appear in the
room almost from nowhere, while another soldier appears by the third gun
(though he will always spawn regardless of whether you go into the trenches or
not). Once you clear the hallway again, advance and blow the second gun. Send
your squad out into the gap on the left here to make sure that the NPCs haven't
missed anyone in the church grounds before heading to the final gun. Turn the
corner beside the gun and immediately drop back as at least one soldier rushes
out from the communication room. He moves behind the crate to the left of the
gun so simply toss a grenade his way. Blow the last gun and collect the revive.

vii & viii. Radio Intelligence To OSS & Destroy German Intelligence
Advance to the final room and throw a grenade towards the center of it (aim
beneath the table) to take out at least two of the remaining four soldiers.
The other soldier on this floor is to the right and is an easy kill for you or
your squad. The final enemy soldier is on the second floor, on the landing
running parallel to the guns' hallway, at the radio end. Radio in the
intelligence and blow the room to complete the mission.

Mission To Rocherath     M09
i. Eliminate Recon Unit In Windmill
Run forward and duck behind cover as soon as the mission begins. Turn around
and direct your squad through the window to the back of the building. Once you
hear the tank, jump up and leap over the wall on the left (when facing the
window) and join your squad. Go to the extreme left (or rear) of the
battlefield so that you remain out of the range of fire of the soldiers in the
park. Pick off the machine-gunner behind the sandbags (if you can't see where
he is exactly, advance forwards to draw his fire; you will have plenty of time
to duck into cover given the distance between him and you). Head straight for
the rockets that are lined up at the enemy tank and ignite them. This is a
risky tactic given how open you are (moreso when falling back), but as we're
only a minute into the mission I take it and restart should I die. Fall back
towards the burnt out tank, jumping and weaving as best as you can. Grab the
bazooka as you pass it and retreat to the rear of the battlefield. Watch the
skyline to see whether the tank has been destroyed or not. If it's still
operational, fire off a bazooka round to destroy it. Fire at it from behind the
building that you started in as the tank will respond in kind, so the long
distance should give you time to avoid its missile. Once destroyed, swap back
the bazooka for your M1911.

Advance forwards down the right flank and throw a grenade through the window
to the left side of the room to take out the enemy soldier inside. Direct you
squad inside and move to the east of the building to its rear window. Your
squad should deal with an enemy soldier who appears by the front windows. Hop
into the building and grab any ammo that the two soldiers may have dropped.
Exit the buidling and head to the left side of the building ahead. Send your
squad around the corner to deal with the soldiers on the near side of the park.
Fall back from the corner a bit to avoid any grenades and give your squad a few
seconds to make sure that they've cleared the area. Fall back to the rear of
the battlefield via the same flank and move up to the small hill to the left of
the burnt out tank. From here you can take out the central enemies in the park,
and most of the western ones. Once the park seems cleared, fall down the slope
to your left and advance to the windmill, stopping just before the entrance.
Send your squad to the left of the park to make sure it is clear, and then send
them into the windmill to clear the stairs. Head into the windmill and pick up
any ammo, then return to the windmill's entrance. Send your squad out into the
open by the park so that the windmill's sniper will aim at them, giving you an
easy shot to take him out from the ground. Re-enter the windmill and position
your squad by the doorway. Move up the stairs and aim a grenade off the wall
and into the center of the upstairs room to take out the spotter. You can see
his position by looking for his shadow on the ground from beneath him. As soon
as the mission complete sign appears head into the room and pick up the revive,
while swapping your pistol for the Gewehr.

ii & iii. Fall Back To American Command Post & Uncover Atomic Scientist Rosters
Your squad should be repelling the counter-attack on the windmill downstairs,
so remain out of harm's way above until the gunfire dies down. Go downstairs
and, starting from the base of the stairs, gradually lean out and aim towards
the park. There will usually only be one soldier in the east part, so snipe
him. Moving towards the center, there will be two machine-gunners with numerous
replacements. Save your rifle ammo and take them out with your machine-gun
(line up the shots with your Gewehr if necessary. Once the machine-gunners are
down, it's time to make a run for the building in which you began the mission.
Stand back from the entrance and line up the corner of the burnt out tank so
you've something to aim for when running. The tank at the back of the
battlefield will be firing periodically at the windmill so use a gap in the
gunfire to start your run. Alternatively, just use your adrenaline to get you
across safely (you can also run backwards while firing at the western side of
the park). Once across, grab the bazooka and head to the rear of the
battlefield. Fire off however many rockets you've left and then destroy the
tank with your grenades. Discard the bazooka and snipe across the battlefield
to take out the remaining soldiers in the park. Head through the park and go
to the left of the American command post, swapping the Gewehr for the Bazooka.
Circle around the building to grab the rockets at the rear and enter the
building. Stand at the doorway to the command post and position your squad in
front of the stairs.  This is incredibley important as you will have your back
to the stairs for the duration of the Tiger attack.

iv. Destroy King Tiger Tanks
Head up the stairs and grab the rockets on the table to the left. Turn around
and head back past the stairs to the north-eastern corner of the house (facing
as you enter) which overlooks the rear entrance of the church. Take out the
Tiger that emerges around the corner (aiming the bazooka takes ages but is
necessary due to the moving target). Once destroyed, enter the other room and
head to the south-western corner. A tank is below the right window but you
won't have time to line up a shot at it. Instead, you need to run to the
window, fire off a shot, then fall back. You should be able to tell from the
trajectory of the rocket whether it will hit or not. If it misses, adjust your
aim accordingly and repeat the fire-fall back method. You can miss with a couple
of rockets but no more. Once the second tank has been destroyed, move to the
rear center of the room. You can use the same tactic to destroy the last tank,
but instead of running to the front window you can strafe to the left and fire
off a rocket. After firing a rocket strafe far to your right into cover as the
tank may fire a shell into the left side of the building. Once the last tank
has been destroyed, run down into the action area in front of the command post
and try to grab any dropped ammo.

v. Eliminate Folker Koppelhoff
Switch the bazooka back for your Gewehr and position your squad in the middle
of the circular fountain or statue ahead of the command post, making sure
they're as close to the church doors as possible. Move up to the corner of the
church and edge forward until the doors blow. Immediately fall back around the
corner and into cover. Let your squad deal with the initial barrage of fire
and then send them forwards to take out the enemy. Grab any dropped ammo and
head into the church. Move to the bottom of the tower and position your squad
to the left, out of the way. Go prone and strafe your way into the tower,
looking upwards. You can't really miss the nemesis so just blast away at him
with your machine-gun until he dies. This had the potential to be a really
tricky battle but you'll be unfortunate to be hit by the nemesis.

vi & vii. Obtain C2 In Church Tower & Transmit Artillery Coordinates
Enter the tower and ascend the first set of stairs. Turn around and direct your
squad into the opposite corner, out of the way again. Lean out of the window
and look to your left where an enemy soldier will be in clear line of sight,
shooting at the church door. Be careful not to expose yourself too much as
there is a second soldier to his right, very well covered behind the window.
The final soldier in that building is manning the fixed machine-gun and is out
of sight at the moment. Go prone and crawl under the window, until you're
beside the next set of stairs. Turn towards it and quickly stand, dashing up
the steps to the cover of the left corner. Here, crouch and gradually lean out
to the left. You can now snipe the machine-gunner from a very tight angle by
the steps. Another soldier will be down the alley between the two buildings
ahead. Kill him and crouch up the stairs. In the building opposite will be
three windows, with at least one enemy soldier in each. Aim for the right
window first, watching both it and the central one (the left window should be
out of view, if not you're too far up the stairs). Clear the right window,
then the central, and finally the left if necessary. Dash up the stairs and to
the next corner. There are less enemies left firing at you here than sounds,
so you can now safely ascend the rest of the stairs, transmitting the
coordinates as you go. Grab the C2 at the top of the tower.

viii. Secure The Church
Descend down the stairs until you reach the bottom of the set that are
diagonally across from the revive. A soldier will have returned to the well
covered window position in the left window, so take him out. There will be at
least one soldier in the building opposite, this time on the ground floor
behind the small windows. Another soldier may also have returned in the
alleyway between the two buildings. Once you've safely descended the tower,
prepare for some running. Hugging the left side of the church, run for the
doors that you initially came in through. You should manage to get out
unscathed with the last part of your dash being covered by the pews. Return to
the upstairs of the command post building. Go to the left of the machine-gunner
and you should have an overview of two enemy soldiers inside the church,
firing aimlessly towards the bottom of the tower. Take out the soldier on the
right and all his replacements with your machine-gun (using your Gewehr will
make them fire back at you). Kill the last soldier on the left and then zoom
into the right part of the church with your Gewehr. This sometimes "convinces"
a soldier to go to that area and hide behind a pew, where you can pick him off
with a well placed machine-gun shot. Exit the command post and go to the small
wall that is opposite the church's first entrance. From atop this wall you
should be able to see through the opposite door to the far building holding
the fixed machine-gun. You can kill the soldier manning this gun, plus his
replacement with the BAR. Similarly, you should be able to kill the soldier
running inside the church, plus his replacement. Send in your squad to clean
up the rest of the church, there should only be a couple of soldiers remaining.

ix. Destroy Town Bridge
Time for some tank hunting. Swap your BAR for the bazooka by the command post
and head back to the windmill. Collect the four rockets there and, from the
windmill, aim at the tank to the right of the bridge. It will be firing at you
but will be out of range. Crouch, line up a shot at the hull with your Gewehr
before firing three bazooka rounds at the tank. You won't see any explosion or
gain any adrenaline, but the tank may have been destroyed. Check with your
Gewehr and fire a fourth round if needs be. After it has been destroyed,
descend the windmill and grab any spare rockets in the house across from it.
From the rear of the house, destroy the tank on the bridge. Fire any remaining
bazooka rounds at the tank on the left. Go to the left front corner of the
house opposite the windmill (with the bazooka rounds) and look down the street
that runs along the rear of the buildings opposite the church. There should be
three soldiers in open view so take them out.

Return to the church, grabbing your BAR along the way. Go towards the pews that
are in front of the third entrance (the last one blown), and send your squad
ahead to clear the street. Next send them to the left and follow them. Advance
down the left until you see the NPCs. From the corner of the building on the
left on the last street, scan the ground windows of the "n" shaped building
diagonally opposite and take out the machine-gunner. Advance to the perimeter
wall, move up along it and join the NPCs. There is another machine-gunner in
the window nearest the NPCs (the house beside the bazooka ahead). Send your
squad into the middle building on the right (the one with the upstairs) to
provoke the gunner into firing. He will expose just enough of himself to allow
you to snipe him from the left. Send your squad upstiars to clear the building
(of the one you sent them in) and grab any ammo up there (wait a couple of
seconds to make sure no friendly grenades have been let loose up there). Swap
the Bazooka for your BAR and make sure that the NPCs are right up against the
wall before the bridge. Fall back all the way to the area in the beginning of
the mission and go out into the part from where the enemy soldiers originally
rushed you. The last remaining tank will be shooting at you but it will be out
of range. Destroy it and switch your bazooka for your BAR (or, if you're low on
BAR rounds, your pistol). Advance to the mound of debris that is just behind
the barbed-wire fence. Take out the two soldiers on the bridge, and their
replacements. If you've enough Gewehr ammo you can really clear the way here
with ease, but if not, take out as many as possible with the pistol and BAR as
you're now looking for adrenaline. If you've any spare bazooka rounds, fire
them into the machine-gun positions ahead to take out at least two enemy
soldiers. Return back to the NPCs by the bridge. Move up to the wall on the
right side and hit your adrenaline. Ignore the enemy soldiers by the tree and
head for the machine-guns, aiming for the safety of the second bank of
sandbags. From here you should be able to take out the soldiers by the tree,
who will be aiming at your NPCs. Once clear, move down past the bridge towards
the area from where the enemy charged at you from at the beginning of the
mission. Leap up onto the wall and you should be able to see two enemy soldiers
at the bottom of the bridge. Use your BAR to take them out, as sniping them
will cause them to shoot at you. Return back to the machine-guns and descend
down the steps to the base of the bridge. Send your squad out to the left side
of the bridge to draw the fire of the three enemy soldiers on your (the right)
side of the bridge. Step out from cover and mow them down. A final sniper will
appear from the far side of the valley, charging towards you as he fires. He
should pose no risk to your three squad members so let them deal with him
before you blow the bridge.

Farmhouse Liberation     M10
i. Advance To Farmhouse
Move forwards and crouch behind the small hill on your right so that you can
see the left half of the building on the right. Fire a machine-gun bullet at
the two sentries at the far end of the bridge to start the action. Take out the
sniper in the building, followed by the machine-gunner and his replacement.
Emerge from cover to snipe the enemy soldier to the right of the building and
advance to the small wall ahead of you. Send your squad forwards and duck down
behind it. Allow your squad and the NPCs to deal with the wave of soldiers that
attack from the bridge, and try to grab any dropped ammo once the coast is
clear. Advance down the left side of the bridge and go prone when the NPCs
start shouting about the sniper in the tower. Crawl back to the front left
pillar of the bridge and take out the sniper from here. Go prone and edge to
the left so that you have a clear shot at the machine-gunner (take him out with
your Thompson to conserve your Enfield rounds). Fall back to the rear of the
battlefield and move to the left flank. From here, snipe the three enemy
soldiers behind the wall on the right flank (not the nearer group behind the
sandbags). Head back to the small wall on the left and hop onto it. Snipe the
two soldiers behind the wall on the left flank before turning your attention to
the aforementioned group on the right. You can snipe them easily enough from
your vantage point (after killing one, let go of L1 to allow the soldiers to
regroup and emerge from cover). Finally, advance under the bridge on the left
and climb up from the frozen river to the other side. Throw a well cooked
grenade over the pillar to kill the enemy soldier there and send your squad
forwards to take out the last remaining soldier. Grab and ammo and head to
your right, moving up to the right of the right small wall. Advance past it
and up the small incline, immediately falling back. This should trigger the
emergence of the troops defending the farmhouse (you can make sure by checking
to see that a soldier is now manning the machine-gun above the King Tiger

Swap the Thompson for the STG located in the building on the right and fall
back towards the tower. Throw a grenade in through the entrance and to the
right to take out the enemy soldier hiding behind the crates. A second soldier
will come down the stairs and fill the same position so repeat the throw. Move
to the left of the entrance, crouched. Lean in to the right while ducking down
and you'll see a sniper covering the entrance on the stairs. Take him out with
the STG and grab any dropped ammo, as well as the Enfield rounds at the top.
Next it's time to take out the soldiers covering the farmhouse's entrance.
Starting from the left, take out the soldier repairing the tank (you can use
your STG after lining up the shot here if you're low on ammo). Shoot the
barrels to the left of the farmhouse to take out the two soldiers beside it. Go
prone and you should be able to see an enemy soldier in the first window on the
left (downstairs). Three (sometimes two) windows to the right is a difficult
target: a soldier that peers out from cover through the window from time to
time. After taking him out, scroll to your right and take out the fixed
machine-gunner located downstairs, then the one upstairs. The next target is
the trio of soldiers hiding behind the wall on the right, along with their
replacements. Finally, take out the two soldiers in front of them to the right.
If you run out of Enfield rounds here it isn't too important, as long as the
soldiers inside the farmhouse are killed then everyone else can be killed by
your STG when closer to them. If you still have some Enfield rounds then you
can pick off two additional soldiers in the upper right room of the farmhouse,
but I'll assume that they're still alive for this walkthrough.

Descend the tower and head back towards the small wall on the right. Hop onto
it and take out the machine-gunner above the tank on the left, followed by the
machine-gunner (and replacement) in the upper right window of the barn, whom
we were unsighted from in the tower. Run up the small incline to the stone
building to the right of the barbed wire. Look across to the tank to trigger
its mission and kill the second soldier repairing it. Turn around and lean out
to aim at the two enemy soldiers on the right. At least one will throw a grenade
so try to take out one of them before falling back. Return to the same position
after its explosion and take out the other. Advance forwards to the wall and,
with your STG, take out the enemy soldier out in the open ahead, along with his
replacement. Crouch and, sticking to the wall, make your way over to the small
shed on the right. From here you want the enemy soldier, in the upper room to
your left, to fire at you from the fixed machine-gun (less damage taken from
it and an easy shot). Once he mans it you'll hear about it, so use the usual
tactic of calibrating your shot before picking him off. For his replacement,
keep the same position covered but zoom out a bit to give you a view of the
other windows in case he shoots from there first. You can now finally blow the
tank stoppers and enter the compound.

ii. Destroy King Tiger Tank
Head to your right once inside and ignore the artillery gun for now. Instead,
hop the fence and enter the shed from the side, via the window on the left.
Set the charge on the tank and exit through the same window, ducking around
the corner to avoid the explosion. Hop onto the fence beside the shed and you
should have a decent view of the enemy solider that made his way to the second
window on the left. Kill him and grab the revive. Here is as good a place as
any to use your adrenaline, but first blow up the barrels beside the artillery
gun (this is a moderately difficult rush so the shed provides decent cover if
you get caught in the open). Head forwards to trigger the emergence of three
enemy soldiers and hit your adrenaline, moving your squad up with you as you
go. Try and head towards the aforementioned shed while firing away at the
soldiers. Once all three are dead aim towards the top of the barn, from where
a sniper will appear. Take him out and swap the Enfield for the Bazooka. There
is an infinite supply of bazooka rounds here so stock up.

iii. Destroy 3 German Artillery Positions
Exit the shed and go to the left. Hop the fence beside the wall but advance no
further. A soldier will appear ahead out in the open. Take him out with your
bazooka for a double kill. Blow the first artillery gun and move to the shed
with the tank. Look to your left through your bazooka scope and you'll see a
soldier crouching beside a wall. Ignore him and fire at the soldier to his
right and further back for another double kill. After firing, look again in the
same direction and you should just be able to make out a white target behind a
wall near the third artillery gun. Fire at it and you should get a triple kill.
Move up beside the tank and fire a bazooka round into the downstairs room that
houses the shotgun (not the barn). Blow the second artillery gun and quickly
move forwards to the "n" shaped house on the right side of the compound.
Sometimes the King Tiger tank will start firing at you with its machine-gun
here, other times it doesn't fire at all. I'm not sure what triggers it but
I'll assume that it is firing for this walkthrough. Enter the house via its
right entrance and head towards the door at the back. Move to the left of the
exit, looking out to see whereabouts in the eastern shed the enemy soldier will
be. Aim your bazooka and lean out to fire at whichever side he's at. Advance to
the shed and send your squad inside. Move to the steps of the shed and turn and
face the last artillery gun. Line up a bazooka shot towards the shed nearby and
release your aim. Move forwards and after one step fire a round. Your round
should hit the enemy soldiers just as you trigger their emergence. Next, head
towards the back of the shed to the left of the artillery gun. Lean out to the
left once you hear the machine-gunner firing at your squad and take him out.
Move to the right side of the shed's rear and send your squad out to take out
the two enemy soldiers ahead, as well as the sniper in the window on the right.
Listen closely for grenades here too and go prone around the other side of the
shed if necessary. Once clear, move to the right flank back towards the bazooka
ammo shed. Three enemy soldiers will appear and hide behind the wall. Take
them out with a bazooka round and make your way to the bazooka shed and restock
your ammo. Return up the same flank, but stick to the side of the farmhouse as
a sniper will now be covering your advance from the rear window. Send your
squad out in the open to either take him out or provide you with a decoy. Blow
the last artillery gun and grab the grenades in the shed along with the revive.

iv, v & vi. Rescue French Operative, Eliminate Freder Engel & Discover Virus
                                                              House Location
Make your way inside the shotgun room, avoiding the Tiger's machine-gun fire
if present. Cook a grenade and lob it into the next room to take out the
soldier behind the table. Enter the room and send your squad up the stairs,
out of the way. Stand just before the doorway and cook a grenade. Run into the
room to the left by the crates and lob the grenade over the cover to take out
the two enemy soldiers that just entered. Enter the barn and blow the door to
the cellar. The nemesis fight is pretty straight-forward, you can't help but
get headshots here. Once dead, grab the documents from him and head back
upstairs to the barn. Swap your STG for the Shotgun (in the barn) and head up
the same stairs that you sent your squad up a couple of minutes earlier. Turn
around and position your squad at the bottom of the stairs. The only way you
can complete this mission with all three members of your squad surviving is by
having the French operative at the bottom ahead of your other two squad
members (and even then it's not certain).

vii. Defend Farm And Destroy Approaching Tanks
Go prone and cover the stairs with your shotgun primed until you have held the
first wave. Once the shelling begins, move towards the window overlooking the
compound's entrance and wait for the tanks. Refrain from trying any long shots
and keep away from the edge of the window to avoid any gunfire from below. The
first tank will enter and start circling around your position. Given your
finite amount of bazookas and the moving target, you'll have to painstakingly
aim the bazooka before firing. Once you fire a round, fall back from the window
and listen for the tank shell that hits your position. Move forwards and fire
again at it and repeat the procedure until it's destroyed. Make sure that all
your shots are at the hull and it will hopefully only take three rounds. The
second tank will park itself in front of your position but will be partially
obscured. Blast away at it until it too is destroyed. If after both tanks have
been destroyed the mission still continues (and there's been zero gunfire for a
couple of minutes), you may have to peek out the window down below at some
enemy soldiers to trigger the end of the mission.

Operation: Virus House     M11
i. Radio Airstrike Coordinates
Head across to the right of the trench and take out the enemy soldier just
ahead of the plunger. Jump out of the trench to hit it before ducking back for
cover. Move to the very rear of the battlefield and around to the right flank
(stay away from the two friendly tanks if they have not yet exploded). Advance
to the small horizontal stack of logs ahead and crouch behind them. From here,
clear the flank ahead of you (in particular the second trench) and shoot any
soldiers around the tank. Advance to the first trench and move to the left. You
now need to start working on your adrenaline, as it is the only way to get into
the enemy trenches (relatively) unscathed. From your position in the trench you
will not be fired at so you can take your time and try for head-shots on every
enemy soldier. Your large amount of ammunition will allow you to miss a few
shots by aiming too high, so you should almost fill your adrenaline bar. If
the rockets did not destroy the tank then you are in luck, as you can just
grab a bazooka and gain a big adrenaline hit from destroying it manually. Once
you have cleared the area of enemy soldiers, go to the right side of the trench
and as far forwards as possible. Jump out of the trench and then return,
falling to the rear of it. Your emergence will have triggered the shelling of
the trench ahead to begin so stay back until it's over. Advance forwards once
the shelling has ceded and go to the north-western corner of the trench. Jump
out and head straight for the trench to the right of the green smoke. Run in
and quickly radio in the coordinates before dropping prone onto the ground
(your adrenaline should now hopefully be full). While waiting for air support,
turn around and send your squad to the right, towards the center of the
battlefield (to hopefully draw some enemy fire). Once the enemy tank has been
destroyed, jump up and grab the revive. Keep running back towards the rear of
the battlefield. It's mostly luck here as to whether you get hit or not, but
once you run past the tree on the left run behind it, i.e. shift your
retreating run to the left so that it blocks the trajectory of the enemies'

ii. Destroy 3 Entrenched Tiger Tanks
Once you've reached the safety of the rear of the battlefield, move over to
the left flank. It should be clear of enemy soldiers because of your earlier
actions, but stay wary regardless. Advance to the trench with the friendly
tank and exit it via the right side. Go to the right of the fallen tree trunk
ahead and advance to the trench with the NPC in it. Duck into it for some
momentary cover before leaping out and heading for the crater with the bazooka
on the left. Without stopping (again), head for the next crater that's slightly
to the right. Make sure that you're health is in the green before making this
run as the enemy soldiers in the front trenches will be firing at you along
with the tanks. Dive into the crater and go prone. Crawl up to the tip of the
crater and switch to your BAR. Hit your adrenaline while still prone before
jumping up out from the crater. Leap the stack of logs and aim at the two
soldiers in the front trench (it isn't really important if you kill them or
not as your squad will take care of them). Jump over the trench and head
straight forwards, aiming at the first of two enemy soldiers in the main
trench. Kill the first one and go prone in the safety of the trench. Begin
crawling forwards while sending your squad ahead and take out the second
soldier from a crouched position. Head towards the rear of the trench and pick
off the soldier manning the fixed machine-gun on the left. Send your squad
across to the machine-gun structure and dart after them (you'll dodge the
other machine-gunners' fire). Advance up the snowy corner of the structure and
take out the remaining machine-gunners from the side. Enter the structure
fully and advance to the outside corner of the headquarters for some cover.
From here, pick off any remaining soldiers around the machine-guns. Toss a
grenade into the headquarters and swap your M1 for the Bazooka. Grab all
six rounds in the structure and wait for the moving tank to drive by the rear
of the headquarters. Jump out of the machine-gun structure from its right rear
so that you're behind the tank. From a safe distance, and whilst laying prone,
take out the tank.

Re-enter the structure and move towards the left of it to triger the emergence
of some enemy troops and a very accurate friendly plane. send your squad into
the headquarters area to make sure that it's clear. Hop onto the green part of
the headquarters structure and move to the north-eastern corner (when facing
the tanks). From here you should be able to snipe the right trench clear,
whilst you should also have a shot at some soldiers in the trench between the
left and center tanks. You can now take out the three tanks, although some
enemy soldiers will still be active in the trenches around the center and left
tanks. Stay low and keep away from the openings of the trenches and you won't
get hit. Listen out for any German shouts too, because (as you may have learned
by now) it's usually the signal for a grenade throw. With the tanks destroyed
the NPCs will move up to help you clear the trenches. Start from the trench on
the right that you cleared earlier and work your way left. Use your squad to
flush out the deep parts of the trenches (keep them on the higher ground). The
most active trench is usually the one to the left of the third (western) tank.
Resist the temptation to use any grenades here as they are vital later on.
With the trenches clear, switch your M1 for the Bazooka and grab any of the
rounds that lie scattered around (there are six on your side of the battlfield
and four around the trenches, along with any leftover in the machine-gun
structure). You should have at least ten bazooka rounds available. Head to the
front of the battlefield now (behind the machine-gun structure). Move left
along the road until you reach the last tree before the road begins to loop
around again. Stop beside it and aim at the bunker to the left in the second
area. A group of six enemy soldiers will run out into view. Fire just ahead of
the first soldier and the round should hit the third or fourth, wiping out the
whole group (replenish that round if possible before moving to the next area).

iii. Find Von Schrader's Journal
Hop the tree trunk and follow the fence to the right to avoid the shelling.
Move to the rear of the battlefield and head towards the river on the opposite
side. Ahead of the last trench on the right flank is a small stack of logs.
Aim your bazooka past them and to the right and you should have an enemy tank
in your sights. Destroy it and head towards the nearby crater containing the
two bazookas. Aim past the ammo and you should have the other tank in your
sights. After destroying it, swap the Bazooka for the M1 by the small stack of
logs. Return to the crater and jump up onto the stack of logs beside it. You
should just have enough height now to clear the trench ahead. Aim for the fixed
machine-gun on the left of the trench to take out the enemy soldier there (and
his replacement), while the soldier on the right is an easy kill. You can also
take out the machine-gunner in the left bunker from here too. Advance forwards
into the bunker and take out the gunner in the central bunker. Advance forwards
in the cover of the trench and take out the third gunner in the right bunker.
Run towards the right bunker and drop down into it. Switch to your BAR and aim
at the hill. Five or six enemy soldiers will descend it so welcome them with
some well timed bursts. They will usually just congregate at the base of the
hill, waiting to be picked off but they do sometimes spread out to the left or
to the right. Regardless, you should be able to take them out from the safety
of the bunker. Jump out of the bunker to your left and aim towards the fixed
machine-gun at the bottom of the hill (still in the trenches). An enemy soldier
will just be in view beside it so take him out. Move to the next bunker and
grab the journal. Machine-gun fire will erupt from the fourth bunker so send
your squad to the front of it to take out the gunner.

iv. Find And Infiltrate German Underground Bunker
Advance to the bottom of the hill to trigger an enemy tank and a friendly
plane. Wait a bit and do some 360 degree turns to remove the tank's shell from
the battlefield. Send your squad up the hill to take out two enemy soldiers at
the summit. Follow them up and take out the two soldiers out in the open on the
right. Drop down into the large trench on the left. From the slope you can
emerge from cover and take out the left machine-gunner(s) without having the
one on the right fire at you. Once the one on the left has been silenced,
emerge from the trench and move behind the sandbag to the planks of wood on the
right. Kill the three soldiers manning the gun and move forwards to blow the
door. Again, three enemy soldiers will be manning the central gun so take them
out from afar where they won't shoot at you. Advance to the entrance and equip
your grenades. Go about halfway down the corridor and throw a well cooked
grenade down the rest of the way. It should take out the two soldiers on the
left and the one on the right ahead, but it can be difficult to tell whether
you hit them or not (due to your adrenaline bar being full). It's best to turn
up the volume here and listen carefully for the flopping of the corpses. If
you feel like throwing a second one to be sure then go ahead, but the grenades
become very important very soon. Head down the corridor and take a left,
running straight back in the opposite direction to the machine-gun lair. From
here, snipe the area clear (you may have to advance down the corridor a bit
after shooting the soldier manning the mcahine-gun as he can turn to face your
direction once shot). With the front part of the bunker now clear it is time
to backtrack and swap the M1 for the Bazooka. Remember to pick up the spare
rounds lying around the battlefield (two pairs in two craters and two in two
trenches). Stay away from the side of the battlefield that you haven't fully
cleared (you can collect the bazooka rounds safely from the crater but cross
over to the other flank once you've taken them). Take whichever machine-gun you
prefer and advance back to the final bunker.

v & vi. Eliminate Von Schrader & Disable Dirty Bomb
Stand at the entrance of the room with the grenades and a worrying lack of
cover. Throw one (not too cooked) down through the far doorway and advance. As
soon as you've thrown it start cooking another grenade and throw it after the
first. Again, cook another a couple of seconds after and throw it out a bit to
the right of the doorway. Cook another and throw it diagonally out the door
(don't emerge out the doorway as I think it triggers the second wave). Switch
to your gun and aim diagonally from the doorway (again don't lean out the
doorway; stand back a bit) and fire at any enemy soldier there. If you lean out
and see two or three soldiers moving forwards, then immediately drop back and
throw a poorly cooked grenade through the doorway again. Your grenades act as
your cover here as the enemy soldiers seem to go for them before they go for
you. If after leaning out you see no soldiers then grab a grenade and begin
falling back before throwing it. You are in essence repeating the process
again for the second wave. Make sure that you use all your grenades before
sticking your head outside the doorway. The enemy soldiers are most likely to
be diagonally across the doorway from you, or behind the wall on the right as
you exit. Ideally your grenades will have taken them all out, and you can see
from the doorway whether any are diagonally across from you. Ensure that there
are no soldiers in the diagonal position before going for the soldiers that may
be behind the wall on the right. Cover that position for around ten seconds
from the doorway to see if any soldier sticks their head out and, if not,
slowly make you way to the wall opposite the doorway whilst always aiming at
the wall where they may potentially be.

With the area clear, switch to your bazooka. Stand in the middle of the room
and aim at the fixed machine-gun at the far end of the corridor. Advance slowly
and when the first enemy soldier emerges, fire off a round. Sidestep into
cover and reload, before firing a second rocket blindly down the corridor
again to take out any other soldiers. You don't want to be too close to the
doorway for the second shot as hitting a nearby enemy soldier will also kill
you, so don't advance too far forwards with the first shot. Now switch to your
machine-gun and clear the rest of the corridor from behind cover. Once Von
Schrader disappears to the left and no more soldiers remain, advance forwards.
Grab the grenade and head up the stairs.

Lean out to the right and catch the enemy soldier before he ducks in behind
the crates. Staying in the stairwell, lean out to the right and try to take out
the soldier amongst the crates on the left (use your grenade if he doesn't
emerge immediately). Advance to the nearby crates and aim your machine-gun at
the crates to the right. A soldier will run out from the left of them so be
prepared to take him out. Switch to the bazooka and once you hear gunfire
hit your adrenaline. Calmly aim your bazooka at Von Schrader and one shot
should be enough (try not to hit the abseiling enemy soldiers in front of him).
If the first shot doesn't kill him a second definitely will, but you will
struggle to get back into cover. Try and fire a bazooka round at your feet
while still in adrenaline mode to take out any soldiers around you, before
deciding on what to do next.

If you've plenty of time but no revives or much health, run down the stairs
and get into cover to take out any surviving enemy soldiers before you head
upstairs to hit the switch. If you've no time but a couple of revives then you
can hit the switch from the same area that you kill Von Schrader in. Jump onto
the single crate in the group on the right (just under Von Schrader's
postition) and then onto the double crates before jumping towards Von
Schrader's machine-gun whilst hammering X to hit the button. You'll be at the
mercy of any remaining soldiers but it's the quickest way to stop the timer.