Boss walkthrough up until Traverse Town by cyberpatrol
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BOSS WALKTHROUGH up until Traverse Town
Welcome to my walkthrough of all the bosses. On every boss and mini boss I will put a number 1-10. 1 is extremely easy and impossible to lose. 2-still very very easy, but a very small chance of losing. 3-just plain easy. 4-not too easy bu still not hard, possible to lose. 5-normal and bigger chance of losing. 6-Just a little bit hard. 7-This is hard.8-A diffucult boss. 9- Extremely diffucult battle. 10- Almost impossible.
Okay here let me give you a quick introduction of the game. Once a upon a time there was a boy named Sora. He had 2 friends who were Kairi and Riku. All three of them began to wonder about other worlds. Riku and Sora were always competing on everything, and pretty soon they will see who's number 1 by fighting for their lives, but you will figure that out for yourself. The day before they set off their island was swallowed by darkness and Sora was transported to a very mysterios place called Traverse town and there he met Donald and Goofy and thus his search for Kairi and Riku began.
Okay Now lets finnaly start this boss guide.
1.Darkside  diffuculty-3 health-240
This fight is not a challenge but you are probably just begining the game so I'll give you some help. First you should lock on to the left arm and start hitting it eventualy he will put the arm down and the a bunch of shadows will come out, so put the arm on hold and kill the heartless once you finish that the stomach of the Darkside  will spit out dark blobs, so jump to dodge it  and then continue to attack the arm and you will win.
2.Tidus difffuculty-3 health-N/A
This fight isn't too hard but some people will need help on this. Okay first start running away from him and then jump to his back and start hitting him, if he turns around you can deflect his attack by attacking at the same time he attacked, so just follow this strategy and you will win.
3.Wakka diffuculty-2 health-N/A
This fight is pretty easy but it can get hard if you don't follow this strategy. The easiest way to beat him  is when ever he throws his ball at you hit the ball to deflect it. It will hit wakka and he will be momentarily stunned and thats when you hit him. Once he's unstunned back away because his melee attack hurts, and when he jumps up and says get ready for this you can only dodge that attack, so don't try to deflect it.
4.Selphie diffuculty-2 health-N/A
This fight is the easiest one on Destiny Islands because she is slow and there really is no strategy to win this fight, but you should probably deflect her whip.
5.All three diffuculty-4 health-N/A
If you are a beginner then this will be a challenge for you. Tidus will prove to be an annoying pest so lets take care of him first. Do the strategy I told you but remember to dodge wakka's ball by jumping away after he's done take care of selphie while dodging wakka's ball. Once she's done finish up wakka and you will be done.If you win you get a potion which could be useful.
6.Riku diffuculty-4 health-N/A
This battle is probably the hardest so far but if you've been training and getting tech points you shouldn't have to much trouble, but you will still need some help, so here's what you do. First off when you knock him down to the ground he will do a powerful counterattack so be careful on that.Probably the hardest part about this is that you are on a very small island and you could fall down very easily, but don't try to knock Riku down because it will only result in failure, on the bright side if you win you get a potion .
7.Darkside diffuculty-3 health-240
This boss is the same as the darkside you fought earlier but his attacks do a litle bit more damage. If you're stuck look at the Darkside strategy up above.
8.Leon diffuculty-6 health-120
The reason I put a 6 because he is pretty hard, he uses a gunblade. His gunshot can hurt you a lot so make sure you jump to dodge that, because you can't deflect it. When you dodge the gunfire go up to him and attack him a few times, and then if he does a ground attack that is also a good chance for you to attack him a few times, so be careful because his attacks can hurt you badly. If you lose the battle don't worry because win or lose you will still be able to go on with the story, but it would be good to farm some tech points and get some experience points for deflecting his melee attack and winning.
9.Guard Armor-4 health-700
The guard armor isn't too hard, but it's like facing 5 bosses instead of one, but on the bright side Donald and Goofy will be assisting you in this battle, so let's get started. First you should have potions packed just in case. Start of by taking down the hands because they do the most damage, donald will help by using magic, and Goofy will mostly defend himself, but he will sometimes attack. Next take out the feet then finish up the body.
The reason I told you to bring potions is because donald has low health and he will need some healing, and after you win you get to keep Donald and Goofy as your teammates but later in the game Donald will not be so helpful.