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TNA iMPACT! Cheats for PlayStation 2

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Unlock ArenasAdded 26 Sep 2008, ID #30941
These venues become available when you complete the indicated task in Story mode.

Unlock Armory:
Win ALL your matches in the Armory Arena.

Unlock Freedom Center:
Win ALL your matches in the Freedom Center Arena.

Unlock Mexico:
Beat the Mexican Gauntlant match.

Unlock Japan:
Win ALL of your matches in Japan.

Unlock Vegas:
Win your match in the Vegas Arena.

Unlock England:
Get 420,000 Style Points.

Unlock MovesAdded 16 Sep 2008, ID #30904
When you have earnt the indicated amount of Style points in either Season or Exhibition mode the corresponding move for created wrestlers will become unlocked.

120,000 Style Points - Wheelbarrow Neckbreaker

130,000 Style Points - Full Nelson Suplex

140,000 Style Points - Basement Dropkick

156,000 Style Points - Crotch Punch

184,000 Style Points - Twisting Crossbody

192,000 Style Points - Tornado DDT

200,000 Style Points - The Book End

208,000 Style Points - Eye Rake

216,000 Style Points - Neckbreaker

232,000 Style Points - Tailbreaker

240,000 Style Points - The Cradle Shock

240,000 Style Points - Jawbreaker

252,000 Style Points - Leg Sweep

268,000 Style Points - German Suplex

280,000 Style Points - Dragon Suplex

290,000 Style Points - The Border Toss

312,000 Style Points - Atomic Drop

320,000 Style Points - The Gore

332,000 Style Points - Hurricanrana

340,000 Style Points - Running Neckbreaker

360,000 Style Points - The Gringo Killer

376,000 Style Points - Mexican Head Scissors

388,000 Style Points - Cutter

400,000 Style Points - Hangman's Neckbreaker

615,600 Style Points - Sonjay Cutter

648,000 Style Points - The Steiner Recliner

680,400 Style Points - The Styles Clash

712,800 Style Points - The Stroke

745,200 Style Points - The Unprettier

750,000 Style Points - Afro Thunder

777,600 Style Points - The Black Hole Slam

940,000 Style Points - Canadian Destroyer
Unlock Bonus WrestlersAdded 16 Sep 2008, ID #30902
Complete the following tasks in Story mode to unlock the corresponding wrestlers in Exhibition mode (Style points earnt in Exhibition mode will also count).

Unlock Senshi:
Earn 200,000 Style points

Unlock Don West:
Earn 250,000 Style points

Unlock Benny the Clown:
Earn 350,000 Style points

Unlock 'Last Laugh' Lenny:
Earn 400,000 Style points.

Unlock Afro Thunder:
Earn 750,000 Style points.

Unlock Brother Ray:
Defeat Team 3D in Story mode.

Unlock Sonjay Dutt:
Defeat Sonjay Dutt in Story mode.

Unlock Chris Sabin:
Defeat Chris Sabin in Story mode.

Unlock Black Machismo:
Defeat Black Machismo in Story mode.

Unlock Kevin Nash:
Defeat Kevin Nash in Story mode.

Unlock Jeff Jarrett:
Defeat Jarrett in Story mode - Part 6.

Unlock Abyss:
Defeat Abyss in Story mode - Part 6.

Unlock Eric Young:
After getting partnered with Eric Young win a Tag Team match with him.

Unlock Jay Lethal:
Defeat Jay Lethal in your TNA Tryout Gauntlet match.

Unlock Suicide:
Complete Story mode and Suicide becomes unlocked after the credits have finished.

Unlock Tomko:
Win the Tomko and AJ Styles Tag match in Story mode.

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