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DW's List of Cheats - The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

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DW's List of Cheats cheat for The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King


DW's List of Cheats

NOTE-All of these cheats, you have to pause the game and hold the L1, L2, R1, and R2 buttons while entering the cheat. If the cheat was entered correctly, you will here a sound.

LEGEND-C-Circle, T-Triangle, X-X, S-Square, L-Left, R-Right, U-Up, D-Down

Skill Codes:
Aragorn L2 Skills-C,T,X,T
Aragorn L4 Skills-D,S,C,S
Aragorn L6 Skills-C,T,S,S
Faramir L2 Skills-X,S,X,D
Faramir L4 Skills-X,X,S,S
Faramir L6 Skills-T,X,D,C
Frodo L2 Skills-T,U,D,C
Frodo L4 Skills-T,U,S,D
Frodo L6 Skills-D,D,X,T
Gandalf L2 Skills-D,T,X
Gandalf L4 Skills-T,U,S
Gandalf L6 Skills-T,T,X,U
Gimli L2 Skills-U,C,S,S
Gimli L4 Skills-T,S,D,U
Gimli L6 Skills-D,T,D,S
Legolas L2 Skills-S,S,O
Legolas L4 Skills-D,D,X,X
Legolas L6 Skills-D,O,U,D
Merry L2 Skills-D,D,S,S
Merry L4 Skills-S,X,O,D
Merry L6 Skills-D,D,S,T
Pippin L2 Skills-D,X,D,U
Pippin L4 Skills-X,D,D,D
Pippin L6 Skills-C,T,C,T
Sam L2 Skills-C,X,C,T
Sam L4 Skills-U,D,S,X
Sam L6 Skills-D,D,U,U

NOTE-The above codes only work if you are playing as the character they are for.

Combo, Restore Missiles, and Special Ability Codes:
Aragorn three-hit combo-S,D,C,U
Aragorn all special abilities-D,C,T,T
Aragorn restore missiles-T,S,S,T
Faramir restore missiles-T,U,X,X
Frodo restore missiles-T,T,T,C
Gandalf three-hit combo-D,X,T
Gandalf all special abilities-U,D,T,C
Gandalf restore missiles-T,D,X,S
Gimli restore missiles-C,C,C,X
Legolas three-hit combo-T,T,T,D
Legolas all special abilities-T,C,X,C
Legolas restore missiles-T,T,T,D
Merry restore missiles-S,C,C,T
Pippin restore missiles-U,C,D
Sam restore missiles-X,X,C,X

NOTE-The above codes only work if you are playing as the character they are for.

Other Codes:
Share experience cooperatively-D,X,X,X
Share health cooperatively-T,U,S,S
Infinite respawns in cooperative mode-C,S,U,C
All actor interviews-X,S,X,U

100 EXP. Points:

Other Codes: (NOTE-you need to have completed the game before using these)

All Upgrades-D,U,T,S
Always Devastating-T,D,T,U
Infinite Missiles-S,S,U,C
Perfect Mode-C,U,T,D
Restore Health-S,S,O,O
Targeting Indicator Mode-U,C,D,S
Aragorn's 4 Hit Combo-U,S,T,D

Reminder-You must pause the game and hold L1, L2, R1, R2. If the codes is correct, you should here a sound.

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