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Moon walking- When your playing this level make sure you have invincibility on or else this glitch wonít work!!! First go out side by walking out any of the tank hangers then you look on your map you should notice the command post numbers on the map find command post number one and walk towards it. Then walk up the hill like top until the invisible wall blocks you from going any further. Next continue to walk up but make sure your walking both up and to the right at the same time. The invisible wall is not connected to this part of the map so now you can walk any were on polis Massa. Once you walk a long time going forward the will be a gouge in the ground so you wonít be able to get back up to the place where you use to be. Then if you continue to walk straight you will just be walking in space and you wonít fall so donít get worried. After walking in that space area there will be a invisible wall blocking you from going any further but it is hard to detect when you are walking into a invisible wall when your walking on space so I simply suggest firing your weapon straight and were your bullet hits is were the invisible wall is so then you will know.

Added 1 Sep 2008, ID #30834, by jmn5 and get

slow down oponents re-spawn rate(kamino)

Go into the oponents main building and look for machines to destroy, when found destroy them I think there are 10 it takes a while to destroy 1 but it is worth it, then get out of building don't take control of that comand post or it will decrese you're re-spawn rate and, you will see when you kill oponents a re-spawned oponent takes like 10 minutes before respawning...hope this helps you as it helped me =)

Added 1 Sep 2008, ID #30833, by ch3ats mast3r2k9

holy crap the best glitch eeeevvvveeerrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

O.K. This is the best glitch ever.what you need to do for this glitch

Is go to mos eisley asult and make shure you have 1000 count for people.

Be evil people{clooser to spot where the glitch is}. When your looking

At the map click on the upper most cp in the top left hand corner.

You must be either bobba or jango fett to do this.when you choose on of

Them go to the corner boundery by the cp and look upif you look cloosely

You will see a black dot in the ski fly to it.Now once you get to it land

On it now you should be standing on air, stand still!Now that your standing on

The dot thin that no looks like a triangle walk outwerds from the place you

Normaly walk twards the area that looks like there is no ground and there you

Are your free from the bounderies.

{P.S. You you must have the invincable cheat on or you will die. And on the part wrer is no ground you can walk on that to as far away from the place as you want.}


Added 13 Aug 2008, ID #30720, by flouresntblackfame

infinite ammo

Pause the game(not during online play)and prees up down left down down left down down left down down down left right.happy hunting for those those wrechted rebles.haha

Added 12 Aug 2008, ID #30713, by Mitar3

deystroy tecnoh union ship [genosis]

Hit the cilinders on the side with a big ship to kill you have to be a republic soilder [easyier to do by republic] hope it helps

Oh by the way does anyone know how to compleat tiatain iv I'm stuck THANKKKKKKKKKS

Added 22 May 2008, ID #30155, by shoot u up

Infinite Health

To get the Infinite health cheat:
First: Pause the game.
Second: Enter this and it should up, up, up, left, down, down, down, left, up, up, up, left, right. It makes an odd noise. Unpause the game, and live forever!
Hope this helped!
Triple Threat

Added 3 May 2008, ID #30014, by Triple Threat

more extreme glitches for pro's (response to pingpong1)

Pingpong1 good glitches, heres another one or two you can add.

#1, go to the sailor ship command post on mois elsey( sorry for the spelling)
By the ship(right by the walkway)theres this container looking thing, you can go into it and kind of hide in it.

#2 by the ship, there is a walkway for non-force guys like chewbacca to get onto it, go up it then instead of going on the ship jump on the wall left to the container you have to jump sideways or it wont work, try jumping at diffrent heaights and spots on the wall because it takes some time to learn were the spot is,(you will go into the wall and can shoot out of it while no 1 can shoot you, use auto target for more chances to hit) it's great for playing hide and go seek with friends.

Added 20 Mar 2008, ID #29561, by martinbirch

Fighting like a girl!

In Utapau, on the era Clone Wars, you must be a jet trooper. At the CP one, look to the left and look at the metal pole jetting out of the wall. Jump and jet over to the pole and walk toward the wall. When you touch the wall you can go through to the other side. Then jump and jet over to the structure that resembles the wall of the buildings outside. Do Not Walk Through! From here you can auto-target, and shoot. As you will see, the EMP, or Commando Pistol's laser will penetrate the wall, and quite possibly, hitting enemies on the other side.

Added 15 Mar 2008, ID #29498, by Glitch_Finder_123

Frigate Hopping

EXTRA!, EXTRA!, Read all about the next great glitch, the next greatest sensation that's sweeping the nation!

Here's a good glitch for all of you cheaters out there.
First you must go to Space Mygeeto, and the era must be in the Clone Wars, being the Republic(for all of you that are curious, you may attempt this in the Galactic Civil War era, but note that you must be the Empire)Firstly, you must enter the invincibility cheat: first pause then press Up, Up, Up, Left, Down, Down, Down, Left, Up, Up, Up, Left, Right. Then you must get into a ship (preferably the Republic Starfighter, or V-Wing) Here you must take-off at a very slow speed, landing just on the edge of the Republic Star Cruiser, you will know when you have done this right, for part of your ship will stick out of the forcefield. Now you must get out of your ship, and began walking (a little close to the edge) and look for the large frigate, "Acclamator" (please note that this is the one beneath the Star Cruiser!!!!!!!!!!!!) Here is where the invincibility cheat comes in handy,now you must freefall onto the Acclamator, Look Out Below!!!!! If done correctly, you will now be on the frigate. Here you must watch the frigate's health, or you will suffer a gruesome death. NOTE: If you are of the pilot-class, then you can repair the frigate, NOTE NOTE: This takes a very long time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Added 15 Mar 2008, ID #29497, by Glitch_Finder_123

Lots of Health

OK, I don't know if this will help anyone but I found something cool the other
Day. Go to Jabba's Palace and before you do anything enter the invincible cheat,

Up, up, up, left, down, down, down, left, up, up, up, left, right

Fall down in the pit where that big monster is, and let him grab you.
Before he bites your head off, press start and hit 'respawn' when you die a lot of heath and stuff falls out.

Also a little tip if your a robot, and you do that, when you explode, it explodes in a little trail.
If you don't know what I mean try it!
Thx for listening!

Added 28 Feb 2008, ID #29332, by Ctlttlbnygrl13

Walk on the Outside of BattleShips

This is really more of a glitch. To do this, you need to be in a space battle in the galactic civil war. You have to enter the empire's "Mothership". Next, take a ship and fly up to the rayshield. Land really close to it, and get out. If you do this perfectly, you will fall out of the mothership and land on the outsid of it. This will only work in the empire's ship.

Added 17 Feb 2008, ID #29210, by pokegolddigger

Jabba Monster Glitch

Play as a ranged-weapon unit and fall into Jabba's trap door. Wait until any other is grabbed by the monster. Shoot at the unit being grabbed and health/ammo packs sometimes fall to the ground.

Works on PS2, untested on other platforms.

Added 17 Feb 2008, ID #29203, by AussieJay

Quick tips

Ok now if you are like me and don't like using cheats try these hints, use health and ammo droids offten, use auto turret from sniper so that you get a little extra protection, use slicing to get vehicles from BEHIND not from the front, destroy enemy turrets AFTER killing the guy inside of it, and make sure the bonuses you earn like elite rifle are on by switching weapons first before you go out to fight. Hope I helped you out.

Added 14 Feb 2008, ID #29191, by Jabbersthegreat2

Great Cheats

These are great cheats that work and I use all the time


Pause the game, and press these buttons

Up, up, up, left, down, down, down, left, up, up, up, left, right

Unlimited Ammunition

Pause the game and press these buttons

Up, down, left, down, down, left, down, down, left, down, down, down, left, right

I have tested these and they work, only for SWBII, not SWBI

Added 5 Feb 2008, ID #29106, by Naruto777


To get invincibility forever until you turn your playstation off, press pause, hold L2 and R2 and press up up up left down down down left up up up left right. Let go of L2 and R2 and you should hear a sound. That means the cheat was accepted.

Added 5 Feb 2008, ID #29104, by kankurolover98

Always get Heros

This cheat will only work
if you keep going back to the hero options
and then go out if you have already done this cheat

Go on 1 or 2 player instant action go down to options once done another option menu then go hero options. When on hero options the first heros (of course)
Second set to , then uder that timer set for <1 second>, under that done't matter you can do any e.g worst player best player random player anything.
Under that will be another timer go all the way to <1> then then go one left to go

If on 2 player on the same team only one will get hero and thats the one who is a the choosing screen when the other player hasn't got hero

Added 4 Feb 2008, ID #29080, by zoroman02

Wampa hunt glitch

Go to hoth the battle not hunt, then be the rebels and go to the hoth ships and put in the invincible cheat incase you get lost the first time after that when you find it you wont need to use it anymore. Then get in the ship and fly straight forward about till you get to the moutain then turn. U should be facing where you came out with you're ship or over more, now go forward and you should be were you play hunt for hoth or if you're not there go right. PS If you're ship blows up I'm not sure but you might be able to walk over to the battle field.

There also nothing over there except the field you play on when you play hunt

Added 7 Jan 2008, ID #28799, by Pokemonboy1

Walk in space

In space missions it is possible for the player to walk in space. What you need to do is to take a ship that is long (from nose to tail) like the X-wing, Laat gunship, or the Y-wing. You have to take off (wihtout going into space) then land the moment your starship leaves the ground keep doing this until it looks like your starship lands in space but you will still have a little bit of your craft still behind the forcefield. Then press the get out of vehicle button. You will be walking in space. You can only do this on the Republic or the Empire's side because you'll fall right off the Rebel and CIS cruisers. It may take a few tries but you'll get it.

Added 27 Dec 2007, ID #28665, by Mauler

Shoot while reloading rockets

This glitch needs you to have the award blaster rifle and be a space marine. On any space map, on any side, take out your rocket laucher, and fire it. While your reloading it, switch to your award blaster rifle. Shoot it, but hold down the right trigger. While holding it down, switch back to your rockets, and keep holding it down. The rockets will be reloading while you shooting your award rifle, although not as fast as it usually shoots. An added bonus is that the rockets will fire immediatly after it is done reloading.

Added 2 Dec 2007, ID #28460, by spartan_r14

Invincibility cheat: you can't beat it without it, w/o extreme s

Up, up, up, left, down, down, down, left, up, up, up, left, right


Added 22 Oct 2007, ID #28046, by ninetailedbrat
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