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Back Against The Wall Glitch

This can be used in any mode. In Mos Eislie spawn at the ship and go on the wall. From the walkway go left to the first break in the wall. Fall against the wall and you should land in the air! Turn your back to the wall. From here you can fire guided missles from here with the only worry from flying characters.

Added 18 Dec 2010, ID #33364, by SHADOW DRAGO and get

It's a Bird it's a Plane No it's Superglitch!

Go to instant action and select Mos Eisley: Assault. After that choose villans and Jango Fett; Go out the door farthest from the big arena and run up against the wall then jet straight up and forward (you may have to go a little to the right) until your jetpack runs out; As you're falling keep pressing forward until you land on nothing (it should say 'leaving battlefield' but you can just run towards the battlefield until it stops) then you can kill enemies with only Han and Leia being able to shoot you.

P.S. You can do it with Boba too but Jango can zoom in farther.

Added 25 Jun 2010, ID #32955, by Guest

Cheat for Lots of FREE Ammo and Health

Go to Jabbas palace and fall down the "secret door" in front of Jabba, wait till an enemy or allie comes in and weaken him a lot until he has very little health left then let him get eaten by the beast and shoot at him while in his hands and if he died and it worked the beast should pretty much puke out all the ammo and health you will need for a long time!


Get Lots of Ammo and health at Jabbas Palace

You go down the door in front of Jabba, wait until an enemy or teamare comes in and weaken him so he has very little health left, then when the beast pick him up try to shoot him when he gets ready to eat him then if you do it right the beast should pretty much throw up tons of ammo and health,TRUST ME IT WORKS I DO IT ALL THE TIME!!!

ID #32888, by Guest

Unlock Alternate Soldiers and invincibility

Unlock Alternate Soldiers
Down, Down, Down, Up, Up, Left, Down, Down, Down, Down, Down, Left, Up, Up, Up, Left Right

up up up left down down down left up up up left right

ID #32885, by Guest

Slow Sprint!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hold down the R2 button and then hold down the L3 buttonn (just in case your wondering if you are supposed to hold them down at the same time your supposed to!!)
Mostly works best with heroes and villians on mos eisley assault (mos eisley is a planet also called tattoine)
P.s. Works best with general greivious yay he is awesome!!!

(p.s.s if you read this your very SMART!!!!!!!!!)

Added 29 Dec 2009, ID #32553, by purplenurple

sweet glitch

Ok go to any space battle and go to assult be any team blowup one of the other teams frigates (sorry for spelling)and fly through it it's so cool!!!!!

Added 6 Sep 2009, ID #32305, by tyskater14411

assault ship walk

Get in any ship on assault,fly off and land on the hangar shield get out and you will be walking on the capital ship!

Added 22 Jun 2009, ID #32067, by pokemonrox

space death star

First you play online then you play the death star. You become the empire. You get enought points to be the emporir and jump down the shaft. You click r1 r2 l1 l2 in a ramdom order and you will be in space. You can't move but you can change the view. You will see the sun and some supernovas it's so cool!!!!!!!!

Added 26 Mar 2009, ID #31808, by masynman

Jedi battles

This is not really a cheat, just something cool I discovered.

It makes it so you can be any Jedi at any time, with clone trooper life, instead

Of a light saber that slowly goes down. (so you can be a jedi as long as you don't get hurt to much)

When picking the stage, go to Mois Elies , and for the battle type, PICK

ASSAULT, NOT CONQUEST. When the game loads, pick the good or bad team, it

Doesn't matter. And you can be any jedi, for as long as you don't get killed.

(but remember, you will be fighting other jedi's)

Added 24 Mar 2009, ID #31802, by CUrLy ^.^

Never Ending Game

This cheat makes the round of capture the flag never ending.

When done correctly, it also lets you be a jedi more often.

What you need to do, is first go to the Death Star battle arena

And instead of picking assault( where you capture bases and fight

Until your opponent has no more people left), pick capture the flag.

When you get into the game, (it does not matter if you are the good guys, or

The bad guys) fight off as many people as you can, until you

Have the choice to be a Jedi. Hit the yes option, and become a jedi.

After you are playing as a jedi, you need to take out both of the bridges.

The first bridge is located : when you are in that big

Room that has the big laser in it(the death beam) there is a path shaped like a

Circle, with a little platform sticking out. Follow that path, until you

Start getting into the republic territory, at the corner there should be a

White glowing box on the right side of the entrance thing, and another one

Across from you a couple feet, only this glowing white box is on the floor.

Slash your light saber at either one of those glowing boxes, until it "dies".

You will know that you did it right, because it will make a funny sound, and

Part of the floor will go down, and under the republic side's floor.

The second bridge is located: Go to that same room with the huge lazer beam

That shoots off evry once in a while, only this time, instead of going to

The republic side, go the opposite direction, until you see a hallway. Go

Down that hallway, and at the end of it, you will see another circle shaped

Room, with a way to get across. DO NOT GO ACROSS. Go th the right, and

Enter the first room to the right. The room should be shaped like an oval

With a bridge going across. The bridge is darkish gray, and that is the secound

Bridge. If you walk forward about two steps, and turn around there should be

Another white blinking box on the wall. Slash that box until it "dies", and

Your done but make sure to check on the bridges every once in a while, because

Some people can fix them.

Added 24 Mar 2009, ID #31801, by CUrLy ^.^

Go Through The Engine!

First, go into a Felucia space assault (Make sure it is in the clone wars and
You are on the republic side). Then turn on infinite health (up, up, up, left,
Down, down, down, left, up, up, up, left, right.). Destroy the enemy engine to
The very left and you will be able to go through it. You may then go into the
Ship and destroy almost everything (to get out you must respawn).

Happy Glitching!

Triple Threat

Added 4 Jan 2009, ID #31460, by Triple Threat

Fire On You

1. Go to any space assault era Galactic civil war
2. Be the Wretched REBELS.
4. Get in any ship and land on the edge of the Star Destroyer
5. Jump out of the ship
6. (Dont destroy the auto turrets) Look at the auto turret next to the entrance.
7. Blast it with any weapon not time bomb
8. Watch the fireworks

P.S. Rebels Stink!!!!!!!!!!!

Added 24 Nov 2008, ID #31243, by shadowkidboyjr

Almost every cheat in this game

To activate the following cheats press start and press them in on the D-pad. You will hear the same sound as when the start menu is opened if they are entered correctly. If you want to disable the code, just put it in again. Under no circumstances should the codes mess up your game.

Infinite Ammo-up/down/left/down/down/left/down/down/left/down/down/down/left/right


Disable HUD-up/up/up/up/left/up/up/down/left/down/up/up/left/right

Low res character models-down/down/down/up/up/left/down/down/down/down/down/left/up/up/up/left/right

Alternate sound effects-up/up/up/left/up/down/up/up/left/down/down/down/left/up/down/down/left/right

Wampa attacks turn into comic blurps-up/down/left/down/left/right(Note, this cheat only works when playing as the Wampas during a Hunt session)

Please rate and verify these cheats if you get the chance. Happy cheating

Added 2 Nov 2008, ID #31125, by gamemaster elite

weaken the clones or the storms

We ure on kamino if you go in side the base on kamino and destroy the clone life support then it will be easier to kill the clones or the storms

Added 21 Oct 2008, ID #31091, by Mitar3

unlimited ammo

To get unlimited ammo,pause and prees up+down+left+down+down+left+down+down+left+down+down+down+up+down.if it works youl here a chirp sound like you did when the pause menu comes wares of once you turn off the game

Added 16 Sep 2008, ID #30903, by Mitar3

unlimited health

When doing assult on tattoine,on the outskirts of the battle feild,on one of the gates you can jump on this ledge,then youll look like youre falling,let youre self fall.then after about 8 seconds you,then you start a new life as a new charecter or the same one as before the visit the spot you just died at,there will bee youre old charecter still falling,and suppling as many bacta,stamina and other health tanks as much as you want.happy killing

Added 15 Sep 2008, ID #30899, by Mitar3

air walking jedi

To do this, play the map geonosis on instant action. Choose clones or droides. When you become a hero, go to the droids hangar on the top of the map.when you see it, force sprint in it. When you get inside,you will hit a little bump and jump in the air but still will be walking. It looks like the hero is air waliking! Hope you like it!

Added 14 Sep 2008, ID #30894, by donatelloman

fire ships weapons in space ships hangar

First you have to make sure you are the republic because there ship is the only one that is small enough to fit inside this room that Iím about to tell you about. The room were this ship can fit into is in the room were the gun control operating systems are. Make sure you fly the smallest ship into that room because nothing else will fit. The doors will automatically open up when your ship gets close to the door. When you get inside the room with your ship you will be able to fly at normal speed and you will be able to fire your ships weapons but remember that the room isnít that big.

Added 2 Sep 2008, ID #30852, by jmn5



In the campaign mode the last level is hoth and in hoth the tunnel that you must go through to protect the explosive charge is not blocked but in instant action the tunnel that led to this place is blocked off. There is a simple conclusion to get around this, all you must do is get in a snow speeder and fly out of the hanger turn around and fly directly over the snow cave and then you will be able to see the other half of the level that is blocked off. If you are asking your self do I need invincibility on the answer is no because the blocked off section on the map is not considered out of bounds. When you get to the other side of the blocked area it is just like the other side with a cave and a whole bunch of trenches in the ground. One of the things I love to do is take an atat and drive it over the mountain and to the other side were the blocked area is and then all the troops that spawn off from the atat get stuck on that half.

Added 1 Sep 2008, ID #30835, by jmn5
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