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Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith Cheats

Cheat Code List
To enter the following cheats and unlock their effects select 'Settings' from the 'Main' menu and then 'Codes'

Unlock All Story Levels:

Unlock All Arenas:

Unlock All Bonus Stages:

Unlock All Duel Characters:

Unlock all Powers and Moves:

Unlock Infinite Force Power:

Unlock Infinite Health:

Unlock Quick Health and Force Refill:

Unlock Super Light Saber Mode:

Unlock Tiny Droid Mode:

Unlock All Movies:

Unlock All Concept Art:

Earning Skill Points:
Hit your opponents or force them to block attacks to earn 'Skill Points'. Light Attack (blocked) = 5 Attack Points Earned

Deflected Projectile (blocked) = 5 Attack Points Earned

Light Attack (hit) = 10 Attack Points Earned

Strong Attack (blocked) = 10 Attack Points Earned

Force Attack (blocked) = 10 Attack Points Earned

Enhanced Light Attack (hit) = 15 Attack Points Earned

Critical Attack (blocked) = 15 Attack Points Earned

Deflected Projectile (hit) = 15 Attack Points Earned

Force Attack (hit) = 15 Attack Points Earned

Strong Attack (hit) = 20 Attack Points Earned

Thrown Object (hit) = 25 Attack Points Earned

Enhanced Strong Attack (hit) = 25 Attack Points Earned

Critical Attack (hit) = 30 Attack Points Earned

Enhanced Critical Attack (hit) = 35 Attack Points Earned

Losing Skill Points:
You lose 'Skill Points' when time passes and you are not battling enemies. The more time that lapses the more points you lose per second increases.

Points Lost

1-10 seconds = 10 Points Lost

11-20 seconds = 20 Points Lost

21-30 seconds = 30 Points Lost

31+ seconds = 40 Points Lost

'Skill Points' lost by being attacked:

Light Attack (blocked) = 10 Points Lost

Deflected Projectile (blocked) = 15 Points Lost

Force Attack (blocked) = 15 Points Lost

Light Attack (hit) = 20 Points Lost

Strong Attack (blocked) = 20 Points Lost

Enhanced Light Attack (hit) = 30 Points Lost

Deflected Projectile (hit) = 30 Points Lost

Force Attack (hit) = 30 Points Lost

Strong Attack (hit) = 40 Points Lost

Hazard (hit) = 40 Points Lost

Thrown Object (hit) = 50 Points Lost

Enhanced Strong Attack (hit) = 50 Points Lost

Critical Attack (hit) = 60 Points Lost

Critical Attack (blocked) = 60 Points Lost

Enhanced Critical Attack (hit) = 70 Points Lost

Kill Rating:
The number of 'Skill Points' you earn killing enemies depends on the level of your 'Skill Meter' when you kill them.

0-34% = Fair Rating

35-69% = Good Rating

70-99% = Impressive Rating

100% = Masterful Rating

Earning 'Experience Points':
If your skill meter rating is above "Fair" your experience points will be multiplied when you kill enemies

Fair = 1x (base)

Good = 1.5x

Impressive = 2x

Masterful = 3x. The following list of base points earned by killing enemies. By using the skill meter multiplyer you can determine how many real experience points you have earned. This list contains spoilers

Battledroid = 200 Points Earned (base)

Buzz Droid = 200 Points Earned (base)

Battledroid Captain = 300 Points Earned (base)

Battledroid Sniper = 300 Points Earned (base)

Clone Trooper = 300 Points Earned (base)

Neimoidian Guard = 350 Points Earned (base)

Super Battledroid = 400 Points Earned (base)

Padawan = 400 Points Earned (base)

Buzz Droid Dispenser = 400 Points Earned (base)

Clone Sniper = 400 Points Earned (base)

Clone Heavy Gunner = 500 Points Earned (base)

Destroyer Droid = 500 Points Earned (base)

Flying Battledroid = 500 Points Earned (base)

Neimoidian Scout = 500 Points Earned (base)

Blue Grapple Droid = 600 Points Earned (base)

Jedi Sniper = 600 Points Earned (base)

Clone Blaze Trooper = 700 Points Earned (base)

Small Turret = 750 Points Earned (base)

Red Grapple Droid = 800 Points Earned (base)

Jedi Knight = 800 Points Earned (base)

Jedi Knight = 800 Points Earned (base)

Clone AT-ST Walker = 900 Points Earned (base)

Clone Assassin = 1000 Points Earned (base)

Neimoidian Brute = 1000 Points Earned (base)

Jedi Starfighter = 1000 Points Earned (base)

Clone Truck Cannon = 1000 Points Earned (base)

Jedi Brute = 1000 Points Earned (base)

Grievious Bodyguard = 1250 Points Earned (base)

Count Dooku = 20000 Points Earned (base)

General Grievous = 20000 Points Earned (base)

Defeated Clone Truck = 2000 Points Earned (base)

Crab Droid = 3000 Points Earned (base)

Banking Clan Cruiser = 5000 Points Earned (base)

Clone Gunship = 7500 Points Earned (base)

Neimoidian Shuttle = 7500 Points Earned (base)

Serra = 10000 Points Earned (base)

Cin Drallig = 15000 Points Earned (base)

Mace Windu = 22500 Points Earned (base)

Anakin = 25000 Points Earned (base)

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