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Using J.J.

On the 5th chapter, mercenaries mode, or separate ways, there is a big soldier carrying a big Gatling gun named J.J. You can use him to use your advantage to help you out. His bullets, will not only hurt you, but the other Ganados' as well.

The bullets kill them in one hit. So when your surrounded by a lot of people, get in front of them, and if J.J. is nearby he'll blast them all for you. And the best part is that in Mercenaries mode, even when he kills his teammates, it'll still count towards a kill for you.

Hope this helps!

Added 3 Nov 2007, ID #28198, by cheating-is-good and get

Make everything go faster

I was surprised I didn't see this on here, but It's not, so I decided to add it. First buy the Stinger Shotgun.

Then pull it out, and aim it but right before the red dot appears press start, and switch to a different weapon. Now Leon should walk/run faster, knife faster. Shoot faster, etc.

I think the effect ends when you go into a door, and go into another level, or when you press start again.

Added 1 Nov 2007, ID #28158, by cheating-is-good

secret weapons

complete the game on easy to unlock infinate rocket launcher and the matilda (revolver) once you complete the game go on extras and complete assignment ada to unlock the chigago typewriter (tommy gun infinate ammo) but it is only in seperate ways in extras so you complete seperate ways to ulock it in the main game

Added 25 Oct 2007, ID #28085, by ps2 fan

Things to know

Most tresure can be combined to make it more valuable so don't sell all of your tresure.

Tresure you may not have found
Past the door were you put the kings and queens grail there is a window you can jump out this will lead you to the butterflie lamp thats out side the room were ashly gets kidnaped buy the flying bugs. In that room were ashly gets taken there is a thing hanging from the roof if you keep shooting at it it will fall unlocking a secret cut scene and leaving you eith lots of red,blue and green eyes to combine with the butterflie lamp.

Unlockable games and Special costume
When you clear the main game you unlock leons R.P.D costume, the infinite rocket launcher for 100000, the chigago typriter machine gun for 100000, the seprate ways mini game, assignment ada, and the mercinaries. If you clear the seprate ways mini game You get specail costume 2 witch give leon a gangster suit and ashley a knights armor. Ashelys armor makes hey invincable to anything and when someone trys to pick her up the will fall under her waight. If you clear every level of the mercinaries with a 5 star rank with ever charachter you get the hand cannon gun for free of the merchant.

Leon showingoff
When leon is in his gangster gear equip the chigago typwriter and reload he will do a little action with his hat if you do this 3 or 4 times he will throw his hat in to the air and knell down and catch it

Added 23 Oct 2007, ID #28048, by T J

Ammo saving

If you want to save ammo ( this works great for professional mode), here's what you do: when fighting regular gonadoes shoot them in the leg, then kick them to the ground (if their not already laying down), now knife them while their down.
Done correctly and you can save alot of ammo you'll need later for the big mobs and bosses.

Added 7 Apr 2007, ID #26139, by the b mista

Save health for leon & ashlay

Leave Ashlay behind zombie proof place & fight with zombies & then call her

Added 3 Jun 2006, ID #21458, by minallovesme

Easy kills

When a Plagus explodes from the head of the people, use a flash grenade and it will die immidiatly.

Added 21 Apr 2006, ID #20886, by missingno

Avoiding The Chop

When the villager enters the room with the large executioners axe quickly tap L1 and R1.

Added 13 Apr 2006, ID #20713, by annefranman52

Save your ammo

To save ammo when killing single small enimies shoot the legs till they fall down then slash them w/ your knife. Also shoot them in the head and kick them. It simple.

Added 6 Dec 2005, ID #18467, by Leon K.
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