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More bolts

Right before you go to do anything hit the Blue lights on the side of the floor

Added 11 Oct 2008, ID #31043, by Glaceon4Ever
Ask.com and get

Easy way to beat bosses

When you have enough bolts you can buy the supernova then buy the mega version of it get it up to level 99 it si an easy way to beat all the bosses really quick

Added 27 Apr 2008, ID #29961, by Mad dog4n

Easy Way to Upgrade all you weapons to lvl99

NOTE:This only works in challenge mode.

Go to the dread challenges at the containment suite and select

Added 25 Mar 2008, ID #29602, by rollin down a hill

Quick & easy bolts

In the battledome, play "swarmer soccer". When choosing your weapons select the following three for your main weapons (note:this only applies if you have the 3)
1. Machine gun turrets - with shock mod
2. Dual vipers - with shock
3. Harbinger - mod of your choice

Just keep putting out the turrets and just run around to collect everything. You shouldn't even need to a fire any other gun.

If you don't have the harbinger, then either use magma cannon or either of the mine launchers.


Added 9 Sep 2007, ID #27713, by DT1

ALOT of bolts

When you beat the game get about 3/4 of the way through the game and then play the mission "endzone" with the scopion flail at levle 99 and you will at least get 2,000,000 bolts each time you play it, so if you are trying to get the harbinger you will get it in one play through (or 2).

Added 19 Aug 2007, ID #27577, by ratchet3master

When you beat the game you can start again with same wepons and you get heaps more money and upgrades.

P.S. Guns are the best!!

Added 6 Jul 2007, ID #27126, by backinblack

Easy lvls on guns plus a little extra $$$$

If you just keep doing the challenge Endzone you can get your guns to grow lvls pretty quick and ull get alot of cash, works for me I got about 6 guns to v99 and about 40mil in bolts.

Well it rains and it pours when you're out on your own.


Added 8 Jun 2007, ID #26823, by thrasher16

Matrix Ratchet/ easy cash

This is a fun little tip. It makes the game more interesting if you do. Max out the dual vipers(raptors) with speed mods. There is a game in
The main battle arena where you have to guard a goal. Juanita and Dallas
Will say "Time to play Swarmer Soccer." When the fight gets going start
All you got at the enemies at the other end. If you're fast and crazy enough,
Time will slow down, and you can see every bullet, and bolts will attack you
In slow mo and it's trippy...man....Then you jump and ratchet floats through the air. You can get over 1million bolts if you don't let a single enemy through. Tell me other hints for this game if this works.

Have fun. McJack-

Added 24 May 2007, ID #26580, by mcjack

Bolt multiplyer

After you have completed the game when you start the game again you will now have a bolt multiplyer which multiplys the bolts you pick up.
It goes from 1-20 and it goes up with every enemy you or your bots kill but when you get hit your bolt multiplyer goes back down to 0

Added 24 Mar 2007, ID #25984, by tusitc

Easy Bolts

Ok first you need to finish the crusader tournament then go back to the battledome and look for the challenge called "endzone" and then keep playing it over and over again and there you have it

Added 11 Mar 2007, ID #25851, by unknown poke dude

New Bot Paint Jobs and upgrades and heads.

When you beat the game in any difficulty, you can unlock new paint jobs, heads and, the highest attack defence boost in the entire game.

Added 3 Feb 2007, ID #25498, by megadude454

The Evil bosses and how to kill them.

Shellshock is the easiest boss. The Duel Vipers seem to work well on him. If you're not a master of the Side flip move by the time you face Reactor, you're screwed. The Evisorater's only dangerous move is his missles. Just watch the ground to dodge 'em. Ace Hardlight's Holoclones are annoying, but put the Acid Omega Mod on your explosive guns and fire away when he pulls it. I won't talk about the final boss because he's too easy. Hope this helps any who are stuck.


No thumbs

Added 29 Jan 2007, ID #25454, by Rachetdude11

Best way to gain more exp

The best way to gain more experience is to do the "endzone" challenge which should be unlocked after you defeat reactor.

Added 23 Jan 2007, ID #25368, by ps2_4_free

Easy way to get wep 99, fast way to lvl your hp, and easy money

-go to the endzone challenge in the battle dome arena
-select your wepon
-select the shock mod and equip it to your wepon
-and all it really takes is 1 shot to kill one whole wave
-also if you run out of ammo run to the very back of the arena where the waves start and run along the back

Happy gamming ;)

Added 27 Nov 2006, ID #24531, by 2game4u

A perfect wepons

To get the most powerful wepons do this;

1)get a mama canon equipe it with sock wave
2)fusion rifle with freez
3)hunter mine with mini-bomb
4)the arbiter with time bomb

Added 7 Sep 2006, ID #23199, by pokemondiablo


Another good way to get a weapon upgraded is to play endzone and try to attach a shock mod to all (or at least some) of your weapons. Since shock mods arc off enemies, you can kill a whole bunch, get lots of bolts and exprience, all while using the least amount of ammo.

Added 27 Aug 2006, ID #23023, by FireArm

Easy way to defeat reactor

Use the levithen flail above level 20
Beats him around 15 seconds

Added 5 Aug 2006, ID #22603, by jakeolsen816

Big bucks and easy upgrades

If you guys want easy upgrades and bolts, just unlock the dread challenge endzone and keep going on it over and over again until you hvae what you want.

Added 29 Jul 2006, ID #22424, by raptor91

Another way to find enemies names

Hey again. I forgot another way to find enemies' names and thought you might want to know.
First, view all the killed enemy stats in the stats menu.
Then, kill an enemy. Return to the stats menu and see which enemies killed counter went up one.
It may take longer, but it a sure-fired way to find out the names of enemies for skill point requirements.

Added 10 Jul 2006, ID #22063, by CaoRen

Easyest wepon level up

The easiest way to level up your weapons and nanotech and get a lot of health is get your weapons and either cash or experience mods or both to the weapons.

Want to then go to the endzone level and keep going to it and soon all your weapons will be at level 99 soon.

Added 4 Jun 2006, ID #21478, by mystery skater
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