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Get rich quick

I have the "get rich quick" cheats for all of the ratchet and clank games.
Fly to quartu (not sure of spelling) go to the giant clank thing, go face the robo-mech dudes (they can be repeated any time) once you beat them, simply walk off the ledge closest to you. You get 1800 bolts each time. Within as few hours, you should be able to buy the RYNO

Ask.com and get

Want to get Gold Bolts? Heres how:

Planet Novalis-Tobruk Crater:

1) In the caves near the starting point,look carefully at the bottom of the three terraced pools.There's a false stone wall here that you can destroy with your bomb glove.Behind it is a Gold Bolt!

2) In the first room of the waterworks arear,use the jump maneuver to reach the top of this hidden ledge.

3) If you have the Hydro-Pack,you can swim up the river and into the large pipe. At the source of the river is a secret cave where you'll find another Gold Bolt.

If you need more help where to get gold bolts contact me on AIM:dArKrCdRaG0n

Added 17 Oct 2004, ID #11161, by K I L L Z O N E

Cheats R&K

Enable Cheat mode:
Beat Drek, then do one of the combos below at the "Goodies" menu to unlock that cheat:

Big head mode for Clank:
Flip Back, Hyper-Strike, Comet Strike, Double Jump, Hyper-Strike, Flip Left, Flip Right, Full Second Crouch.

Big head mode for enemies:
Stretch Jump, Flip Back, Flip Back, Flip Back, Stretch Jump, Flip Back, Flip Back, Flip Back, Stretch Jump, Flip Back, Flip Back, Flip Back, Full Second Crouch.

Big head mode for NPCs:
Flip Left, Flip Right, Flip Back, Flip Back, Flip Back, Comet Strike, Double Jump, Comet Strike, Hyper-Strike.

Big head mode for Ratchet:
Flip Back, Flip Back, Flip Back, Full Second Crouch, Stretch Jump, Full Second Glide.

Temporary invincibility whenever health is full:
Comet Strike, Comet Strike, Comet Strike, Comet Strike, Flip Back, Full Second Crouch, Flip Back, Full Second Crouch, Comet Strike, Comet Strike, Comet Strike, Comet Strike.

Mirrored levels:
Flip Left, Flip Left, Flip Left, Flip Left, 3-Hit Wrench Combo, Hyper Strike, Double Flip Right, Flip Right, Flip Right, Double Jump, Full Second Crouch.

Trippy trails:
Wall Jump ten times, Double Jump, Hyper-Strike

Added 30 Dec 2003, ID #5751, by tha double and dash

Chicken Glitch

You need the Golden Morph-a-Ray for this. Ok when You are in Metropolis Go on that train. The turn a Blarg person into a (Big) chicken. Hopefully it should jump off when it does,get off the train and you should see the chicken in the air!!

p.s. it would help to see the chicken if you morphed the guy closest to the front of the train
p.s.s supercheats rocks!

Added 13 Oct 2003, ID #4503, by monoya45

This isn't really a cheat and is at the same time.

For a gold bolt on Orxon (pay attention this demands skill), if you have the Map-o-Matic it'll be way easier.

Go to the clearing where the pterodactyls keep chucking bombs on the ground.

There will be an acid pool with a sort of 'tongue' over it. Get a fair distance away from it (also in a spot safe from bombs or this won't work) and equip your Visibomb gun.

Steer the Visibombs up over the tongue and into the tunnel. Steer it till you reach a wall. Run into the wall with the bomb.

Keep on sending Visibombs down the tunnel, blowing up walls and stuff until you've deblocked the whole tunnel.

Go to the entrance at the other end, go all the way through the tunnel to the 'tongue' and collect your gold bolt!

By the way, to get the Map-o-matic, you have to go to the Gadgetron site and complete the grind challenge (you simply hit all the switches and dodge the obstacles).

Also, if any of you know, how do you input cheats? What part of the Goodies screen do I have to go to to input them? HELP!!!!

Your video-gamer-helper-friend-extraordinaire,


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