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Pac-Man World 2 Cheats for PlayStation 2

Pac-Man World 2 Cheats for PlayStation 2

We have 5 cheats on PlayStation 2
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Ice River Run ShortcutAdded 17 Mar 2008, ID #29513
This sneaky little shortcut is located at the point where the first drop-off is found on the Ice River Run level. At the drop-off where there are plenty of strawberries drop down to get them and then go right to take the shortcut.

Unlock Classic Pac-Man Mini-GamesAdded 17 Mar 2008, ID #29512
Collect the indicated amount of tokens during gameplay to unlock the corresponding classic Pac-Man arcade game.

Unlock Pac-Man Mini-Game:
Collect 10 tokens during gameplay.

Unlock Pac-Attack Mini-Game:
Collect 30 tokens during gameplay.

Unlock Pac-Mania Mini-Game:
Collect 100 tokens during gameplay.

Unlock Ms. Pac-Man Mini-Game:
Collect 180 tokens during gameplay.
Ask.com and get
Ask.com and get
Unlock Music TestAdded 17 Mar 2008, ID #29511
When you have collected 60 tokens during gameplay the 'Jukebox' option will become unlocked.
Get a token and about seven extra livesAdded 17 Sep 2004, ID #10811
To get a token and about seven extra lives go to Butane pain. Once you are on the tree after the tree after first set of fire things look down and you should see the non-cirlcular b-doings. Bounce on them and you should land on a tree. Bounce on the thing in the middle and you should be surrounded by lives and a token. You could take the non-circular b-doing back to the tree just in front of the tree you were on before.
Added 18 Mar 2004, ID #7505
To Kill Blinkys Frog:

Bounce 3x's on frogs tongue whilst it's wooden.
When the frogs tongue turns to steel, jump on top of the tongue and reverse roll into the frogs mouth 3x's times to kill it.

Do not lose wedge:
You will not lose a wedg eIf if you do a bounce when you're falling from a high place,

Hint: Try not to fall off a cliff or platform.....

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