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additional blows

If your having trouble knowing what this is, you should know that additional blows are extra or teleporting attaks to the (side or top) , do this the number of times indicated in the game and you should pass the mission.

Added 31 May 2008, ID #30209, by final cheater and get

How to get Sasuke's chakra

I found the most effective way other than Byakugan to steal chakra. Just press the X button 3 times rapidly, then mash O when you are next to him. If you do it right, there will be no additional blow (do not press any directional buttons) so he can not counter that, plus he can not land on his feet. Make sure you are close to a wall so it ends up slamming him into it, then steal the chakra balls.

Added 15 Dec 2007, ID #28553, by Sore thumbs

Nine-Tailed Naruto

Nine-Tailed Naruto, probably the most powerful charachter you can unlock cannot use ninja tools, so don't try any missions that you can only use ninja tools with him.

Hope this helped!

Da Mario Man

Added 9 Jun 2007, ID #26825, by Da Mario Man

Anko's Hazing 1

On the mission Anko's Hazing 1, there are three easy steps to follow that will make this mission easier to complete.

Step 1: Pick Cursed Mark Sasuke. Step 2: Back Sakura up against a tree. Step 3: Press the x button twice quickly and use an aerial attack of your choice.

Step 4: Repeat step 3.

Hope this helped!

P.S. You have to defeat Sakura in 30 counts and you are only allowed to use aerial attacks and Ninja tools.

P.S.S. Cursed Mark Sasuke can't use support items, scrolls and power-ups. His health goes down as you fight even if you don't get hurt.

Added 3 Jun 2007, ID #26781, by Da Mario Man

Not really a hint

To get passed most of the missions where you can only attack but no jutsu or secret techneques I suggest either using Orochimaru or Zabuza because of the swords and strength

Added 21 May 2007, ID #26545, by okami101

Getting the last two characters.

The last two characters are suped-up versions of Naruto and Sasuke. To get curse mark Sasuke, reach chunin level in the missions. Same with kyuubi Naruto, only you have to get up to jounin.

Added 14 Apr 2007, ID #26207, by macman392

Tug of War on the Bridge

In Tug of War on the Bridge, use Sasuke. Quikly run up and throw him. Do the thing where you apear behind him and kick him. Repeat twice, then defeat him. Same thing with the next mission and any others with additional hits.

Added 14 Apr 2007, ID #26206, by macman392

Sharingan Tips

The best people to use the Sharingan against are...
Rock Lee

People which i'm not sure about are...
Sakura (I don't know if you can use her "The Great Sakura" jutsu against her)

People who aren't very good to use the Sharingan Against are...
Neji (You can't use his Palm Rotation)
Shikamaru (You can't use either of his Jutsu)

People who are useless to use the Sharingan against are....
Gaara (You can't do anything, you can't even attack when copying Gaara! The good thing is though, it wears off in 5-10 seconds...)

Hope this helps

Added 26 Feb 2007, ID #25735, by king_jamie56

Secret Scrolls

Here are the locations for the Scrolls

Ichiraku Ramen:
Hit all the lanturns until they turn red, but don't break them.

Hokage's Mountainside Images:
Jump on the left tree about 5-15 times till you get the scroll.

Hero's Memorial Stone:
Hit the opponent's Support Character 5 times for the scroll.

Survival Excersize Ground:
Hit the Dummys 10-15 times till you get the scroll.

Look Out Tower:
Jump from the giant frog to the snake, then jump from the snake to the frog for the scroll. Do this by jumping twice, then air dash.
NOTE: Works best if opponents on other side.

Chunin Exams: Exams Stadium:
Run from the left to the right underground walls and from the right to the left underground walls. Do this 2-5 times for the scroll.

Excersize Ground: Forest of Death
Hit the jumping fish 3 times for the scroll.

Kikyo Castle: Castle Keep:
Stand on the right fish's fin on the very top for 3 counts.

NOTE: Watch out for the wind.

Sunagimo Estate and Buddah Statue:
Hit 8 items in the tornado till you get the scroll.
NOTE: The tornado has unlimted runs through the stage and 2 items per run.

Kazekage's Mansion:
Hit the vending machine on the left rapidly till you get the scroll.

Great Naruto Bridge:
Stand on the boat for 3 counts till you get the scroll.

Zabuza's Hideoutz:
Stand on the tallest Platform for 3 counts till you get the scroll.

REWARD: Go to the first mission on S Rank Mission for your reward.


No thumbs

Added 23 Jan 2007, ID #25373, by Mario_4_Life

Easy Special

This is the best way I know how to easily get a special on anybody. This is what you do you teleport inside or outside of the arena(up+x or down+x)wuth any level special. If your enemy is stupid enough to follow you hit him/her with the special. This should work mostly all the time^_^


No thumbs

Added 1 Jan 2007, ID #24986, by cheating biatch

How to beat curse mark sasuke quickly

Well you guys should know to use hinata or negi but if you do use negi heres a hint after using their byakugan hit them enough so they have no more charka then collect charka and use the level 3 charka move and just to tell you their life better be low.


No thumbs

Added 29 Dec 2006, ID #24960, by narutofreakofmyworld

Sexy jutsu+sharingan

You know naruto's sexy jutsu? He's not the only one who can use it. Go to practice, pick sasuke or kakashi vs. Naruto. Use sharingan(level 2 and 3 secret technique for sasuke, 1 and 3 for kakashi) and use the sexy jutsu. They look the same, except for some different colors, but kakashi's sexy jutsu still has the cloth over her mouth and nose(LOL). It's not much of a cheat, but it's still hilarious!

P.s. If you want to know how to get all the secret scrolls go to the forums for this game and click on the one called: How to get all of the secret scrolls, look here to find out.

Added 13 Dec 2006, ID #24755, by Dranixger

S-rank mission 11 and 12

There are 2 s-rank missions to unlock. To unlock them you either have to beat all s-rank missions(most likely) or 2 certain ones(not likely). So don't think you're out of the woods yet!

Added 11 Dec 2006, ID #24738, by Dranixger

How to get curse marked-sasuke

Succesfully complete missions in mission mode untill you become a chunin. Once you become a chunin the screen will turn black and it will say "you can now play as curse-marked sasuke."


No thumbs

Added 25 Oct 2006, ID #23982, by sasuke939

Second Outfit Color

To get a different outfit color for any character all you have to do is hold R1 or L2 and press the X button while your on the character of your choice.

Added 30 Aug 2006, ID #23080, by yaoikid91

The Naruto fart

To make naruto fart you have to press down and O

Added 17 Aug 2006, ID #22834, by rock lee hiden justu

How to get characters

In scenaro pick any person out of the six. Then you will get neji saga, beat that one. Then you get hinata saga. Beat that saga than you keep going and going and you unlock that character once you beat that saga other tham sauske,naruto,saukura,rock lee,and shikimaru. I already have cursed merked sauske!!!!! Yeah it's cool but he looses health when you attack! To get cursed marked sauske you must beat half of c rank and then you will get B rank and cursed marked sauske I'm trieing to get hyuuga naruto but it's really really hard anyway I'll tell you when I get him!


No thumbs

Added 17 Aug 2006, ID #22825, by rock lee hiden justu

How to get capsule for collectors

Trust me when I made it to rank b I got cursed mark sauske and the capsule machine for collectors good luck!!!


No thumbs

Added 17 Aug 2006, ID #22816, by rock lee hiden justu


To use the Sharingan with kakashi you need to do a level 1 or 3 secret technique, to use the sharingan with sasuke you need to use a level 2 or 3 secret technique. With the sharingan you basicly become your oppenent only in sasuke's or kakashi's body. So all you have to do is move faster them them and you can win. The sharingan lets you have thier combos and chakra techniques (not secret techniques), to use the chakra techniques just enter the same buttons for a chakra technique as your opponent would. Thats a lot right there about the sharingan.

Added 1 Aug 2006, ID #22494, by kakashichidori

To Get Demon Naruto you have to become a Jonin.

Added 1 Aug 2006, ID #22493, by kakashichidori
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