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Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty Pack Shot

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty Cheats for PlayStation 2

We have 8 cheats on PlayStation 2

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Incrase 'Grip Level'Added 3 May 2006, ID #21101
In Raiden's mission, go to Strut D (Sediment Pool) and go to the upper level.
Then stand near the railing (recommened to do it near a stairset) and press TRIANGLE to start climbing. Then press X to relese the rail and quickly tap TRIANGLE to catch the rail below. After that press TRIANGLE to climb up and quickly go back above. Do it a few times and your grip level will be incrased.
The maximum grip level is 3.
Have Fun Smile I hope it's helped...

Get Sea Lice rankAdded 13 May 2005, ID #14992
To do this crawl on the sea lice and let them eat your rations then go to your items menu and it will tell you about sea lice and if you complete the game with sea lice attached to your rations then you get the rank of SEA LICE.
Unlock Extreme difficulty modeAdded 4 Jul 2004, ID #9711
To unlock Extreme difficulty mode beat the game once.

Added 12 Apr 2004, ID #8150
Bandana (gives you infinite ammo)_-Beat the game,Select Tanker,Get over 30 dog tags.

Blue Wig (gives you infinite 02)_-Collect all the dog tags.

Brown Wig (unlimited ammo for Raiden)_-Beat normal mode with more than 100 dog tags.

Orange Wig (infinite grip)_-Beat the game with 150 dog tags.

Shaver_-Grip yourself over behind the caged fence when you start with Raiden.
Stealth Camo_- Beat the game. Select "Tanker". Get more than 60 dog tags.
Stealth Camo #2_-Beat the game with 120 dog tags.

Sunglasses for Snake and Raiden_-Complete the game twice on the same save file
ID #2032
At the time of writing we have not aware of any cheat codes being available for this game - by this we mean, something like up, down, left at the main page for infinite lives.

There is a rumour that you can get infinite ammo though. Try this... Collect all dog tags and complete the game and then save it. You then need to start a new game and equip the wig. With this item equipped you should have infinite ammo.

Although we have not tested this one ourselves, we have put this in as a recommended cheat as we have been asked by many users why we have no cheats for this great game.

Don't forget we have loads of hints for this game, submitted by loads of gamers, to see hints for Metal Gear Solid 2, click here.

ID #2022

Dog Tag Know How

Dog tags are hidden on many of the soldiers. If an enemy has one, youll see a glowing spot on their chest where the tag would hang.

You'll need to surprise them at gunpoint (Hold Square when near them), then walk over (hold L1 while holding square) to stand in front of them. Point the gun at their face, and eventually they'll shake with fright and drop the tags.

Once you pick them up, you can view them from the title screen in the Special Menu. To obtain the tags from the 'persistent' soldiers, do the above, and then Shoot them in the hand or near their face. That will get them to co-operate.

Obtain Bandana (Unlimited Ammo)

Clear the game on Extreme Mode (If you just clear the Tanker Mission, it will become available only on the Tanker Mission. Same goes for the Plant Mission).

Obtain Digital Camera

Clear the game on Normal Mode (If you just clear the Tanker Mission, it will become available only on the Tanker Mission. Same goes for the Plant Mission).

Unlock Alternate Title Screen

Clear the game on any difficulty setting.

Unlock Separate Missions

Clear the game on any difficulty level and you will be able to play the Tanker and Plant Missions separately.

View Dog Tag Locations

Clear the game on any difficulty setting and you will be able to view the locations of all the dog tags. Go to the Special menu, then Dog Tag Viewer. When you highlight a missing dog tag you will see it's location at the top of the column.

ID #2014

When you fight Olga Gurlokovich when she runs across the screen shoot her in her armpits then you get a message from Otacon.

He says thats no way to treat a lady.

Do that again then she throws her gun in the water and walks towards you then shoot away, then when she is ninja and knocks you out when your in the torture part near the end.

She will say I'll come back after making love to solid snake.

ID #2004

1st cheat ever!

Hear some cool things from Emma Emerich!

At the part where you have to use the sniper rifle to protect Emma, quickly get out the D-microphone and point it at her. she will say loads of stuff about how she feels about what she is doing.Also, take the sniper rifle and shoot her with it. Then very quickly get out the D- mic to hear her insult you. Try it. ITs really amusing!

P.S. The site rocks! keep it up!

- Webby's note: Cheers mate - and thanks for sending the cheats in!


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