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Good attack on dark riku

A good attack that can be used against dark riku is Arcs Arcanum when his level is low.

Added 25 Sep 2006, ID #23567, by wah123 and get

WTF ~Boundries Glitch~

Okay go to ~End of the World: Destiny Islands~ And go to the part where the bridge WAS (Y'know where ya fought Riku.)Now do ya see the wooden Shack by the Dry Water Fall? Get on it.

(The shack no the water fall LOLLOOOLLOLOLOL) Then go to ALMOST the side where there is a VERY Short drop. High jump and eventually you should land on an invisible wall. Jump and youll go up. Then when your high enough, you can go ANYWHERE.

Even BEHIND destiny islands! Alot of things are hollow and can be go-thru-able. Here is a vid, for Example.

Added 24 Sep 2006, ID #23561, by Silver Dragoon

Large Three Headed Dog

To beat the L.T.H.D...

Run underneath him while he's walking around shouting fire balls then when he stops and starts trying to grab you hit him twice then run behind his paw when he lunges at you.Repeat

When he breaths dark magic into the floor move to his middle and try and jump on his back.If you don't manage to jump on his back run around him in a large circle ending underneath him again.

Added 24 Sep 2006, ID #23558, by roxismydog

See whats really behind the door at the end.

Ok this is very cool it's to see whats behind that door at the end: ok at the start of the game choose strength defence and what ever else. Now when you get to the bit before the movie hold select and keep holding it when it comes to the bit let go now after you beet the game go back to the arear and click the door. You will see riku and kairi doing somthing and namine's shadow is on the floor.


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Added 20 Sep 2006, ID #23498, by gyan3

Killing zara (agrabah's secret boss)

To kill zara get all summons spells and be around lv 50 if youre in normal mode attack both orbs until he's knocked out then have everyone attack head after that call out mushu or bimbo to attack magic shield then attack head again repeat this process until you destroy magic shield 2nd time thendismass bimbo or musho the second time and call out tinkerbell ( big help!!!) keep attacking zaras orb but watch out for his new attack if you have low health stay away from him until tinkerbell heals you twice then keep attacking. Don't dismass tinkerbell when your're attacking shield with magic ( I prefer to attck with fire) then keep doing until he dies...

Added 26 Aug 2006, ID #22980, by i unlock more secret

Killing sephiroth

To defeat sephiroth try to be on lv 70 bring three megalixars and a good keyblade like lionheart. Keep attacking him until his health is gone by one bar then when he runs fast try attacking but when he uses a spell to bring your hp to one and mp to zero.

Then use a megalixer if he uses spell but when he's performing spell go after him and attack him to stop him keep doing this until he loses about two and 1/2 bars then he'll stop and put a spell around him (it does nothing to you) then he'll perform ultima on you.

To advoid his ultima try rolling around him untill he jumps then try to get behind him after that keep attacking until he dies. Use areoga to protect yourself ( it lower oppents attacks while it lasts).

Added 26 Aug 2006, ID #22979, by i unlock more secret

Defeating sephroith

The way to defeat sephroith is that be around lv 70 I recommened ( I killed him at lv 64 in expert pretty easy) you should bring about 3 megalixers if fighting him for first time keep attacking with a powerful keyblade ( I prefer lionheart unless you get ultima).

Then once sephroith starts losing health after 1 bar is gone or 2 he will start running fast and using some spell to decrease your mp to 0 and hp to 1 (unless you didnt attacth some ability 2 keep 1 hp after a massive hit).

Then after you see him performing spell try to glide or super after him to stop him from using spell ( if he uses it then use a megalixer) keep attacking until he brings some glowing spell arond him which makes him extreme powerful.

Be carful from his mega spell you can't att him but you can dodge the attacks by rollong around him and his egg shape things.

After eggs blow up try to move behind him to dodge his attack ( some kind of mega ball) then keep attacking till he dies...

Ps I recommened you using areoga and curga on you're shortcut magic list areoga or the wind spell is a defense spell that lower opponents attacks..

Added 25 Aug 2006, ID #22972, by i unlock more secret

Defeating Cerebus

To defeat Cerebus easily, all you have to do is:

-When Cerebus shoots out fireballs at you, jump while holding left on the analog stick. You will still most likely get hit, but it helps a lot.
-When he blows purple goo into the ground, keep jumping EVERY TIME you hit the ground. First jump left, then right. Keep doing this until it stops.
-Generally, he will only bite at Donald and Goofy, unless they are knocked out. Every time he bites at them, this is your chance to attack. When one of his side heads go down (not the one in the middle because that one is too hard to hit), run up and press X once. Don't try to do a combo because you will lose health. Sora should jump up and hit Cerebus once. As soon as Sora lands, run back so Cerebus won't hit you. Do this every time Cerebus bites down.

Repeat these steps until Cerebus dies.


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Added 24 Aug 2006, ID #22959, by Toy Soldier

Easy beat second boss in marmaid level

Get Goofy to level 40,Donald level 36 and get Sora level 39.


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Added 19 Jul 2006, ID #22208, by chairzard

Secret bosses

Unlockable Secret Bosses
The game includes a few secret battles that may be worth the trouble, especially a couple of new ones that have been added to the American version. All of these are insanely hard, though, and for experts only. Sephiroth: The Platinum Match at the Coliseum becomes available after locking the Hollow Bastion Keyhole.(Extremely Hard)
Ice Titan: The Gold Match at the Coliseum shows up after beating the Hades Cup.(Hard)
Phantom: Visit the Clock Tower in Neverland after locking the Hollow Bastion Keyhole.(Extremely Hard)
Kurt Zisa: Talk to the Carpet in Aladdin's House after locking the Hollow Bastion Keyhole.(Hard)

Happy Slaying!

Added 11 Jul 2006, ID #22082, by Soul Cast

Best Way To Beat Gold Cup/Ice Titan

The best way to beat the ice titan is to use Guard when he fires ice projectiles at you. If a projectile hits your Guard it will give you 24 tech points each and fire back against the ice titan. After almost a bar of health is gone he'll kneel down just enough to attack his head directly. It won't last long. He'll get up and get MAD!!!
Guard as much as possible.
WARNING!!!: After about the third time he kneels down he'll get REALLY MAD!!!!
He'll freeze the entire arena twice (which hurts a lot), then go on an ice projectile frenzy.

Added 8 Jul 2006, ID #22024, by GamerBoy13577

Ice titan made easier (disclaimer: may seem wordy but is detaile

As many air combo plus as you have
Dodge roll
Mp haste and mp rage(2 if you have)
ANY keyblade (yes including kingdom key)
As high level as you can (or want)

Estimated time needed: 3 or more minutes (depending on your attack power if you decide to use keyblade)

Ice titan isn't hard at all... It's actually possible to kill him even without using your melee attacks. The only thing you can hit is his head. When he's facing you straight, he tends to use those icicles, use guard to deflect back them back at him (remember to lock on to his head unless you want to worry about camera angle, move occasionally because he only seems to use icicles after turning). The big idea is that you must try to always be in front of him so that he would use other skills less often. Sometimes he uses that skill which he punches the ground then icicles pop out from the ground. Well when he gets enough of his own icicles he would bend over (use superglide to reach him if you have it, it gives you more time to attack him) then you can go in to attack him with your melee (those icicles should have taken 1 of his hp bars away by then, so you could actually rely on the icicles to win the whole battle :P). When he gets up he immediately uses a rapid scattered icicles attack which you can just stand still and block the centre one (yes the centre one is aiming for you), it's a sweeping pattern by the way. Approximately after he gets up the 1st time, he would start using the ice boulders attack (ice boulders drop on you, and they come in series of threes), you can evade it by using dodge roll, but if he starts to use icicles the boulders would stop dropping (that's why there's a need to stay in front of him). The attacks that may be worrying is his freezing skills, there's 2 in fact: a freezing breath and some ice energy attack. The freezing breath is slower since he has to sweep across an area, but if you're on the extreme side of the coliseum you should be able to avoid it totally (corner is the best, or you could jump your way out of it). As for the ice energy attack, he sort of like concentrates some ice energy in a rather big area, and it has a very fast activation speed, so stay near a corner of the map and you'll be totally safe. If you see him doing something that looks like roaring but without the sound, it's the only sign that he's using the ice energy, if you do notice it then dodge roll to a side,as far as you can (unless you're already in a corner). Have fun thrashing him(her?, it?), and remember, it's not your equipments that matter but rather your understanding of your opponent.

Just a general information about the icicles: block only when the ice titan is using the concentrated attack (when all the icicles aim at you) not those scattered ones which seem to be aiming at the floor n walls. It is most likely that you will be doing more damage with the icicles than your keyblade on the whole.

Additional (maybe irrelevant) information: if you can totally understand all of Sephiroth's attacks and combat styles, he's your key to max level (simply because you will definitely level up each time you beat him...too much exp yes?).

Added 5 Jul 2006, ID #21941, by eternalkingdom


If you need things (such as weapons,staffs,or magic)u have 2 fight whats his name in deep jungle you kill him you get cure.

You get the jungle keychain and you go get other wepons for goofy and donald and you go fight more for other things like money thats all I know.


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Added 8 Jun 2006, ID #21539, by soras cool


To get the ultima keyblade just in the kupo shop syntanise evreything and then a option will come up to syntanise the most powerful keyblade,

Added 4 Jun 2006, ID #21473, by ruin001


An easy way to beat Sephiroth. Go to the customize. For spells equip sora with cure (or cura or curaga) and aero. For items you will need high potions 2 ethers and 2 elixers. When you start off instantly cast aero unless you have a high strength and defense. Keep him targeted and use the keblade strike( if you don't have it you are not ready to fight Sephiroth) to attack him. If he gets near you get ready to guard or roll. After you weaken him to his red bar he will strt waving around his hand attack him before you get a halo around your head if you do you will die unless you have second chance. He will start charging and mass teleporting. He will do this for a while. After a bit of attacking he will go into rage mode where he is much like cloud when he is flying around. He can't be attacked at this time just keep guarding when he is near. Soon he will start shooting meteors out of the sky to avoid the shockwave keep in the air. Eventually they will blow sephiroth can be attacked but he is much quicker. Now is where the health really comes in handy. He will summon a bnunch of dark orbs. They will attack you and so will he every once in a while. Go to him and use the strike attack until he dies.

Added 1 Jun 2006, ID #21431, by dave_hanson21

Bosses, post cards, and dalmations (maybe more)

BOSSES - first is darkside. HP:240. Exp:18. To beat this boss all you have to do is lock on to a hand and when it is low enough attack it but don't stay in front of him. Second is the same guy. HP:300. Exp:60 same guy but he has 1 new attack.

Third is Leon. HP:120 exp:30 does not matter if you win or lose. Fourth is guard armor. HP:700 exp:110. 5 targets (arm, arm, leg, leg, and torso(the strongest part)) each with it's own hp. When you win you get brave warrior.fifth is cards, crank tower.

Crank tower HP: destroy the wheels exp:100. First save donald and goofy then go only after the crank tower. Sixth is trickmaster. HP:600 exp:150. Just keep hitting hit (no magic). Seventh is cloud. HP:300. Exp:80. Does not matter if beaten. Cries out before each attack.eigthth(spelling) is cerebrus. HP:600 exp:200. Target 1 of the outside heads. Ninth is sabor. HP:90 exp:15. Just keep attacking.

Tenth, eleventh, and twelth is the same guy. For final he has 180 HP and 150 exp. Thirteenth is clayton and power wild. Clayton HP:250 exp:240. Only go after clayton. Fourteenth is claton and stealth sneak. Stealth sneak HP:750 exp:30. Defeat stealth sneak first then clayton. Fifteenth is guard armor. HP:196 exp:0 sixteenth is opposite armor.

Body HP:900 exp:390 arms HP:135 legs HP:270. Same guy, up side down, new attacks seventeenth is pot centipide HP:600 exp:250 eighteenth is cave of wonders guardian HP:380 exp:400 ninteenth is jafar HP:500 exp:600. Watch out for genies attacks.

Twentieth is genie jafar. Just attack the lamp.twenty-first is parasite cage HP:450 exp:500 attack head on or magic.22nd is same guy with new attack HP:900 exp:1000. 23rd is ursula flotsam and jetsam.ursula HP:450 exp:1000 twin eels HP:60 exp:150 keep shooting magic in the pot.

When ursula is knocked out attack her. 24th is ursula HP:900 exp:1500 attak her head from behind. 25th is lock, shock, and barrel. Lock HP:150 exp:80 shock HP:120 exp:120 barrel HP:180 exp:240. 26th is oogie boogie HP:450 exp:2500 when swicthes appear hit the one boogie is by. 27th is oogie's manor HP:90 exp:2500 destroy the dark orbs (7).

28th is captain hook HP:900 exp:3400 don't use fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!29th is riku HP:500 exp:2000. 30th is malificent HP:900 exp:6000 use gravity on the platform. 31st is dragon HP:1200 exp:6000 try to stay on back. 32nd is riku HP:900 exp:8500 33rd is behemoth HP:1350 exp:16000 same tatic as dragon. 34th issame guy. 35th is chernabog HP:1500 exp:15000 attack from behind the head.36th is ansem HP:1500 exp:10000 no magic.37th is darkside HP:900 exp:8000. 38th is ansem HP:1200 exp:20000. 39th is world of chaos HP:1500 exp:20000. 40th is room core HP:30. 41st is artillery small HP:120 exp:90 large HP:240 exp:240 42nd is room core. 43rd is face. HP:1200 exp:3000. 44th is room core. Last is main core HP:300

OPTIONAL BOSSES - in never land is phantom HP:1200 exp:9999. In agrabah is rurt ziza HP:1500 exp:20000. And every body in the olympus colisium.

POST CARDS - attack fan in item shop, on roof on accessory shop, on the awning in front of the "boots and shoes" store in the second district, use blue trinity mark near the item shop in the first district, after meeting leon open the blue safe in the first district, cast thunder on the exposed wire in third district then go in the gizmo shop hit 3 buttons then examine the clock to get 2, climb ladder outside of gizmo shop jump roof to roof to get to another district then use lock on target to find it. Check paper on wall in item workshop, and check small pot in gepettos shop.

Across from mystical house, allyway, item work shop, secret water way
Queens castle(2), lotus forest, tea party garden
Near statue on right
Hippos lagoon, vines2, climbing trees, camp
Alladins house,palace gates, tresure room
Bridge, cemetary, gullitine square(2)
Chamber 3(2), chamber5, mouth
Clock tower, ship's hold(2), captains cabin
Grand hall, rising falls, castle gates, high tower


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Added 24 May 2006, ID #21349, by pokemen

Glitch: Floating Sora

Hi, Sora here and heres how to make sora float.

1. You go to the cave of wonders (if you are already there luky you)
2. You go to the treasure room
3. Get on the platform with the green chest (you need to open it for this to work unless you have hi-jump)
4. Then jump on the ledge and there is floating sora
Note: on the fourth step you must hold the left analog stick up and when you want to get down just let go of the stick


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Added 23 May 2006, ID #21330, by i am sora

Cheat disc

For kingdom hearts 1 (and final fantasy X) you can buy this disc called ultimate codes. It lets you get all magic all keyblades and all health and magic points for every character you play as and fight with!!(if you start new game you have to get to traverse town the first time to get all keyblades) (final fantasy explained in the hint section under it) I got this disc for like $4 at my local blockbuster


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Added 17 May 2006, ID #21280, by blacksith67

When tournaments open.

There are 5 tournaments at the coliseum.
Phil Cup=seal Traverse Town
Pegasus Cup=Coplete Monstro
Hercules Cup=seal Hallloween Town and Neverland
Hades Cup=seal Hollow Bastion

Added 14 May 2006, ID #21249, by dark_sora

Beginner game tips

Hi people!

On the princess platforms in the beginning of the game, choose wisely between the rod, sword, and the shield.

The rod starts you out with higher magic levels, the sword does your attack, and the shield your defense. You can choose either one and just synthesize items to balance your stats.

Also try to choose carefully during the 3 questions in the beginning:

Before you start to play on Destiny Islands.

All first choice:Start out strong and then at level 40 go slower
All second choice:Normal leveling
All third choice:Start out slow then at level 40 go faster
As you can see, after level 40, leveling reverses so the third choice is probably the best for leveling at the end part of the game. Thats all I've got for today so see you later!

From: Kile Fromo Adsolo


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Added 1 May 2006, ID #21067, by Kile fromo adsolo
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