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Best Strategy Deck for beating Marluxia hint for Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories


Best Strategy Deck for beating Marluxia

Well I was on Lv.56 when I beat the first Marluxia (Which was an illusion) with a mash of many magic card combos. Like Firaga,Blizzaga,etc. Anyway after you beat the first Marluxia a really good deck to go up against the next two (you don't have time in between to modify your deck..) is one with the sleight/combo "Final Flame" (I believe thats the name for it) Anyway for this sleight first you've got to learn it by leveling up then it's the sleight that you use one "Stop" spell and two attack cards. This attack I consider it ""DEADLY"" for any boss,not only does it freezes the Boss for the time period you attack but you also take about 1 life bar off of your opponent (Well at least I did since I was lv.57). Well in the last battle it's pretty rough since Marluxia has several sleights so what I used for my deck was:

1- Stop,Attack Card,Attack card(4x)-(It could be good to have more than 4 of each of these)

2- Marluxia Card-(You get this after beating the first Marluxia and it lets you use all your sleights twice in a row for one whole reload, in other words if your lv.57 and use the Final Flame sleight with the Marluxia card already activated it equals 2 whole life bars by using only 1 sleight)

3- Item cards ( Elixir is good to have since it reloads all your cards, I'd say about 4 are good, 5 are better)

4- Attack cards (9x)- (Their value must be of 9 and you must have 9 of them,why? Well while fighting the last version of Marluxia he has a real ugly sleight called "Doom" and you have to counter his cards with your own if die,so it's good to have attack cards of value=9 so you can counter all his cards,then after you can keep on hitting him with the Final Flame sleight)

5- Vexen (This card is an obligation to have,why? Cause if you die you have a second chance even though it's not with much HP)

6- Magic Spell "Cure" (6x) - (6 of these are good to have for all your HP healing needs plus if you use Vexen,you can heal yourself using Curaga)

7- Any Card you deem worthy (Any card you see that goes well with this deck is fine)

Ps: My max CP was at 875 so you can imagine how I fit all these cards here (even though they were at different specifications then the ones I mentioned earlier) so ya I hope this helps to all you who have problems with Marluxia.

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