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Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets Cheats for PlayStation 2

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Added 29 Dec 2007, ID #28687
How do you put the fire out

Added 3 Dec 2007, ID #28469
After you complete the blue flame challenge Flitwick will give you forty points, after you talk to Ron, I saved the game and came back to it later and I got another forty point. I found out that after you talk to Ron, save it and then quit, come back to the game and Flitwick will keep giving you forty points.
Make Slytherin lose House pointsAdded 26 Jan 2006, ID #19313
This cheat is very simple. You can only do this on the level that you act as Goyle. So when you are acting as Goyle let a prefect see you. When your caught Slytherin will lose 5 House points. You can do this as many times as you want.
How to rebound locomotomortisAdded 29 Jun 2005, ID #15796
When a prefect shouts locomotomortis when he shoots at you quickly do expeliarmus and it will fade.
Nimbus 2000Added 4 Jul 2004, ID #9690
On the 2nd day of class go to the Quidditch practice and earn a rank of B or above and you will receive the Nimbus 2000 broom. You are able to use the broom anywhere and at any time.

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Wizard cardsAdded 22 Dec 2003, ID #5499
When you are in the common room you will see a big statue, the statue is a secret passage, go through it.

Behind the statue are afew passage ways go down all of them. but down one of them there is four paintings.

Go up to the paintings and when you go through them you get to one of the houses duelling places.

If you defeat your opponents you get that houses founder famous witches and wizards card.

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