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.hack//INFECTION (Part 1) Pack Shot

.hack//INFECTION (Part 1)

.hack//INFECTION (Part 1) Cheats for PlayStation 2

We have 4 cheats on PlayStation 2

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99 all standard itemsAdded 5 Feb 2007, ID #25511
Enter Sieg as your character name at the beginning of the game to get 99 of all standard items.

.Hack - INFECTION (Part 1) cheatsAdded 3 Oct 2005, ID #17479
Liminality Keywords
Enter these keywords to get the following characters and rare items

Gott statue in Delta - 'Raging Passionate Melody' after reading her message on the board

Find his sword in Delta - 'Hideous Destroyer's Far Thunder' after reading his message on the board

Bring a letter to her in Theta - 'Soft Solitary TriPansy' after reading Gardenia's fan club message on the board

Soul Blades and Ceramic Helm:
At Theta - 'Dog Dancing Passionate Tri Pansy'

Ice Bar:
At Delta - 'Hideous Organ Market Scaffold'

Rusty Nail and Kagayuzen:
At Delta - 'Voluptious Her Remnant'

Unlock Parody Mode - Japanese version only:
Beat the game once for the joke dialogue track to become available.
Hack Part 1: Infection CheatsAdded 23 Mar 2004, ID #7716
Golden Axe And Silver Axe -
To get a free Silver and Golden axe go to a Monsieur level 1 and give him a reasonably high level weapon or armour. When you are asked what you lost reply 'Neither one'. You will then be given a Silver and Golden Axe and your weapon back.

Grunty Keywords -
To obtain whatever you want and 30 level places enter 'chosen hopeless' in the Grunty place.

Grunty Items -
Piney Apple at 'hidden solitary white demon' and Twilight Onion at 'hidden gluttonous melody' are the two most annoying items to find for Grunties.
ID #1552

Blackrose, Best weapon:

The strongest weapon you can get for Blackrose or any Heavy Blade is a Blaze Sword.


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