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Professional mode:

Select arcade mode, then highlight the "Hard" selection on the difficulty selection screen. Hold L1 + R1 until it changes to "Professional".

Toyota Sprinter Truendo GT-Apex:

Successfully complete the Sunday Cup with gold medals in all three races to unlock the Toyota Sprinter Truendo GT-Apex.

Mazda Eunos Roadster:

Successfully complete the Cupman Cup with gold medals in all three races to unlock the Mazda Eunos Roadster.

Mazda Roadster RS:

Successfully complete the Spider and Roadster cups with gold medals in all races to unlock the Mazda Roadster RS.

Nissan Silvia K's 1800cc:

Win the Beginner FR Challenge series to unlock the Nissan Silvia K's 1800cc.

Silver Honda CRX Del Sol SiR:

Win the Beginner Race of NA Sports series to unlock Silver Honda CRX Del Sol SiR.

Bonus tracks:

Successfully complete each tier of tracks in arcade mode on any difficulty setting to unlock the next tier of tracks:

Tier 1:

Super Speedway, Midfield Raceway, Smokey Mountain, Swiss Alps, Trial Mountain, Midfield Raceway II.

Tier 2:

Smokey Mountain II, Tokyo R246, Grand Valley Speedway, Laguna Seca Raceway, Rome Circuit, Tahiti Circuit.

Tier 3:

Swiss Alps II, Trial Mountain II, Deep Forest Raceway II, Special Stage Route 5, Seattle Circuit, Test Course. and get

How to get the tickford falcon

Step 1: first you need the ia licence.
Step 2: you need a good car with super-hard tyers.
Step 3: enter the super speedway endurance race.
Step 4: try to win the race.
Step 5: you have 1 in 4 chance of getting the car.

Added 20 Dec 2011, ID #33869, by hi12

Cars you can win.

Beginner League.

Sunday Cup - Toyota Sprinter Trueno

Clubman Cup - Mazda Miata Mx5

80'S Cup - Mazda RX7 Savana 111

4WD Challenge - Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution GSR

Turbo Challenge - Daihatsu Mira

Gran Turismo Championship - 4 car's, Nissan Skyline GTR R32

Amateur League.

American Championship - 4 car's, Mazda RX7

Japanese Championship - 4 car's, Toyota Yaris 1.5 RS

European Championship - 4 car's, Mini Cooper 1.3i

German Touring Car Race - 4 car's, Vauxhall Astra Touring Car.

Hope this helps!



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Added 30 Apr 2011, ID #33593, by Guest

To win the Calsonic Nissan Skyline Race Car.

First buy or win a Nissan ( I got a Pennzoil Nismo GTR because I had the money) and race in the Amateur or Professional (I can't remember!) 'Race Of Red Emblem' and come first.

You will get quite a bit of money and a shiny, new, blue Calsonic Nissan Skyline Race Car.

Added 16 Apr 2011, ID #33572, by Guest

To make the Ruf RGT one of your fastest cars.

To make you Ruf RGT one of your fastest cars you will need to do the following.

Firt, buy the car (if you don't have it already!) and go to the tuning shop. Then go to the turbo section and buy the 85 thousand credit turbo.

Now it will go like stink!

Added 13 Apr 2011, ID #33568, by Gran Turismo 3 Maxi

extra bhp

When you buy or win a new car, immediately change the oil. This results in a bhp boost. Usually the car gains 4-12 bhp


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Added 14 Apr 2008, ID #29783, by ps2god

Faster slow cars

When you buy a slow car for instants the beetle cup do it up full to get an edge on your opponentand go test it in max speed test if it goes quite slow go into settings and change the gear ratios down the bottom of the screen to 32 and your car should go 70 to 100 kms fast
Rey Mysterio Rox

Added 27 Sep 2007, ID #27816, by Bladedog619

Quick money and easily done

If you get the Polyphony indy race car (Super Speedway circuit endurance) you can do any race (providing you have the licences) and therefore get easy money, but the tyres wear out every 3-6 laps.

Added 29 Oct 2006, ID #24021, by theconison

More speed

If you want extra speed on your cars. Install the turbo booster: stage by stage.

Added 7 Aug 2006, ID #22653, by Cloud15


For your second car in begginer league, you should buy the ford mustang. The car is for sale at 31,000 it has more horsepower than any car of it's the game once you buy it and then start tunning it up. If you don't like the way the parts work in the car then just re-load the game and buy new ones.


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Added 27 Jul 2006, ID #22380, by andrewcooke93

How to beat Gran Turismo 3

First, get every licence possible (don't worry about the S licence).

Then, buy the Sprinter Trueno GT-Apex (AE86 I,J,) and try to beat the Sunday Cup, the Clubman Cup, FR Trophy, the Turbo Sports Challenge and the 80s Sports Car Cup, and keep adding stuff to it. After you have beaten all these (except maybe the Turbo Sports Challenge), save up for a Mitsubishi 3000GT
VR-4 Turbo. After you have enough money for it, sell your Sprinter and start racing your 3000GT. Keep racing until you have fitted a Stage 2 Turbo, Semi-Racing Muffler, Sports Intercooler and everything from drivetrain, suspension and brakes and others/random. Now buy some dirt-racing tyres and beat the rally league. Sell off all your prize cars except the Citroen Xsara Rally Car. Race the FF Trophy with it in the first two leagues. DON'T add anything to it. When you have beaten these, go back to your 3000GT. With it, beat the Gran Turismo World Championship (first 2 leagues), the Japanese Racing Cup (amateur league), the 4WD Championship and the Turbo Sports Challenge (both in amateur league). Save up until you have enough to buy the Jaguar XJ220 Road Car. Keep racing the 3000GT until you have enough to fully fit it up in this order.
Turbo Stage 4--Racing Intercooler--Racing Muffler--Port Polish--Full Engine Balancing--Racing Chip--Triple Clutch--Racing Flywheel--Carbon Driveshaft--Full Racing Transmission--LSD Full Customisation--Suspension Fully Customised Service--Sports Brakes--Brake Balance Controller--Sports Tyres--Lightweight Stages 1 through 3. When this is done, race the XJ220 in the Super Speedway Endurance Race and win. Pit every 15 laps or so. When you win, buy the Corvette Grand Sport. Boot it up fully and race in every American Championship. Now you have a garage with all drive types, all aspirations and many different types of cars.

P.S. Here's what all the initials stand for:
CR- Credits
FF- Front Engine+Front Wheel Drive
FR- Front Engine+Rear Wheel Drive
MR- Middle Engine+Rear Wheel Drive
RR- Rear Engine+Rear Wheel Drive (the RUF RGT is the only one I think)
4WD- Four Wheel Drive
NA- Natural Aspiration
HP- Horse Power
BHP- Brake Horse Power

Good Luck

Added 11 Jul 2006, ID #22085, by Soccer NASCAR Fan

gran turismo 3 difficulty

In arcade mode, you can choose professional difficulty. When it asks you to pick a skill level press r1 plus l1


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Added 19 Jun 2006, ID #21649, by viper8666

Licences Made Easy

If you have played Gran Turismo Concept 2002, Tokyo to Geneva, and you have obtained the licences for the tracks, you can use this data in your A;Spec file to give you all the lincences at the start of the game.

Happy Racing!!

Added 25 May 2006, ID #21355, by Running_Man

Fastest car

The best combination on GT3 for starters is the Toyota Yaris. Buy this car and you should still have quite a bit of credits left.

With these credits go and buy the turbo stage 1 upgrade. This should skyrocket your bhp from 90-100+.

Then once you win all the races in the Sunday Cup, you should win the Toyota Trueno Sprinter car. Sell this off and buy a couple more upgrades.

These upgrades are up to you.

Added 14 Mar 2006, ID #20029, by mathelo

Get used to driving your car

When you first start the game go to arcade mode when your in arcade mode you go to the free run then what you do is pick super speed way then you pick your garage pick the car you want and put the thing where you change your gears on manual then you start with gear 1 go around the track once then you switch to 2nd gear go around the track once then you do the same thing but cotinue to switch to higher gears each time you go around the one lap.

Added 10 Feb 2006, ID #19564, by paulspals

Get a viper!!

I suggest starting out with a pt cruiser (I know it's ugly, but oh well). Once you start earning some $ you can tune it up some. I know it's tempting but don't buy a $40,000 or so car just because you have the money.

Save until you have about $80,000 and go buy a dodge viper gts. This baby is nice enough stock, and you wont believe how much it can be upgraded. My viper has 1000+ horsepower and it can school the most expensive cars in the game, like a panoz esperante and a mazda 787b. And the best part is that I've only invested about $200k including the original purchase. Trust me on this one, the viper is definitely the best value in the game, and mine can go 270 mph.

Added 24 May 2005, ID #15118, by pkoger11

Choose your own car

I noticed whilst playing gt3 that in most races when you get the the screen come up with four blacked out pictures of cars you can see a black ring underneath a certain car.

Now by moving the black ring using the directional buttons, you should be able to choose the car that you want although you can not actually see what car is what.

You should be able to recognise the shape of it and if done quckly and accurately (or lucky) enough you should end up with the car you want...

Good luck with it...and keep on driving...!

Added 14 Mar 2005, ID #13651, by real prince of driving

Anything Goes!

I have earned over 95,000,000 dollars and there is no car better than the Escuado in speed. I haven't conquered the game yet and I haven't used a Gameshark either. I earned all of this by good old fashioned racing.

PS. The Viper GTS Concept is a piece of junk, it is way too wild for anybody.

Added 2 Nov 2004, ID #11400, by lonely wolf

How to get easy $$$$ in a beginner race

Go buy a Ford svt cobra R(around 31,800)and go buy all of the upgrades that make your horses go WHaCk!

(608hp)Then go race in the gran turismo championship(a sieries of 10 races I mean it 10 races!)and place in first(10,000).

(note: you can also max out the skyline gt=r v spec 2 (705hp) but i recomend the Ford svt cobra R)

Added 11 Aug 2004, ID #10419, by GTAfan5

Early Mini Cooper 1.3i in the game.

You need 2 memory cards. On 1 card, beat the "Lightweight Cup" on the Beginner league.

After that, sup it up with the highest turbo to save some dollars.

Then trade; or trade with a friend.

Added 16 Jun 2004, ID #9187, by The Ultimate Tommy V.
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