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Pimp FO90/S

To get a pimped FO90/S keep racing Super Speedway 150 miles until you get a orange&black FO90/S.

Added 12 Apr 2004, ID #8143, by DiabloGT1 and get

Harder Difficulty

I dont mean to waste time but here is a cheat hardly worth using.
In arcade mode go to hard difficulty but dont click on it.

Instead hold L1 and R1 (or it could be L2 ans R2...I'm not sure so try both options) and then the hard difficulty should change to proffesional.....

It's the biggest waste of a cheat ever but if you want to make things harder on yourself try it!!! d:>

Added 6 Dec 2003, ID #5213, by irish rover

If you want 10 trillion dollars and infinite series points, you need to get a CodeBreaker. There is no other way around it.

Also, with a CodeBreaker you can make it so that the Endurance races are only one lap.

I donít suggest that you use a Gameshark because it messes up the DVD player in the Playstation 2.

If you want the Indy cars you need to race the Professional races.

Also, if you get to 100% complete, you win the Polygraph 01. This is the best car in the game.

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