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skip elder wyrm

To skip the elder wyrm you need to obtain the iteam to get past the barriars in the osmose jungle[check that name]. you then go all the way south until you reach the feywood. then hug the wall on the east side and keep heading east. then go as far north as you can until you hit a wall then go northeast until you're in mnt. bur-omias[chek that name to]. if you cant find bur-omias then keep going north till you're there. this is a easy way to get low leveld characters ahead in the game without fighting the elder wyrm.

Added 27 Dec 2010, ID #33381, by cheesey fry and get

Master Gambit

Self: HP Critical = X Potion , Ally: Ko Status = Phoenix Down , Ally: Status Stop = Remedy , Ally: status confused = Smelling Salts , Ally: Status Sleep = Alarm Clock , Ally: Status Silence = Echo Drops , Foe: Flying = Blizzaga , Foe: Nearest Visible = Attack , Self: Haste , Self: Bubble , Self: Protect , Self: Shell

Added 23 Aug 2010, ID #33150, by Guest

easy leveling (level 30+)

If you want a easy way level up you can get embroidered tippet and go to zertarian caverns and chain the horse things

Added 21 Mar 2010, ID #32762, by blazican15

Hunt for Fafnir [#31 Wyrm Wrath's Renewal]

I had a fair bit of trouble with this. My usual FF tactics weren't working, so I decided to capitalise on it's weakness; lightning. It took a few runs of trial & error, but I managed to get it down to this set-up [all were lvl 62];

- VAAN [Party Leader and Tank]
Weapon = Deathbringer
Off-Hand = Demon Shield
Helmet = Renewing Morion
Chest = Maximillian
Accessory = Power Armlet [most important!]

- Balthier & Fran [Both Damage Dealer and Supporter]
Weapon = Cloud Staff
Helmet = Golden Skullcap
Chest = Glimmering Robes
Accessory = Sages Ring [not necessary but suggested]

It's a very much "All for one, and one for all!" approach with the gambit system, with Vaan trying to divert as much attention as possible. I did originally try with a Bubble Belt equiped, but found the "Stop" ailment removed the "Lure" status, and was un-able to be re-applied until "Stop" was removed, which didn't work out too well! So I then opted for Bubble to be cast along with Decoy, etc. Here is final Gambit set-up;

1. Ally:HP < 20% - Renew
2. Ally:Any - Phoenix Down
3. Ally:Any - Echo Herbs
4. Ally:Any - Alarm Clock
5. Self - Haste
6. Self - Protectga
7. Self - Shellga
8. Self - Bravery
9. Foe:Nearest Visible - Attack

1. Ally:HP < 50% - Curaga
2. Ally:Any - Arise
3. Ally:Any - Echo Herbs
4. Ally:Any - Alarm Clock
5. Ally:Vaan - Decoy/Bubble
6. Ally:Vaan - Bubble/Decoy
7. Self - Haste
8. Self - Faith
9. Foe:Nearest Visible - Thundaga

It's a solid strategy, but occasionally needs a manual input, foresay Decoy runs out, and the Mages are going nuts healing, you may have to get Vaan to cast Decoy on himself, but it may fail sometimes due to lack of Mage Power. It's a tactic open to variation of course, but I seriously suggest keeping Power Armlet on Vaan.

Happy Hunting!
M - K - Y

Added 5 Mar 2010, ID #32734, by Minority_KY

Easy way to level up your weaker characters

First you have to make sure they can use the Tecknik 1000 Needles (also make sure you HAVE the Tecknik 1000 Needles). Set a Gambit for them to use 1000 Needles on the nearest opponent (or something like that). Next, go to the Giza Plains, if it's not in the rainy season, most, if not all, of the monsters should have less than 1000 HP. They should now be able to easily win every fight there.

Hope this helps

Added 2 Jan 2010, ID #32567, by foobobtheawesome

Easy levelling up

The easiest place to level up, before entering the Henne's Mines is the Ozmone Plain and the Giza Plains. The numerous enemies that infest the Ozmone and the Giza Plains usually have a bunch of exp and LP points. The Storm Elemental's there can be taken down with a chain combo of Quickenings.

Added 16 Dec 2009, ID #32517, by MenaceSG

Note on auto leveling with jellies

I've seen guides that have said that auto leveling with jellies should be over 20. You don't need to be over 20. You just need to set your gambits a bit diffrent than the other, just set heal prio like this:

X potion/Hi-potion ally 60-70 in the beginning(change this later when you feel safe to auto level when you are going to bed)
Pheonix Down-Ally-any

You should check your characters the first time when you are in the Henne Mines around 30 minutes after or so. Make sure that your main character is alive;Otherwise you won't level up at all!

Happy auto leveling!

Added 18 Nov 2009, ID #32459, by SomeWhere

Dreadnought Leviathin Help

The Dreadnought Leviathin is a rather difficult area to get through as it has so many enemies to deal with. Plus you are rescuing the Princess which is only more difficult to deal with. In any case, here are some general things to remember when going through the Leviathin:

~Sometimes you may need to go back through the tripwires. This is especially when you may want to resave your game at the crystal after you have progressed somewhat through the Leviathin.

~Avoiding conflicts is both foolish and wise. It's foolish because if you let a large group of enemies gather together, they will be much harder to defeat than if you had beaten the one guy period. However, when either low on health, or there are too many enemies to begin with, it might be best to avoid the situation altogether.

~When nearing the Cell Block where Ashe is, it's best to avoid any conflict whatsoever. You will have to go through a set of tripwires, but simply flee from the fight as you have a much harder one coming up.

~During the fight between the Judges and the Swordsmen, fight one Judge at a time with two of your teammates staying back with a Gambit for healing at 70.

~Don't let Vossler die! He is the strongest fighter of your party to that point and is one of the only ones who will be able to fight extremely well against the enemies. Letting him die is your ticket to the end.

~After rescuing Ashe, sell whatever items you don't need. Then exchange your gil for a couple of Phoenix Down's, several potions, and whatever else you may need.

~Once you leave the cellblock, flee from any enemy. Because the warning signal is always on, no matter how many guys you destroy, more will always come. Simply use the Fleeing command to make sure you can avoid the situation. You will take some blows for it, but it's the only way you can survive.

~When in the main rooms for security access panels, don't forget to turn off the alarm. It will go off for 60 seconds, allowing you time to either heal yourself or to run without any enemies chasing you.

~When you near the Launch Bay (or where you originally started out on the Leviathin), the alarm should signal. However if you are right by the door, no enemies will come around you. This is a good time to reheal your team and equip weapons. The next fight is difficult.

~Judge Ghis is hard so the only thing that can be said is to kill him quickly! You can have two of your companions attack Judge Ghis while you take out the Swordsmen, or use and alternate startegy. However defeating Judge Ghis quickly is the only thing you should set out to do.

Added 13 Nov 2009, ID #32450, by MenaceSG

Best weapon!

The best weapon is the guns. They don't miss(unlessyour blind of course) and they ignore your oponent's armor.They go straight threw the added defense.

Added 5 Nov 2009, ID #32426, by Jothegodofgames

Barnheim Passage Help

If you are at the point in the game where you are trying to escape from the prison, you will end up going to Barnheim Passage. In here, you will have to make your way through the long passage and keep the energy from going out while doing it. To make this easier, follow these steps.

1. In the main room where you restore energy, turn right on the stairway into a hidden room. There will be lots of gil in there and it will definitely be needed in this scenario.

2. Once you restore the energy, buy from the merchant supplies. There are two gambits you can buy which are Ally: Heal 50 or Ally: Heal 30. Plus there are potions and you will need a lot of them. Here is a general list of what you will need:
Potion: Anywhere from 22-26
Ether: At least 3
Antidote: 2-3
Eye Drops: 2-3
Phoenix Down: 3.
Don't go wasting your money over items here; they can't be equipped and suriviving is more important than accessories.

3. Equip Balthier to use First Aid once an ally goes down to 70 health. This is not going to save your teammates when they are being pounded on, but it will help when you need some health to keep you going. Just don't depend on it very much because it is usually a very small amount of health given. Use Fran's cure when you only have a little health needed to gain. Hence why you have the Ethers as she is the one you should use them on.

4. Go into the first area past the energy room and begin taking out the Battery Mimics that are feeding on the energy conduits. Once you have defeated all of them and are ready to move into a different location, head back to the original energy room and use the save crystal to replenish health and MP. This is important as you will need your potions later on.

5. Kill the battery mimics as quickly as possible! The battery mimics are the large spider looking things which feed on the energy conduits. If the energy gets down to 30, more and more enemies will begin appearing thanks to the dark. Run along the long passage, killing the battery mimics before they can suck out all of the energy from the conduits. Even if there are other enemies attacking, your sole focus should be the battery mimics as they will bring more enemies to come and attack.

6. Use potions sparingly. Don't use a potion if you have lost only 50 or so health as you will need them for the bigger fights. Use the Eye Drops when necessary and the Antidote as well. But you won't need those too much. The Phoenix Down restores an ally back to life. Don't waste them all on Basch. He dies really easily because he is so weak. If he dies once, revive him only once. If he dies again, don't waste your potions on him as he will keep dying. Vaan and Fran are your sole purpose to keep alive as Vaan is a good fighter, and Fran has cure and other magicks. Balthier you should keep alive however as he will aid your party with his attacks.

7. If you see a big fight where there are no battery mimics feeding on energy conduits, avoid the conflict. You need your health and potions more than you know so run on past them if you can or if it isn't necessary to fight them.

These are general steps to help you get through this rather difficult passage. They are not absolute must's, but they are general steps which coud very well aid you with the task.

Added 5 Nov 2009, ID #32425, by MenaceSG

Best leveling up tip ever!

First equip embroidered tippet to the charater you want to level up. Cast Bravery, Shell, Bubble, Haste, Protect,and Faith to one charater. Make them the only one in your party. Last go to Nechrol or Nabudis and fight. I have tried many different ways and found this one the most effective.

Added 2 Nov 2009, ID #32420, by Jothegodofgames

Trouble with Zodiac esper?

First you need to have 3 charaters at least level 80. Have one constantly casting Curaga, protect, bravery, hastega, and shellga. Make the other 2 attack the Zodiac esper constantly. Then when he is down to about 30-20 hp use your quickenings.

Added 1 Nov 2009, ID #32415, by Jothegodofgames

Need help leveling up Fast?

First get a good weapon like Foulmalhault or Death Bringer(its what I used). Equip Embroidered Tippet to any Charater. Now go to Henne mines(after getting the site 9 key from Phon coast). Pick one Charater to fight and one to constantly cast Protect, Bubble, Haste, Bravery, Shell, and Curaga(When needed). Use the gambits to make sure they keep casting the spells! For the person you use to cast spells(I would recommend Fran, since she has the most MP) keep them as far away as possible. It takes a while, but it does work!

Added 29 Oct 2009, ID #32410, by Jothegodofgames

The Tournesol

If you can't get the Zodiac Spear don't worry, there is one more option (not quite as powerful), the Tournesol. The Tournesol is a two-handed sun blade just nine points lower than the Zodiac Spear.

Added 26 Sep 2009, ID #32342, by Lord_of_Pie

Easy level up

After getting to low archades go to the ONLY merchant there and get the embroidered tippet.Pick only ONE charater equip the tippet on them and journey back to the sandseas.It works!!!!!I got to 91 in about two or three hours!Any questions? JUST ASK!!!!!!!!!

Added 25 Sep 2009, ID #32341, by Jothegodofgames

Easy Level Up and Money

When in Golmore Jungle with your guest, stay around and fight all the Panthers in the beginning of the jungle and collect the loot. Then go kill the Malboros right after the Panthers and collect the loot. After fighting both go outside and heal at the save point and when you build up enough loot you can head to Jahara or Eryut Village to sell it for loads of mula.

Added 20 Sep 2009, ID #32327, by Lord_of_Pie


A few days ago, I was searching for Ixion. I teleported to the Pharos at Ridorana, thinking that it was somewhere in Ridorana, then left the Pharos. I come out to see a HUGE white dinosaur-zombie type thing. Well, it started to hit 3,000s and such on my people. So I go to attack it and it said Pyrlaster! And I remembered that it was one of the hunts! This one iss hard and boring: There's no background music! D:

But anyway, here are my hints for Pyrlaster:

Bring Protectga, you'll need it. Bring Dispel/Dispelga, when you first fight it, it has Protect, Shell, Bravery, and possibly a couple other buffs. I also suggest that each of your people are at least lvl 65+. To see the levels of my people when they fought Pyrlaster, look at my Ultima hint.

When the fight first starts, use Dispel/Dispelga immediately! He WILL hit over 3,000 each time if you don't, and one time, Pyrlaster hit me 6 times in a row, but luckily, I dispelled him, so he hit about 2,000 or less. Also, Bubble and Protect your people. Haste if possible. It helps alot. Also, try Bravery/Faith. Pyr;aster has alot of HP as well. I like the Masamune/Genji Gloves combination because you can hit 2+ times in a row just about every turn. That and the power of Masamune equals high damage! And remember to heal when you need to.

Just keep attacking and eventually he'll die. Then you have a reward to get back at Barfonheim.

Hope I helped,

Added 7 Aug 2009, ID #32209, by 7onewingedangel7

Ultima Esper Tips

Hello, 7OneWingedAngel7 here, giving hints on how to defeat the Ultima Esper, the hardest Esper in the game.

Where to find Ultima: The Great Crystal of Giruvegan, the farthest point into it.

Save/Gate Crystals before Ultima?: Yes, there is one Save Crystal, and no, you do not have to kill a CrystalBug for it to Spawn. It is in the room just before Ultima.

Hardness Ranking: 10/10. It has the right to be called Ultima. It is the hardest boss I've ever faced.

Partner Ranking: 3/10. Like most of other Espers, this one has about 4.5k HP when it is on your team. When I first summoned it, it was so slow, that my lead character died right before it used even one attack.

Special Moves: Holyja (Ultimate move) and Redemption (Normal attack)

Status effects when you battle Ultima: All status effects of all other Espers combined. Luckily, not all at one time. Here are all of them in order:

Mega Sap (HP)

Mega Sap (MP)

No Attacking With Weapon

No Magick

No Technicks

No Items

Metallic Equipment Grows Heavy

And this process can loop, meaning it will start over from Mega Sap (HP) after Metallic Equipment Grows Heavy.

Levels Reccommended: I completely recommend that all of your people are level 99. I got this esper with these people though, and barely:

Vaan: 65
Basch:37 (Not used)
Fran:34 (Not used)
Penelo:35 (Not used)

Equipment to Bring: I suggest having at least one person wear the Sage's Ring (Found where Excalibur is, WITHOUT Diamond Armlet, chest on top of Excalibur) and possibly someone else wearing the White Mask, since they both absorb Holy Magick, which is the main weapon used by Ultima.

Weapons to Bring: I suggest non-elemental weapons ESPECIALLY Excalibur, since Ultima absorbs Holy Magick, and is immune to all other elements. Masamune and Genji Gloves combination works well.

Extra Stuff to Bring: Alot of Phoenix Downs. By the time the Mega Sap (MP) is finished, you will most likely have no MP, so Ethers/Hi-Ethers would help also. Also, bring non-metallic Equipment/Arms for when metallic equipment grows heavy.

Ultima's Effects: Ultima will have Haste and a few other effects, so when the battle begins, immediately use Dispel/Dispelga on her. She can also cast Holyja, which most likely will give the status Reverse to your people. Make sure you have Esuna/Esunaga because of this. But if you have te Sage's Ring/White Mask, this shouldn't be a problem.

Magicks to Bring: I suggest Hastega, Protectga, Shellga, Renew, Curaja, Arise Flare, and other non-elemental spells, since she is immune to them. The reason you'll need Hastega, etc. Is because you'll have quite a bit to heal your forces once it says you're not allowed to attack with your weapons. And be sure to do this at this time, because the status effect after no attacking is no Magick.

Well, this is about all I can say about Ultima.

Hope I helped,

Added 6 Aug 2009, ID #32205, by 7onewingedangel7

How to get the Gilgamesh Hunt

To get the Gilgamesh Hunt, you must have 14 hunts completed and a certain amount of Clan Points. By the time you accept this hunt, you should have plenty of clan Points. Also, you must have the Site 11 Key, obtained from a Side Quest involving a hunt in Lhusu Mines, the one where you save the Children deep inside Lhusu Mines. Then, go to Montblanc back at Clan Centurio at Rabanastre. He'll give you the hunt, listed as the Ancient Man of Mystery.

For more info, look at my Walkthrough on The Ancient Man of Mystery.

Hope I helped,

Added 5 Aug 2009, ID #32201, by 7onewingedangel7

Excalibur and How It Helps

Hello everyone, 7OneWingedAngel7 here. I recently got Excalibur in Final Fantasy XII and I saw so many questions about how to get Excalibur, but sadly, I don't have the time to answer them all one at a time, so I'll answer them all at once. Excalibur is a Great-Sword, having it's own license. It has about 128 attack points and is a Holy Elemental Sword. This can help in alot of areas but cannot in others. Many undead enemies are weak to Holy magick, but there is only one Holy Magick, Holy. So, Excalibur, being a Holy elemental sword, can help in this area. Unluckily, the farther you get in the game, the less it helps, because more and more bosses and Espers are Immune to Magick Elements. So, you'd have to have a back-up weapon for the Excalibur-wielder. I choose to still use the Excalibur because I am still doing the Auto-Level Process, which I mentioned earlier, and the enemies there are undead ans weak to Holy Magick. I also like Excalibur because it is my best attack sword currently.

And as for HOW to get Excalibur, I'm not good myself on details, but I can direct you to what helped me get it. First of all, you have to be PAST Giruvegan to get it. Not Before, of During. Sadly, Giruvegan is near the end of the game. You still have Pharos and Bahamut left to go, and they can be quite a challenge with your average weapons. Anyway, here's the video that helped me:


This video is NOT MADE BY ME and I HAD NO PART IN THE MAKING OF THIS VIDEO. This video was made by TheWingedCloud. Look in the info box on the right of the video for another link for a complete map of the Great Crystal, which is NOT MADE BY ME. Use the video and the map and it should be very easy to get Excalibur.

Hope I helped,


Added 3 Aug 2009, ID #32191, by 7onewingedangel7
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