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Secret scene for perfect ending

NOTE: Read all of writing or will not get the scene.

Get to scene were yuna falls in hole after deafeting ixion in chapter 3. After all the talking any you get the crimson sphers and get to walk around in the for a few second. If you are Contusly pressing x you will be granted with a secret scene. Youll see yuna yell the probally talk again and after that hear a whistle. She will look over see a showdow of tidus and then follow him.if your are continusly pressing x this will work. NOTE:You must do this to get the perfect ending +dont stop pressing x till your sure the scene has ended.

Added 19 Jul 2007, ID #27250, by alexhenry3 and get

Making Money Is Now Easy.

It starts out in Chapter One.
Do the mission at the Macalania Agency to find O'aka XXIII. When you finish the mission, Allow him to come aboard the Airship. You will soon find out that O'aka is in need of 100,000 Gil that you may or may NOT have.
In Chapter Two...Go to Guadosalam, and make your way in to the Inn (closest to the save sphere going down) You will find a man at the front desk. Ask "Do you have data?" He will sell you it for 10,000 Gil. Buy it. He will then give you a hint about who will buy it for alot of money. Go to the guy that sold you the shpere for 10,000 and press Square. He will buy it back for 100,000.
Use the 100,000 to pay off O'aka's dept and buy 99 of everything he has. Then sell it at the Gullstore. Repeat this a few times and end up like me and have over 300,000!
Good Luck^_^

Added 14 Mar 2007, ID #25893, by Hell Cloud

New game plus and bikenel desert

Ok so everyones head of cat nip right? You get it on the 40th floor of via infantico or however it's spelled ok get it and wrap the game not hard not yawn .but ok now save your new game plus data and start a new game with it finish all the begining stuff leblanc mt gagazet.then go to djose talk to gippal and start digging.go to bikanel island repeatedly go diging(make sure you have a gunner with the cat nip and yellow health and when it sais object aproaching run toward the red dot it will be that boos from ch5 angry mau or something have your gunner kill him toget masive exp and a ribbon.

Added 16 Aug 2006, ID #22802, by finalfantasyfan117

How to climb

If you want to climb,press the O button.

Added 10 Jun 2006, ID #21552, by Need 4 Cheat

New game plus!

To get new game plus you need to complete the game once and watch the credits it takes long but you will be rewarded with new game plus where you can start again with all the dresspheres and abilities you leant which is great to use special dresspheres
Hope I helped


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Added 26 May 2005, ID #15171, by Game4daNation


Blitzball is your friend

The first time I played in chapter 5 i didn't play blitzball because I thought it was boring, but it is NOT I played and got really cool items like the AP egg (AP x3) and the Crystal Bangle (HP x2) and a whole bunch of other things.


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Added 15 Jul 2004, ID #10051, by cheating101

In-game reset

Press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Start + Select during game play.

Added 18 Sep 2003, ID #4225, by xnwo_cool
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