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Unlock ALL Game ModesAdded 19 Aug 2010, ID #33139
If you hold X, Down, and Triangle on the D-pad and press 'Start' at the 'Title' screen ALL game modes will instantly become available.

UnlockablesAdded 21 May 2007, ID #26527
Unlock the following Arcade games by scoring the corresponding amount of points in each of the challenges.

Unlock Slot Machine's challenges Super Breakout:
Time Challenge - 45 Points.

Unlock Space War's challenges Pong:
Hot Seat - 50 Points.

Unlock Super Breakout's challenges Super Breakout:
Trippy - 60 Points.

Unlock RealSports Volleyball's challenges Super Breakout:
Hot Seat - 70 Points.

Unlock Haunted House's challenges Lunar Lander:
Time Challenge - 100 Points.

Unlock Submarine Commander's challenges Lunar Lander:
Time Warp - 200 Points.

Unlock Swordquest: WaterWorld's challenges Lunar Lander:
Trippy - 300 Points.

Unlock Fun with Numbers' challenges Lunar Lander:
Double Speed - 400 Points.

Unlock Warlords' challenges Warlords:
Time Warp - 700 Points.

Unlock RealSports Baseball's challenges Warlords:
Double Speed - 800 Points.

Unlock Slot Racers' challenges Warlords:
Trippy - 1,000 Points.

Unlock Combat's challenges Red Baron:
Time Challenge - 1,400 Points.

Unlock Home Run's challenges Red Baron:
Time Warp - 2,000 Points.

Unlock Black Jack's challenges Red Baron:
Double Speed - 2,500 Points.

Unlock Night Driver's challenges Missile Command:
Time Challenge - 2,500 Points.

Unlock Battlezone's challenges Battlezone:
Time Warp - 5,000 Points.

Unlock Swordquest: FireWorld's challenges Liberator:
Time Warp - 5,000 Points.

Unlock Flag Capture's challenges Battlezone:
Double Speed - 5,000 Points.

Unlock Breakout's challenges Gravitar:
Time Challenge - 6,000 Points.

Unlock Yars' Revenge's challenges Tempest:
Double Speed - 6,000 Points.

Unlock Miniature Golf's challenges Space Duel:
Time Challenge - 6,000 Points.

Unlock Skydiver's challenges Liberator:
Double Speed - 7,000 Points.

Unlock RealSports Football's challenges Tempest:
Trippy - 7,500 Points.

Unlock Missile Command's challenges Missile Command:
Double Speed - 7,500 Points.

Unlock Atari Video Cube's challenges Liberator:
Trippy - 8,000 Points.

Unlock Video Pinball's challenges Liberator:
Hot Seat - 8,000 Points.

Unlock Super Baseball's challenges Asteroids:
Time Challenge - 8,000 Points.

Unlock Crystal Castles' challenges Crystal Castles:
Trippy - 10,000 Points.

Unlock Asteroids' challenges Asteroids:
Trippy - 10,000 Points.

Unlock Casino's challenges Space Duel:
Time Warp - 10,000 Points.

Unlock Sprintmaster's challenges Asteroids:
Time Warp - 10,000 Points.

Unlock Football's challenges Missile Command:
Trippy - 10,000 Points.

Unlock Gravitar's challenges Gravitar:
Double Speed - 10,000 Points.

Unlock Swordquest: EarthWorld's challenges Black Widow:
Time Challenge - 10,000 Points.

Unlock RealSports Tennis' challenges Battlezone:
Trippy - 10,000 Points.

Unlock Hangman's challenges Gravitar:
Hot Seat - 10,000 Points.

Unlock Quadrun's challenges Tempest:
Hot Seat - 10,000 Points.

Unlock Steeplechase's challenges Asteroids Deluxe:
Time Challenge - 11,000 Points.

Unlock Video Chess' challenges Crystal Castles:
Time Challenge - 13,000 Points.

Unlock Maze Craze's challenges Millipede:
Time Challenge - 15,000 Points.

Unlock Radar Lock's challenges Gravitar:
Trippy - 15,000 Points.

Unlock Surround's challenges Missile Command:
Hot Seat - 15,000 Points.

Unlock Outlaw's challenges Crystal Castles:
Hot Seat - 15,000 Points.

Unlock Adventure's challenges Asteroids Deluxe:
Double Speed - 15,000 Points.

Unlock Dodge 'em's challenges Asteroids Deluxe:
Trippy - 15,000 Points.

Unlock Stellar Trek's challenges Crystal Castles:
Time Warp - 15,000 Points.

Unlock Backgammon's challenges Centipede:
Time Warp - 17,000 Points.

Unlock Off-the-Wall's challenges Centipede:
Time Challenge - 18,000 Points.

Unlock Human Cannonball's challenges Black Widow:
Time Warp - 20,000 Points.

Unlock Demons to Diamonds' challenges Space Duel:
Hot Seat - 20,000 Points.

Unlock Star Ship's challenges Centipede:
Double Speed - 20,000 Points.

Unlock Desert Falcon's challenges Asteroids:
Hot Seat - 20,000 Points.

Unlock Bowling's challenges Major Havoc:
Time Challenge - 24,000 Points.

Unlock Video Olympics' challenges Black Widow:
Double Speed - 25,000 Points.

Unlock Centipede's challenges Centipede:
Hot Seat - 30,000 Points.

Unlock Millipede's challenges Millipede:
Trippy - 30,000 Points.

Unlock Math Gran Prix's challenges Major Havoc:
Time Warp - 30,000 Points.

Unlock Star Raiders' challenges Black Widow:
Trippy - 30,000 Points.

Unlock Canyon Bomber's challenges Major Havoc:
Double Speed - 35,000 Points.

Unlock Double Dunk's challenges Millipede:
Hot Seat - 35,000 Points.

Unlock Super Football's challenges Asteroids Deluxe:
Hot Seat - 35,000 Points.

Unlock Video Checkers' challenges Millipede:
Time Warp - 40,000 Points.

Unlock Street Racer's challenges Battlezone:
Hot Seat - 50,000 Points.

Unlock Air-Sea Battle's challenges Major Havoc:
Hot Seat - 60,000 Points.

Unlock Circus Atari's challenges Pong:
Time Warp (exceed oppenent by 1 Point).

Unlock Golf's challenges Pong:
Double Speed (exceed oppenent by 3 Points).

Unlock 3D Tic Tac Toe's challenges Pong:
Trippy (exceed opponent by 6 Points).

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