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How to make the Ocarina..... hint for Ar Tonelico: Melody of Elemia


How to make the Ocarina.....

Ever wonder how to make the Ocarina to complete Misha's Cosmosphere
Level 7? Don't want to look or search through all that information in the
Item Guide?

Well, for anyone having problems finding the items or looking through the
information in Item Guide to find all the items locations to make the
Ocarina, here is a list of all items necessary and their locations. Most important of all, DO NOT sell nothing that you acquire during the
game, until you are sure you can buy more of it in the shops or acquire it
from enemy drops.

Ocarina Recipe:

- Ocarina => Eufortissimo + Siren's Canned Song + Polishing Powder
- Eufortissimo => Cieroceramics + Ion Board + Powered Screw
- Cieroceramics => Kant's Firebox + Red Stone + Polishing Powder
- Kant's Firebox => Beak Breath + Boltapolta
- Powered Screw => Dragon Heart + Metal Frame + Polishing Powder + G.Crystal
- Polishing Powder => White Stone + Grathnode Crystal
- Siren's Canned Song => Dreamchaser Water + Photon Oscilliscope
- Dreamchaser Water => Seed of Phebes + Bunched Grass + Grathnode Crystal

You will need the following items:

- RC 046: Dreamchaser Water

Buy: Tower Guardian [Karulu Village], after the Grathmeld Event
Hoshinose Ave. General Shop [Nemo]

- RC 002: Powered Screw

Treasure: Singing Hill
Buy: Fu-Pai-Bo Inn [Firefly Alley], after Silvaplate

- RC 004: Kant's Firebox by Lyner

Enemy Drop: A.B.R. Beta [Grade 1 drop], Singing Hill

- RC 005: Polishing Powder

Buy: Tower Guardian [Karulu Village], after the Grathmeld Event
Hoshinose Ave. General Shop [Airport City Nemo]

- RC 033: Boltapolta

Treasure: Elemia Sanctuary [Shrine]
Buy: Tower Guardian [Karulu Village], after meeting with Falss
Singing Moon Inn & Weapon Shop [Nemo], after meeting with Falss

- RC 064: Cieroceramics

Enemy Drop: Super Fortress [Grade 2 drop], Floating Wharf
Buy: Singing Moon Inn & Weapon Shop [Nemo], after making the
Circula Teleporter

- RC 069: Eufortissimo

Buy: Weapon Shop Department [Platina], after the Search Party Event
Enemy Drop: ELMA-DS [Grade 2 drop], Platina [End of Phase 1]

- RC 048: Siren's Canned Song

Treasure: Prism Garden, 4F
Buy: Hoshinose Ave. General Shop [Nemo], Phase2, after Misha gets
her Song Magic back.

The Most common materials listed below will be acquired from treasure
chests or Monster drops and you should have at least 1 or 2 in your
inventory by the time you need it for the Ocarina:

- Ma: Red Stone
- Ma: White Stone
- Ma: Metal Frame

Buy: General Discount Store [Karulu]

- Ma: Bunched Grass
- Ma: Seed of Phebes

Buy: Tower Guardian Shop [Karulu]

- Ma: Ion Board

Buy: Magecure Shop [Em Pheyna], Department Fancy Shop [Platina],
General Discount Store [Dragon's Nest]

- Ma: Dragon Heart

Buy: General Discount Store [Dragon's Nest]
Treasure: Em Pheyna Temple [x1], Platina [x1], Haxagonal Plate [x1],
Tower A3 Sector [x1], Dragon's Nest Forest [x5]
Enemy Drop: Hellstorm, Drake Lord, Slepnir, Dragon Head
Send Lyra to: Falcon's Claw, Elemia Shrine

- Ma: Beak Breath

Buy: General Discount Store [Dragon's Nest]
Treasure: Singing Hill [x3], Frozen Eye [x3], Tower A4 Sector [x5]
Enemy Drop: Mad Dog, Temple Guard, Flame Guarder, Mech User, Type 1025
Send Lyra to: Falcon's Claw, Inferia

- Ma: Photon Oscilliscope

Treasure: Hexagonal Plate [x1], Church Library [x1]
Enemy Drop: Deathroid, Hyper Bit, Type 88, Blue Wyvern, Poison Drake,
Mech Lord, Big Nyo?, Ikaruga Mk.II

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uhh where exactly do u find the ocarnia rc?

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