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X-Men: Mutant Academy Cheats for PlayStation

X-Men: Mutant Academy Pack Shot

X-Men: Mutant Academy

X-Men: Mutant Academy Cheats for PlayStation

We have 4 cheats on PlayStation
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ID #9795

Go to the option screen hold select and press triangle x3, circle x2, and then press L1+L2. You will hear a roar in the backround.

You will get infinite lives and be able to use your special any time.


ID #9794

Cheat mode

Press Select, Up, L2, R1, L1, R2 at the character select screen. Everything should now be unlocked in cerebo mode.

Ask.com and get
Ask.com and get
ID #9789

To get The punisher and Spiderman on this game....first complete the game on easy, then medium, then expert.

Once youve done this go to the character selectio screen and press O,X,O, R1,R2,R1, then go to the password screen and enter BattyBoy as a code!

Now u'll have the Punisher and good 'ole spidey. ENJOY

ID #9784
Cheat Mode

At the main menu of X-Men enter SELECT, UP, L2, R1, L1, R2. You should hear a sound to confirm the code. Open Cerebro mode and everything should be available as well as the secret characters.

Cheat Mode Off

If you want everything in Cerebro mode to return to normal press and hold Start and Select at the main menu.

Behind the scenes movie pics

Finish the game with all ten characters (Arcade mode) in their movie costumes to unlock behind the scenes pictures from X-Men.

Play as Secret characters

To play as the bottom five characters in X-Men complete the game four times with a different character.

Movie costumes for characters

At the character selection screen press Square when picking your character to play in his/her movie costume.

Character FMV Ending

Finish the game with any character on any level to see their ending.

Historical Comic Pictures

Complete the game with every character in Arcade mode to access their historical comic book pics in Cerebro mode.

Character Comic Pics

Finish ten rounds in Survival mode with a character to open their character pictures in Cerebro mode.

Character Academy mode FMV ending

Finish Academy training with a character to unlock their corresponding FMV ending for Academy mode.

3rd Costumes

Finish Academy mode with all A's with any character to unlock their third outfit. Press O to pick it.

Character Movie Pics

Finish twenty rounds in Survival mode with a certain character in their movie costume to open their movie pics in Cerebro mode.

Movie Pictures

Finish twenty rounds with Gambit to open pictures from X-Men in Cerebro mode.


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