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Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return


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Walkthrough in beating the Evil Pigs

by nintendo_dude

Tomba 2 Evil Pigs walkthrough

You want to beat the Evil Pigs right. Well here is a walkthrough on how to beat them.
Ghost Pig
You start off in a haunted house level. Avoid his attacks and jump on him. If he is in a difficult position the use any weapon to hit him so he'll disappear. When he is in a good position for you to jump on him do so and throw him into the Pig Bag. If you miss, try again. Throw him in three times to beat him and get the Ghost Pig Robe.
Earth Pig
Your first order of buisness is to run around the level until you reach the poles sticking out from the wall. Use them to jump on him and throw him in the Pig Bag. Throw him in three times to beat him. Try to avoid his attack of spike shaped rocks dropping from above. When you beat him you get the Earth Pig Robe.
Ice Pig
First of all try and get into a good place where you can jump on him. Do the usual of avoiding his attacks(they are beams similar to the Ghost Pig's attacks) and jumping on him then throwing him into the Pig Bag three times. Beat him to get the Ice Pig Robe. Also watch out for the snow boulders in the level.
Flame Pig
Before you do anything go to the area where the chains are. Wait for the Flame Pig to come to you. His attacks are falling lumps of lava which you should avoid. Beat him by jumping on him and throwing him into the Pig Bag. Do that three times and you should have beaten him. Beat him to get the Flame Pig Robe.
Water Pig
Probably the toughest of the Evil Pigs to beat(so far). At the beginning it is fairly easy, just avoid her beam type attacks and jump on her, throwing her into the Pig Bag. But after you have done this twice the waterfall comes closer and most of the level isn't safe. Go to a safe position and do the usual of jumping on her and throwing her into the Pig Bag. Beat her to get the Water Pig Robe.
Last Evil Pig
He is aboviously the hardest of the Evil Pigs to beat. Unlike the others he can use a few weapons like the Ice Boomerang and the Blackjack on you. This makes him harder to beat. If you are to use a weapon I advise you use the Glacier Boomerang, the Torch Hammer or the Doka Pin. Beating him is the same as beating the others. Jump on him and throw him into the Pig Bag three times but he seems to appear and disappear more than the others. Good luck in beating him.