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Midnight Mountain- Impossible Tower cheat for Spyro: Year of the Dragon


Midnight Mountain- Impossible Tower

This may not sound like a cheat, but I'm sure you all know about the 'impossible tower' in Midnight Mountain. Isn't it driving you crazy? Me too! I've been playing this game for years, and it just won't stop taunting me. People say there's no way to get to it, but I believe it has something to do with the annoying chirping cricket on the gliding platform to get to the egg on the small tower facing the tall tower behind the rocket, whereas that's the ONLY location where you hear a cricket in the entire game, I'm sure. And don't listen to those "press X 500 times then jump off the bridge blah blah..." They're spam and clearly useless. If you want to sprain your thumb sitting their pressing buttons for nothing, be my guest. Some of those cheats are good for a laugh I guess, but no good. Anyway, as a totally insane gamer, my theory is: Find the cricket. Kill the cricket. Let Sparx eat the 'magic' butterfly and you'll get a superflame powerup. Go to the bridge and shoot the base of the tower. The tower will then lower, allowing you to glide over to the tower to get whatever's on there. OR maybe Insomniac's a sick group of evil people who likes to torture people with impossible towers! (Told ya I'm insane! BWAHAHA!)

Okay, here's a REAL cheat. A lot of people say that the only two levels to go Air-swimming are Dino Mines and Bamboo Terrace. However, Crystal Island has that ability too. But it's much much harder than the other two levels, and may take a while. When you go to the place where the wizard creates the crystals, Go into the water before all the crystal finish appearing. Get under the middle crystal before it gets big enough to jump on. Right before it's finished growing, jump up and it will bonk you back into the water, and you'll be at the bottom of the pond, but it will seem like you're still surface-skating. Dunk under the water to appear under the surfaces, then swim away out into the open. Once you have a clear view of everything, you can swim anywhere. However, if you swim through the Superfly Powerup, you'll be in a flying position, but bubbles will be coming from your nose. After this, you cannot move. Only rotate and blow bubbles. Now you'll have to turn off the game and turn it back on. This cheat won't always work and is very hard to attempt. Timing is everything with this. Good luck!

And if you'd be so kind as to join a protest with me to raid Insomniac and put a stop to their Impossible Towers!!! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!

Added by: eliofgames Mar 7th 2007, ID#14766 and get
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I know the truth about the Tower. The Tower was originally going to be where the Super Bonus portal was and a whirlwind that took you there was going to be made so it appears after you defeat the Sorceress. However,they changed this and moved the portal and removed the whirlwind. They left the tower and butterflies,though.

Added 1st Apr 2013, ID #269466

It's three lives and you need a gameshark code to reach the tower. There's a youtube video of it so stop with the stupid comments x_x

Added 23rd Jan 2013, ID #245642

Where the hell is the cricket???? And what is it there for???

Added 12th Feb 2012, ID #114314

i can hear the noise of the cricket but i cant find it

Added 31st Dec 2011, ID #101115

Where is cricket

Added 12th Sep 2011, ID #74143

@BWAHAHAHA um,,,, I'm sry but I'm confused... I find and kill a cricket, get a superflame power up, destroy a bridge, and then I'm on the tower? WAT?

Added 14th Aug 2011, ID #67003

Yay to the insanity =] BWAHAHAHA

Added 13th Dec 2010, ID #20954


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