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This has been buggin me for the last year or so. I..

Speed_Demon asks: Added Feb 9th 2007, ID #77272

Question for Final Fantasy VII

This has been buggin me for the last year or so. I've beat the game already. But I thought I build up my characthers and master all me materia but I have one problem with me enemy skill. I have all but one and i've gone through the whole game a million times now. So if theres anyone who can help me please let me know asap. also I have another quesion about chocobo racing has anyone had any luck getting their chocobo up over 180km's in S class cause it doesn't seem right that theioh can be that high and yet even the gold chocobos I can't get up past 180km I know it's still fast but not fast enough. So if someone can get back to me on this that would be great. Thanks.

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Best Answer
Mr.Rocket answered:
Added 10th Feb 2007, ID #171481
Well youre gold chocobo can never have higher stats than theio black chocobo,he may have more stamina speed etc,but however don't pay any attention to that youre chocobo is still the best.And about the enemy skill well I mostly know that most of the skills you get them at the north crater,the cave where you fight sephiroth.
Other Answers
Vincent Chaos answered:
Added 2nd Apr 2007, ID #179386
These Enemy Skills are listed in order of the stars.

Frog Song:

Effect - Turns a single target into a frog and puts them too sleep.
Pros - Frogs do minimal damage and may not cast any spell other than toad. Sleeping enemies are sitting ducks. May also be used to remove toad status
From party members.
Cons - Only hits one target. Does not work fully on many enemies.
Mp Cost - 5mp
Can learn from - Touch me [Gongaga area], Toxic frog [Temple of the Ancients],
And Christopher [Crater]

L4 Suicide:

Effect - Causes critical damage to enemies with level divisible by four. May
Also cause 'mini' status as well.
Pros - Critical damage is a HUGE amount of current hp. Hits all enemy
Cons - Many enemies do not have levels divisible by four. This skill can NOT
Kill an enemy either.
Mp Cost - 10mp
Can learn from - Mu [Chocobo farm area], Trickplay [Icicle area]
Note: Critical damage is defined as [HP * 31 / 32] damage. Furthermore, this
Spell can be reflected. When reflected the spell only hits one target per
Reflect. Magic Hammer:

Effect - Takes up to 100mp from an opponent and gives it to the caster.
Pros - Good way to replenish 97mp per casting. Can drain enemies of MP
Completely so they have do not have any to cast with.
Cons - This skill can be reflected thus you drain mana from yourself causing
A net loss of 3mp. Somewhat timely if being used to remove enemy MPs.
Mp Cost - 3mp
Can learn from - Razor Weed [Wutai Area]
Note: If the enemy has less than 100mp remaining, you will still knock that
Enemy down 100mp however, you will only gain as much mp as it actually had.

White Wind:

Effect - Heals all allies (or enemies) by the amount of current hp the
Caster has. Also cures the following status changes: sleep, poison, confusion,
Silence, slow, stop, frog, mini, slow-numb, petrify, berserk, paralyzed, and
Darkness, death force and Shield. If shield status is removed, no other
Status will be removed in that casting.
Pros - This is a healing spell with the built in property of 'all' saving you
A materia slot. If you have a lot of life, you can heal your party far cheaper
This way than with the standard cure spells, besides, it changes a large amount
Of status changes.
Cons - When you first get White Wind, you may not have enough HP to make it
Worth casting. Also changes a lot of unlisted good status such as temporary
Death immune [death force] back to normal.
Mp Cost - 34mp
Can learn from - Zemzelett [Junon area]. Wind Wing [Whirlwind Maze]*

* = To learn from Wind Wing you must confuse the wind wing. White Wind is not
A learnable skill from the manipulate menu.

Big Guard:

Effect - Casts Barrier, Magic Barrier and Haste on all allies (or enemies)
Pros - Is a big mana saver from casting them all individually. Also has a
Built in 'all' saving you many materia slots as well. You will take half
Damage from physical and magical attacks while getting more turns.
Cons - The Barrier and Magic Barrier drain faster than they would if you
Were not in Haste mode*
*A bug exists. If you are immune to Slow and Stop, you will also be made
Immune to haste, thus the barriers will not drain at double speed
Mp Cost - 56mp
Can learn from - Beach plug [Costa del sol beaches]

Angel Whisper:

Effect - Fully revives one dead ally, heals an injured ally to full. Angel
Whisper also cures the following status changes: KO, Sleep, poison, confusion,
Silence, slow, stop, frog, mini, petrify, berserk, darkness and paralyzed.
Pros - This is life2/full cure/semi-Esuna on the same spell, and fairly cheap
To cast too.
Cons - Only hits one target
Mp Cost - 50mp
Can learn from - Pollensalta [Crater]

Dragon Force:

Effect - Raises Defense and Magic Defense*
Pros - You take less damage
Cons - Somewhat expensive, targets only one target and seems to be
Mp Cost - 19mp
Can learn from - Dark Dragon [Crater]
*Final Fantasy VII has a Magic defense bug. Your magic defense will NOT in
Fact increase in the game because of the bug. In fact, no magic defense works.
The only way to increase your resistance to magic is by raising the 'spirit'
Stat. Dragon Force will still increase the base spirit stat but the MDef armor
Stat will not be included, though it's multiplier will be. Death Force:

Effect - Target becomes immune to death
Pros - Protects against sudden death. Will not remove a countdown, but if
Still active when the timer hits zero, will protect from the dying.
Cons - Only hits on target, very limited use. Easily removed by many friendly
Mp Cost - 3mp
Can learn from - Adamantaimai [Wutai Area]

Flame Thrower:

Effect - Projects a stream of flame at one target
Pros - A source of fire damage which hits one target. Cons - very weak damage, possibly the most useless of all enemy skills. It is
Also reflectable, this benefits you in no way though since it's a single target
Spell, thus, you can reflect it only once per casting.
Mp Cost - 10mp
Can learn from - Ark Dragon [Mithril Mines], Dragon [Mount Nibel]


Effect - A gravity based attack which takes one half of a single
Targets current hp away.
Pros - Cheaper than demi2 and has the same effect.
Cons - Only hits one target, most bosses are immune to gravity attacks. Laser
Is also reflectable, this benefits you in no way though since it's a single
Target spell, thus, you can reflect it only once per casting.
Mp Cost - 16
Can learn from - Death Claw [Desert Prison], Dark Dragon [Crater]

Matra Magic:

Effect - Light non-elemental damage to all enemies
Pros - Possibly the best early game spell. Very cheap, hits all enemies and
Does decent damage. Furthermore, this spell can be reflected. When reflected
The spell only hits one target per reflect. If your entire party has reflect
Set up, you can hit a total of three targets once or one target three times. Cons - Quickly becomes obsolete because of it's low damage.
Mp Cost - 8mp
Can learn from - Custom Sweeper [Midgar area], Bullmotor [Desert Prison], and
Death Machine [Desert Prison]

Bad Breath:

Effect - Casts confusion, frog, mini, poison silence, and sleepel on all
Pros - A very large amount of status changes which render many enemies
Cons - Does not work on most bosses, somewhat expensive
Mp Cost - 58mp
Can learn from - Malboro [Gaea's Cliff, Crater]


Effect - Extreme fire damage to all opponents
Pros - Massive fire damage spell which can be obtained very early. Hits all
Cons - None, unless you cast it on fire absorbing opponents
Mp Cost - 35mp
Can learn from - Midgar Zolom [Chocobo farm area]


Effect - Extreme water damage to all opponents
Pros - Can be obtained very early. Not many enemies are well defended against
Water. Excellent spell against bosses. Furthermore, this spell can be
Reflected. When reflected the spell only hits one target per reflect. If
Your entire party has reflect set up, you can hit a total of three targets once
Or one target three times. Very effective against bosses.
Cons - None, unless you cast it on the very rare water absorbing opponents.
Mp Cost - 34mp
Can learn from - Harpy [Corel area*], Jenova Life [City of the Ancients], and
Serpent [Gelnika Airplane]

Harpy's are found ON THE SAND outside of the gold sacuer ON THE WORLD MAP, you
May only go on this area and encounter battles in the buggy. They can also be
Encountered with Chocobos on the nearby tracks. THESE ARE NOT FOUND INSIDE OF


Effect - Strong lightning damage to all opponents
Pros - Very cheap, hits all targets, good damage
Cons - Not as strong as Beta or Aqualung, bad choice against lightning
Absorbing opponents.
Mp Cost - 20mp
Can learn from - Materia Keeper [Mount Nibel], Godo [Wutai], and Stilva [Gaea's
*Note: Trine is ONLY taught by these three enemies and they are all one time
Only. The Materia Keeper you MUST fight before getting the second and third
Copies of Enemy skill materia. Stilva's MUST be fought before getting the
Fourth copy of Enemy skill materia. This means Godo is your ONLY source of
Trine after you get the Highwind and the fourth enemy skill materia. If you
Kill him before this you do so AT YOUR OWN LOSS.

Magic Breath:

Effect - Extreme fire/lightning/ice damage to all opponents
Pros - Possibly the most powerful all enemy hitting elemental attack in the
Entire game.
Cons - If an enemy is able to absorb any one of the elements, that enemy will
Absorb all of the damage. If any one element is nullified the damage to the
Enemy will be zero.
Mp Cost - 75mp
Can learn from - Stilva [Gaea's Cliff], Parasite [Crater]


Effect - Does non elemental damage. Casters [max hp - current hp] = damage
Pros - Good damage if you frequently have 1/9999 hp
Cons - not enough damage if you don't have high max hp and
Mp Cost - 3mp
Can learn from - Jersey [Shinra Mansion], Behemoth [Midgar]

Goblin Punch:

Effect - Physical damage to one target based on magical attack. The damage is
Greater as your level is nearer to an enemy level.
Pros - If you don't want to waste a limit break, this is a good way to do
Decent damage for no cost.
Cons - Is weak against enemies, especially in the late game as few monsters are
Above level fifty.
Mp Cost - 0mp
Can learn from - Goblin [Goblin Island]


Effect - Non-elemental damage to a single target. Damage is equal too the
Number of battles you have run from.
Pros - In theory you can do 9,999 damage with this skill. However, better
Uses are getting it to 1,111 or 2,222 damage to inflict easy Lucky 7's on your
Cons - Takes a VERY long time to power up, somewhat of a pain to learn too.
Mp Cost - 3mp
Can learn from - Chocobos [Chocobo Tracks]

L5 Death:

Effect - Casts instant death on any target with a level divisible by 5. Pros - Targets all enemies, quickly kills them if able
Cons - Does not effect most enemies, does not effect enemies immune to death.
Mp Cost - 22mp
Can learn from - Parasite [Crater]

Death Sentence:

Effect - Creates a sixty second timer above one targets head. When the timer
Reaches zero Instant death will be cast.
Pros - None
Cons - 60 seconds if forever in this game. Even if it reaches zero, some
Enemies will still be immune to the death effect.
Mp Cost - 10mp
Can learn from - Gi Spector [Cave of Gi] , Sneaky Step [Cave of Gi], and
Boundfat [Bone village area]


Effect - Selects a random target from ALL targets on the battle screen and
Casts death on that target
Pros - It is somewhat amusing to watch, though it's pretty useless. Cons - You can kill yourself!
Mp Cost - 6mp
Can learn from - Death Dealer [Crater]

Shadow Flare:

Effect - Extreme non-elemental damage to a single target
Pros - The damage is huge, more powerful than flare.
Cons - Hits only one target, quite expensive to cast. Shadow flare is also
Reflectable, this benefits you in no way though since it's a single target
Spell, thus, you can reflect it only once per casting.
Mp Cost - 100mp
Can learn from - Dragon Zombie [Crater], Ultimate Weapon [Cosmo Canyon]

Pandora's Box*:

Effect - Heavy magical damage to all enemies. This attack is piercing,
Meaning it ignores defense.
Pros - Hits all targets, does large damage. Furthermore, this spell can be
Reflected. When reflected the spell only hits one target per reflect. If
Your entire party has reflect set up, you can hit a total of three targets once
Or one target three times. Very effective against bosses.
Cons - Very expensive.
Mp Cost - 120mp
Can learn from - Dragon Zombie [Crater]

*=This is a one time learn skill, make sure you have ALL of your enemy skill
Materias on. When the first Dragon Zombie you kill dies, it will cast this.
Once cast, it will set the variable to be disabled so the attack can never be

I hope that solves your Enemy Skill Problem. As for your Chocobo, Mr.Rocket has said more or less everything.

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