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Unlock Inifinite TimeoutsAdded 6 Feb 2007, ID #14331
After a whistle, press 'Start' and enter the 'Strategies' screen and select 'Timeout'. Then press Triangle and enter the screen again and immediately press X. This can be repeated over and over again.

anybody any whereAdded 25 Aug 2003, ID #10423
If you ever get mad because you cant trade for players like sakic or blake during a regular season, rejoice!

You can trade for them before you even start season then at the main title screen go to advanced options and go to season play.

Next you want to set your options. after you do that dont get your knickers in a knot and press start just yet.

Go down to ROSTERS and then go to TRADE PLAYERS.

Go to the team you want and then select the team of the player you want and go crazy. you can trade any player for any player.
You can get all the players with ratings 90 and above!!! yeppers you can have a team with all 99 stats.
After you do your trading simpay press start.

Then press start to start your season select your team.(note:this cheat will make the other teams weaker in turn you could make the computer a higher skill level.

Or not of course.

So have fun with my cheat amd remember...

ID #6031

Use the R1 button to control the last man back on defense in your transition game. Be patient & try to keep a good D position. Don't always go for the puck.

While you're doing this you can "control" your cpu controlled teammates by watching them then moving joystick accordingly. This works better w/digital controller.

It will take practice. Also press square or triangle to assist your goalie in making saves, especially if you give up a breakaway.

ID #6026

This cheat allows you to create teams with some of the best players in the league.

First pick the team you want to play with. Then release 3 of their low stat players.

Then go to the team(s) with the players you want and release them. Now simply add the high stat players to the team you released the low stat players.

If you repeat this you will be able to have basically all the top players on one team.


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