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800B5E0600FF-Infinate Health - Metal Gear Solid

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800B5E0600FF-Infinate Health

800ACABC0400-Infinate Oxygen

800B5E3E0001-Box A-to the Heliport

800B5E400001-Box B-to Nuke Storage

800B5E420001-Box C-to SnowField

800B5E440001-Have Night Vision Goggles

800B5E460001-Have Thermal Goggles

800B5E480001-Have Gasmask

800B5E4A0001-Have Body Armour

800B5E4C0001-Have Ketchup

800B5E4E0001-Have Stealth

800B5E500001-Have Bandanna

800B5E520001-Have Camera

800B5E540002-Have Unlimited Rations

800B5E560002-Have Unlimited Cold Medicine

800B5E580001-Have Unlimited Diazapam

800B5E5A0001-Have Pal Keys

800B5E5C0007-Have Level 7 Key Card

800B5E600001-Have Mine Detector

800B5E620001-Have Optical Disk

800B5E640001-Have Rope

800B5E660001-Have Handkerchief

800B5E1200FF-Socom Pistol+Infinate Ammo

800B5E1400FF-Famas Rifle+Infinate Ammo

800B5E2400FF-PSG1 Sniper Rifle+Infinate Ammo

800B5E1800FF-N Missile Launcher+Infinate Ammo

800B5E1A00FF-Stinger Missile+Infinate Ammo

800B5E2000FF-Infinate Stun Grenades

800B5E2200FF-Infinate Chaff Grenades

800B5E1600FF-Infinate Grenades

800B5E1C00FF-Infinate Claymore Mines

800BE51E00FF-Infinate C4 Explosives

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